He is the best he is at what he does..... But, is this good enough; to stand up against alien Predators, that are known to be the greatest hunters in the universe? Book one of three..... Wolverine, is in Canada; on a search for the man named STRYKER..... Time and again this nemesis, he has evaded death and capture..... Now, something new has developed it the Canadian Boreal Forest..... One downed spaceship of a familiar signature..... Multiple alien hunters, of a past recognized encounter..... S.H.I.E.L.D, is called in to investigate..... Between warring Predators and the lethal xenomorphic entities known as the Brood, Nick Fury and his S.H.I.E.L.D soldiers have their hands busy..... And that, is only the beginning for the man named Logan..... For the X-man known asThe Wolverine.....

Action / Scifi
Robert Alan Ryder
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"I am the best there is at what I do, and as everyone seems to take notice; what I do isn’t nice, or pretty for that matter….. I am an X-man, a mutant….. The people that I continue to protect, they hate and even fear me; and my abilities. A fact that these days matters very little in concern to my ongoing existence…..

Today, I am alive…. Alone I wander, a man searching for answers; I am traversing the very elements of nature’s torment that at one time in the past, had sought to take me….. Today, tracking my target on this frozen tundra of ice and of snow; I am free….. These Canadian forests this time of year, hold many dangers known, and others unseen…..

It is early December, winter’s abominable chill lingers upon the early morning winds. Warnings of hazardous blizzards have risen to strike this region by early evening, but the weather it never really seems to bother me…..

As everybody I know could relate: I am- the best there is at what I do, or so this is what I had thought….. Life, it has a funny way of letting you know that you are not alone in such a standing, on a ranking of adversity….. Sometimes, the hunter; they can quickly become the prey…..

My name is Logan….. I have returned here, on a mission of seeking. My past, it still holds many mysteries….. My friends closest to me and my enemies; they know me as being: The Wolverine….. Though I am different than most in ways obviously recognized by my abilities; today I am a man challenging the elements. The smell of nature, it comforts my soul…... Here among these trees, tracking my prey within these Canadian woods; I am freer than I ever could be…..

In the skies above, I catch sight of a shooting star out of the corner of my right eye…….. I ignore the sighting….... Wishes, these are nothing but dwellings of falsified hopes; intent on confusing reality. Breathing in the winter air once again, I turn back…... The tracks, they have run cold…... Hunger begins to gnaw at me….. Too bad that my factors of extraordinary healing; cannot keep me from going hungry. It is time to return to my cabin…..

This was when I felt the impact….. The ground quaked….. I had temporarily lost my footing, but my agility it still never ceases to amaze even me….. I quickly recover, and I look ahead to the north….. An arrogance on my part I suppose….. Something had crashed down in the distance….. This shooting star, it must be something worth looking into. I am only human after all, and we all make mistakes…..

A strange and unfamiliar scent now carried upon the Canadian winds. This scent, it was alien to me….... Thoughts of Xenomorphic Brood Entities, play on my mind…... Thoughts of contacting my team, these become a nagging adverse to my freedom by necessity….... Breakfast, it will have to wait……. Time to go to work….."


Earth-fall has been confirmed…..”



“Signature recognition?”

“Checking…........ Signature- confirmed…….... U.E.O. (UINIDENTIFIED EXTRATERRESTRIAL OBJECT), matches the signature of U.E.O. X…..”

“Civil defense response?”

“Confirmed….. SHIELD has initiated reserve protocols…..”

“Not my concern….. Second class Avengers, nothing more…..”

“Commander Stryker….. We have conformation of a Weapon-X sighting in the vicinity…..”

Stryker was silent for many minutes; the aging man speaking aloud.

Logan….... Out yet again looking for me I presume…... Excellent…... You may give these E.B.E hunters, these Predators; a challenge the likes they have never seen…..”

“Sir, Your son- William…..”

“Yes, what of him?”

“He is being called on by SHIELD…..”

“SHIELD wants to control technology….….. These beings, they are the best of hunters; a species that could provide us with new subjects for experimentation…..”

“Your orders sir?”

“Implement Sentinel Omega protocols…..”

“Sir, are you sure?”

“Prepare NIMROD for activation, and never question my orders again…..”

“Yes Sir…..”

“We cannot allow SHIELD to control these alien technologies, and this powerful new species; it will be controlled by me…..”


BRANDON SHARPE avoided direct contact with the directors’ one eye. NICK FURY was silent. A quiet that can be a little unnerving to the young, and a little overbearing to the inexperienced. FURY’S way at gauging the readiness of many new recruits. BRANDON, he began to sweat. The stern look upon the directors’ face of serious attitude remained. Thoughts of the other recruits, referring to SHIELD’S director and to his “evil-eye”, this was no great help to BRANDON’S rising challenge of confronting his own nervousness.

Hey you, Avenger….. Give the old man a little respect….. You are going to give your peers a bad name…..”

NICK FURY shook his head in disbelief; as he turned to look upon the new arrival.

What are you doing in MANHATTAN? I would have thought Alpha Flight would have kept a better leash on you…..”

“Old sour-puss…. Quit giving the kid the eye….. Who else are we waiting for?”

“What idiot put you on the list of Avengers reserves?”

“Stark of course…..”

“Yeah, that figures….. You two get acquainted….. Debriefing is at 1300 hours…..”

“Aye, aye- captain! We’ll all assemble at 1:00, or was that 2:00…….……... No, wait one minutethat must be 3:00, right…..”

NICK FURY shook his head; the veteran soldier mumbling something about kids, as he took an abrupt leave of the wit- rising.



“In Val Verde; a Central American Jungle, the year of 1987, an elite special forces team- engaged a hostile, alien predator….. Their mission, it was- a simple task: to rescue hostages- from guerillas, of the- territory. Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer, was in command of the operation- on military jurisdiction….. This

Non-terrestrial Biological Entity, had been- unlike anything ever before seen; or so- this is what: had been originally been believed…..”

SHIELD specialist- on NBE’s, Agent Phillip Coulson; clicked- the button, of his- wrist band remote- activating: the debriefing room’s view screen.

I give you: Operation Earth-fall…... 1967- Falcon Lake, Canada…... On claims of a UFO landing, a team of investigators had been dispatched…. People were interviewed, and evidence had been gathered.

The Black Network, known for: silencing individuals- on claims of UFO sightings, had been- a part, of the- initial investigation…..

It had been- December, the twentieth…..... The snow had fallen: twenty-eight inches this day….…. Tracks, suggesting: evidence- of an actual UFO crash-site; had been discovered….. As well as the evidence of: something larger than man, having being removed from icy lake…..”

The gathered- remained silent, as black and white images: scrolled on the screen. Visuals of the- alleged crash site, and of the investigators gathering evidence played before the attentions of the on-call reserves gathered. The last visual, a rectangular hole- cut from the frozen lake- over seven feet in length, and about five feet wide. Agent Coulson, turned off the view screen.

It is our contention, that: an NBE was in fact removed from this UFO crash site; and some of the alien technologies- along with it….. Ever since this discovery, satellites- have been placed- creating a grid- network of: planetary scanning systems; that keeps SHIELD- aware of UFO activity…..

Today, we received a signal- from the grid- covering Canada…... This signal, it matches: the alien- frequency- captured, by radar scanning systems; used- during Operation Earth-fall……... We- have lost all contact- with: a remote SHIELD observation post- stationed in the Ontario area….. Last reports indicated: The presence of an invisible enemy…... This confirms Major Schaefer’s claims of: an alien adversary: that- can use the jungle to camouflage itself; while it hunts its prey…..

Seven experienced soldiers- lost their lives battling this alien nemesis….... Before dying, this alien- predator- initiated a: self- destruct mechanism- that had appeared to be- a part of its- armor. The atomic explosion- from the device, has been- to this day contained. The radiation levels, are still- high in this: no-man’s land region; of Val Verde….. The burn from the explosion- destroyed about: 300 miles of the region radius…..

These Predators, they represent: a clear and present danger; on a planetary scale…... This is why- you- have been called here today……. As- Avenger recruits, you have all faced- many challenges; and may soon earn: a place in standing with the legends of yesterday….. The world is depending on you, to protect its populace; in the absence of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…..

You will- be joined, by an elite team: of SHIELD Rangers….... These men, and these woman; have- been trained to deal with NBE’s, and the real threats to humanity- they represent…..

James Buchanan (Bucky) Barnes….. Please step forward…..”

Commotions arose- among the gathered. Guided- to the podium, by: none other than- Nick Fury himself, Colonel Bucky Barnes- removed the cloak- concealing his: cybernetic- extremities. The- one man army, and- assassin, known as: the winter soldier- remained patient- with silence. Agent- Philip Coulson- smiled- on the surprised looks; thrown from the faces, of those gathered.

And now, I would like to introduce; one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes….... Captain America…... The captain will be speaking to you, from a secret location in the field…..”

Agent Coulson- stepped down, and away from the view screen; as the familiar face of the leader of the Avengers- appeared on the screen.

Welcome recruits….... You have the unique opportunity- to serve with one of the best….... James Buchanan Barnes, has been freed: from Soviet conditioning….. Bucky, is now: one of the team; and I hope he will be treated as- such, accordingly……... This- will not be easy, but- as a new recruit of: the Avengers- reserves, Bucky- will learn, what it means to be: an Avenger- along with the rest of you…. Work together, and protect your allies….. From coast-to-coast, the Earth needs- its heroes; and as part of a newly revised Avengers team- many of you will be considered: as becoming the first of its members…..

Remember this…....... You are: in a class of distinction- that lies beyond the rest…...... You are: the chosen of the best, and you too are of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes….. Good luck to you all….. Agent Coulson, back to you…..”

Phillip Coulson returned to the podium.

“Well, I can’t improve on that…..... We are presently- on route to: Ontario Canada. We will reach- our destination- by first light- tomorrow morning….. Director Fury, will have- your assignments before we reach: Drop Point….. This briefing is concluded….. You are all dismissed.”

Jeanne- might I have a word with you, please?”

Aurora- grimaced on being called to a personal one on one with the assistant director of SHIELD. Unlike Director Fury, Agent Phillip Coulson- was known for being: blunt to those; that would so callously- Break protocol. Brandon Sharpe- looked upon the young attractive mutant from Alpha Flight, with silent admiration. One brit- a Joseph Chapmen, grabbed the boy by his right shoulder.

Forget that one bloke…. Nothing but trouble, that one…..”

The avengers recruit going by the name of Striker, yanked away from the other- British born.

Just trying to be helpful lad…..”

Agent Coulson, walked side-by-side, with the young girl- from Alpha Flight; his hands: positioned comfortably behind his back. The two, following the corridor; leading to Coulson’s office.

You were a teacher, born in Montrèal, Quèbec, in Canada; before you joined Alpha Flight…..”

“If- you are still concerned over- my mental health, my shrink……..she: can put you at ease- Agent Coulson….. I am one mind, of one body after- all…..”

“This is good to hear, but that is not why I need to talk to you…..”

“Oh, I assumed….. How can I be of assistance, to this effort?”

“What can you tell me about one William Stryker, and about Department “K”?”

“Stryker……... He is a fanatic…….. He is part of: a paramilitary group- that goes by- the title of The Purifiers…..”

“Rumors- suggest, that Stryker had two sons….. One- by the name of Jason. The other, a man- by the same name….. Do you know, of the whereabouts of William Stryker junior?”

“According to Alpha Flight, the second son- of William Stryker: is deceased….. Killed by- a mutant known as: The Shroud….. That does not necessarily mean- anything these days though….. William Stryker senior- has survived…... His son, was modified by his own father- a human and sentinel hybrid….. It would not surprise me that his modifications would have some unknown benefits…..”

“What is Stryker’s connection to this Department “K”? Does- the Canadian government, actually support Stryker’s anti-mutant paramilitary faction?”

“Not- to my knowledge….... It is: a black operations organization, a- rogue militant operation….... Even- the Canadian government, they believe- that Stryker- and all his research- has been: destroyed…….. His Canadian base of operations, the first Facility- it was destroyed long ago…..”

“Right, the first Weapon-X experiment…..”

“Then the Canadian government knows about as much as we now know…..”

“Is that all Assistant Director?”

“Just one more thing….... There is one among you- that goes by the name of: Cyber-strike…... This boy, he is a mutant like you…... We need you to watch over him…... He is an essential asset to the success of the mission…..”

“You want me to: babysit, another mutant?”

“In a manner of speaking…... I would tell you more- of this individuals’ identity, but his induction- into the Avengers Alliance; it is a matter of national security…..”

“Can- You tell me of his capabilities?”

“As a matter of fact, yes I can….. Cyber-strike can control machines…..”


Thermal imaging, visual- actuator goggles; allow this predator: to see- the heat signatures- of its- prey. Multiple humanoids- armed with: assault weaponry; close on the downed vessel. Staying high atop the trees, the predator: circled around the approaching mercenaries- in silence. Speech translation voice implants, wired into its armored helmet; allowing the alien stalker- to listen, and to learn to: understand the words of these men. Cross referencing- these words, with the human linguistics of: past encounters, the predator gained will-full understanding in various human patterns of speech.

These mercenaries marched in; a three- man position- configuration, with: one heavy- machine- gunner taking point and another taking the rear. The mercenaries numbered: eleven men strong. Within the center of the formation, two individuals- concealing themselves- within: black robes- marched along with their protectors. Rita Wayward, remained vigilant- with silence; as she scanned the trees. Sebastian Gilbert- whispered to his companion at arms.

“Something hunts us from above…..”

“Yes….. I sense this too….. Shall I engage the enemy?”

“If it is one of these Predators, we must try to capture it…..”

Words translated to the predator slowly came to words of understanding.

Enemy….. Enemy….. Capture it….. Capture it…..”

The Predator- attacked. Plasma weapon fire- caused- the mercenaries: to- spread out in- a wide- defensive pattern. Rita Wayward, and Sebastian Gilbert- quickly sought cover among the trees; the two- attempting to: lay eyes upon- the enemy. Mercenaries, cried out- in pain. This predator, it: is not- alone. One by one, the human mercenaries fall. Six- from plasma fire, as they try to engage in: a united counter attack against- the unseen enemy- in the trees. The remaining are felled by the predators’ metallic razor claws. Rita Wayward, grabbed hold- of her companion in arms. Sebastian Gilbert- was about to: protest- the action. The woman known as being: an enemy of the Avengers- spun the man to her right, and then- teleported herself- and the one known as: Bastion- to a safe distance; as triple beams of: targeting laser-sight- attempted to: zero in on their location. The predators, three in number; remained in concealment, as three of the mercenaries are quickly chosen as trophies. The slain- dragged to the predator’s vessel.

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