Pretty Faces


Rosemarie Feinegan works in a manmade business a mans world. What started off as innocent turns into something much more. Will she be able to manage both love and work, only time will tell.

Romance / Fantasy
A.J. Smith
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

My life nowadays was very stable and dull, I knew it needed some changes, but at this point didn’t know exactly what I should do to achieve my desires. Should I change hair style, wardrobe, or scenery? That’s how on a beautiful day in the middle of May, Marcos and I, Rosemarie Feinegan; were talking and a perfect subject came out which interested me very much.

And by this point on, was well known that Marcos Ariel Sandberg, was leaving the Lara Hickers hockey team and going back to Sweden.

“I still have one apartment and I don’t want to sell it. It’s at the Waterfront.”

“Do you rent it?” I was feeling excited.

“No, it’s empty. Always trying to move there, but never happen.”

“And why don’t you rent it now?” very curious and eager to know more info about the apartment.

“Well, I don’t want to use my name and I hate real estate agents!”

“what do you want to do?” I was going somewhere.

“I don’t want to sell it, that’s for sure. I was going to rent it to a friend of Kyla, but we couldn’t make it.”

“how much do you ask?” could it be so easy!.

“I’m making profit already, even empty, anyways, so it will be reasonable.”

“what about if I tell you that I would like to rent it?” please say yes!.

“I will only ask you for the maintenance fee. And that is around thousand or fourteen hundred a month, not sure about it.”

“that’s it? you want only that? wow, are you kidding me? I’ll take it!!” so happy and a quick answer, which surprised me too.

“But you didn’t see the apartment yet!! I will talk to my lawyer as soon as possible, so we can arrange the papers before I leave.”

“Thank you!!”

As a result, at the beginning of June, before leaving to Montreal, for the F1 Grand Prix, I was living in a beautiful apartment on South Side Beaches in Lara city!.

Summer was wonderful living there. Close to work, close to the action, twenty four hours a day. Friends coming over, weekend barbecues, balcony long nights and the view, it was real heaven!.

By December ten, I got a phone call, long distance phone call. It was Marcos. He never called me since I have moved in. If I have any problems I talk to the Superintendent. He takes care of me. Until now, I didn’t have a clue what was going on in Marcos’ life. I knew that he was still in Sweden and not playing hockey. I gave him my phone number, before he left in July.

After five months, talking to him again, seems like he never left.

“How are you?”

“who’s this?” Really didn’t know who he was.

“It’s me, Marcos!”

“no way! finally you decided to find out if your tenant still alive or not?”

“That, I do know. I get a report of the apartment every month.”

“well, stupid me. Nice that you call to wish me Merry Christmas or to raise the rent?” I asked him graciously.

“Actually, I’m calling to ask you a favor.”

“hhmm, what is it?” He was very awkward.

“Well, looks like an opportunity has come up and I have to get back to Lara for a while.”

“Oh, great! oh, no! do I have to leave the apartment? it’s ok!!”

“no, no, I don’t want to live there!”

“oh, thanks!” It was such a relief not to have to give up the apartment.

“but, . . . “

“I don’t like buts”

“I will need a place to stay in the mean time I make the deal and I don’t want to go to a hotel.”

“oh, I see, you want to be my roomy for a while?” big grin, “No problem, just let me know when, so I can arrange the second bedroom. I didn’t get a bed yet. But I will.”

“My lawyer will give you a check for that.”

“oh, no! please, I can do that. Although, it will cost you a dinner!” don’t know where that came from.

“No problem”

“how is Kyla? and is she coming with you?”

“That’s the other thing, we split up, two months ago.”

“No way! what happen? you two were perfect for each other.”

“well, things happens”

“ok, well, you know, and still early to say anything!”

“I will be arriving to Lara on the 20th, having a meeting on the 21st. Please do not say anything that I’m coming.”

“that, will be tough, it will cost you though!” jokingly

“the day that I arrive, for the difference of time, I will just crush there ’til the next day!”

“ok, no problem, I will make dinner!”

“no, no, I didn’t mean I want to die there!!” That was nasty coming from him but I was glad he showed some sense of humor through our conversation.

“very funny, do you want me to pick you up at the airport?”

“no, it will be ok, do you still working at the same place?” how nosey.

“yes, and also with the team.”

“That I know” very affirmative and quickly to give knowledge of my working status with the team.

“oh, do you know that, how come?”

“never mind!”

“hhmm, interesting!”

“ok, I have to go. I will call you before I leave.”

“ok, sure, anything else, coffee, tea, me? Just kidding!” I thought cutting a little tension maybe.

“I’ll call you if I need something else.”

“can I ask you a question?”


“why are you not staying with one of your bodies?”

“they will start asking questions and I don’t want to lie.”

“ok, I see, can I ask another one?”

“ok, yes!”

“which team do you have the meeting with? . . . just kidding!”

“you better be!” Laughing from the man himself.

“ok, take care, bye”

“you too, bye!”

After Marcos’ arrival, the following day, I got up to go to work as usual. The only inconvenience was that I forgot that he was in the apartment.

Getting out of my room, all dress up, and finding him, just seating on the sofa, I jumped, he jumped!! Oh, well, typical me!!

“what time do you start working?” he asked

“as usual, at 9:00 a.m.”

“I’ll give you a ride”

“no, thank you! it’s already late! and you didn’t even have a shower yet.”

“oh, right, sorry”

“nice gesture though” laughing.

“I have to move too, my meeting is at 9:30 a.m.”

“well, pretty face, move your behind!”

“yeah, yeah, keep moving!”

“oh, good luck!! whatever is that you want! “


“even though, I know!”

“what do you know? “

“nothing, . . . I have to go!”

“no, no, come back here!”

“no, no, I must go, don’t know anything, I’m just kidding, of what I know!”

“hhmm, ok, anyway, do not comment your thoughts!”

“me? nah, never!”

“you better!”

“ok, bye, see you later! will you tell me later?” laughing


“grgr, always depends, always depends!! It’s me, remember? I keep secrets!”

“let’s see, ok?”

“ok, bye!”

That night, I went home, and Marcos wasn’t there. I got no news from him.

The following day, I woke up, Marcos didn’t come to the apartment.

I went to work, no news.

Later in the morning, I received a phone call from him.

“oh, how are you?” I said

“I’m fine thanks!”

“so, what happen yesterday?”

“well, the deal is done!”

“and what’s the deal, if I can know now! not, that I don’t know!” I laughed hard

“ok, what do you know!?”

“never mind, tell me, tell me!”

“well, looks like I will be the Lara Hickers’ Captain again!”

“wow, that’s a news! like I didn’t know!” with a very surprised voice.

“I can’t believe that you knew it?”

“well, why are you going to be here for, otherwise, if it’s not for that? it doesn’t make sense! Congratulations! are you happy, is that what you want?”

“yes, I do!”

“wow, you are so expressive!” the laugh got louder.

“I will be at the apartment tonight, we can talk. I talked to the Super, he will have an apartment here, the same building, so it will be fine, for now!”

“are you sure you don’t want me to leave? I can do that, I will start looking!”

“no, no need for that, thanks!”

“ok, you’re the boss!”

“I saw all the guys last night, it was good.”

“hey, sorry, can we talk later, I have work to do, sorry, sorry!”

“yes, we’ll do! thanks!”

I arrived to the apartment, and no sign of Marcos.

Five minutes later, he appears, with chinese food!!

Well, that was a surprise!!

“wow, what is all that, how do you know what I like?” I said

“at the end, all chinese food taste the same!” he was playful.

“well, I have to give you that one! why chinese?”

“because, I felt like it!”

“oh, great!! thanks for asking!!” with a sarcastic grin.

“how was your day?”

“oh, my day was fine, thanks, but ok, tell me, tell me all about it!”

“as you already ‘know’, I will start playing in January, they will tell the press next week, and I will start training after Christmas day with the team.”

“and when I will have the pleasure to do you?” My voice was really low.

“are you anxious?” with a very soft tone.

“ok, I’m serious, I’m in the schedule or not, don’t you need me anymore?” I was faking a crying.

“well, I don’t know about all the details, yet! the most important part is the training! and beside, as I understood, you are not the only therapist!” he was having a good time teasing me.

“oh, you mean, that somebody else can do you? ok, fine with me!” I turned my face away.

“just kidding, I don’t really know! sorry!”

“It’s ok, I was bothering you a bit”

“well, this chinese is good, or am I hungry?”

“did you eat today?”

“hhmm, I can’t remember!! ah, yes, I did, I think!”

“how come you can’t remember? you are like my friend Ana! I don’t understand you guys!”

“who’s Ana?”

“Ana is my friend from UK, from my Formula One group”

“oh, yeah, I forgot that you like racing cars”

“hhmm, I’m surprise you remember! well, anyhow, you don’t suppose to!”

“I like racing cars too!” he said it very convincing.

“do you, really?”

“yes, I know Ferrari “

“wait, hold it, hold it!! don’t say more!, those words are forbidden! no, no, ok?”

Marcos was really surprised about my hands movements referring to our conversation.

“well, my team is McLaren and Ferrari is not good, enemies, cheaters, all bad that you can imagine, etc, etc.” I said very secure of myself, and his eyes lighted up together with a big smile.

“oh, I see, so you only look at your team, and the other ones, you don’t care?” He was instigating me to make me angry, which he was getting there with me.

“no, that’s not true! I do, you have to keep an eye on the enemy, but, I had enough with them, I know how they are, so, let me know what you want to know and I help you out, ok?”

“well, I have a few questions“


The time went on, and the night came, we didn’t realize that! Talking about racing, and discussing all kind of racing, ending it up with hockey! I gave him my view about it! He didn’t like it very much, but he was a good sport, as he always is, rolling my eyes up.

On Christmas Eve, I’m going to work for half a day; and in the afternoon to the therapy, as I received a call for one of the Lara guys.

“you have a message on the machine . . . is Kyla. ” I passed on his message.

“oh, really, when?”

“I think that was from the early morning! check it out.”


“what are you doing tonight?”

“well, looks like I will go to the airport! Kyla is coming.”

“oh, ok”

“do you mind if she stays here. I will have the apartment on the 1st.”

“sure, no problem. I will give you guys my bed, I will sleep in yours!”

“no, no thanks, she will sleep on my bed, I will stay on the couch!”

“oh, whatever!”

“let’s see what happen!”

“I know it’s not of my business but, . . . do you love her?”

“hhmm, I’m not sure. I’d being ok, ’til now. It’s difficult, confusing, I will be fine.”

“ok, the most important part is love!! without that, nothing is possible!”

“yeah, I know!”

“ok, good!”

“I have to call my parents, do you mind if I use the phone? I will pay for it.”

“please do, no worries!”

“ok, thanks!”

“ok, I will be at my cousin’s tonight, I will stay there. I will come back tomorrow, ok? so the apartment is all yours!”

“oh, wow, that’s good, family together?”

“yes, I won’t tell you to come, because you will be busy with Kyla, otherwise, you both are welcome, I will leave the address here, ok?”

“thank you! Let’s see what happen. I don’t know what are we going to do. Some of the guys told me to go to their houses, but I don’t know.”

“I do understand. Ok, I have to get going! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!”

“thanks, you too!”

We kissed and hugged . . . a little bit longer the hug.

Anyhow, I didn’t see him then, ’til the following day. Kyla was there, lovely as always. Everything looked fine. I was fine.

“Merry Christmas everyone! How are you Kyla, how was your trip?”

“fine, thank you for letting us stay here, I really appreciate it.”

“please do not mention it!”

“how was your Christmas Eve, and Santa brought you presents?” Marcos was asking me.

“yes he did, as usually he does, to good girls!” laughing at him.

Kyla is going to the phone.

“what are you doing today?” he asked me very seriously.

“just here, I’m tired, I did too much going around the last few days, too much all together! I need the rest and my computer, I miss it!”

“oh, yeah, you and your computer, what do you do there?”

“excuse me, what do I do there? what kind of question is that? I have friends that I talk to, emails I have to answer, that’s my contact with the outside world.”

“well, to me that’s amazing!”

“what do you do when you’re home?”

“hhmm, here or in Sweden?”


“I see my friends . . . in person, my family, I practice sports, I skate, I read, what else? golf in summer time.”

“ok, I think I got the picture, thanks!” he was really boring me.

“well, you asked!, ok, if you go to the computer and I’m here, call me, I want to see! I will have to get one, I know that everyone is on the net these days.”

“well, you should, your fans are there!”

“oh, yeah, of course!”

“well, I can’t go to one of your sites anymore! Oopss”


“not my fault! they really, really, like you!! is pathetic!! I’m serious!”

“ok, we are going to get into the same argument as always, I see!”

“sorry, that’s what I think, and by now, you should know that, no?”

“yes, I’m getting to know you!”

“ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!” We started to laugh.

Kyla is back . . . so I’m going to my room.

The day went by, they left to a friend’s house. Marcos was very serious when she was around, like tense, but wasn’t my concern. Boxing day, we had breakfast together, and it got ugly. I don’t know what was the reason, but they started arguing. Quietly, I left to my room. After I thought, that I was alone, I went to the kitchen, and Marcos was there on the sofa.

“hi, are you ok?” I said with disbelieve.

“hi, yes, I am ok”


“I must go, I will be back later.”

Boxing day!! funny name, eh? Boxing day, nobody around! I went out to meet my friends, and have some fun. I was coming back home and no sign from them. Ok, life goes on.

Around 3:00 o’clock in the morning I got up, to the kitchen, I didn’t feel well. I ate too much that day!!. Going to the kitchen, I hear a noise.

“I’m awake.” He said with a very low sound


“you didn’t wake me up”


“I was awake already, I just got here”

“oh, what happen, where have you been?, is late!”

“at one of the guys’ house.”

“where is Kyla?”

“at one of her friends, I guess.”

“you guess?”

“I don’t know”

“you don’t know?”

“ok, what are we playing here?”

“oh, sorry” I said it with a nervous tingling on my tone.

“It’s ok, I do understand “

“ok, I don’t feel good, so, I’m going to bed”

“what’s wrong?”

“I think that I ate too much!”

“hhmm, come here and sit down”

“I’m drinking mineral water with lemon, I should be fine, thanks”

“what did you eat?”

“oh, well, you name it and I ate! - laughing - I like to eat, I can’t remember, it was food.”

“are you like me?” He was surprisingly funny.

“no, I’m not! let me think, I had Caesar salad, garlic bread, and pasta, for main course, but I think that the drinks were the problem”

“oh, you are drunk?”

“no, I’m not! not anymore, I’m sick now” it was the truth.

“well, that explains it!”

“oh please, don’t give me a lesson now!”

“ok, just stay there for a while” he was really serious and instructing me what to do.

“yeah, is better than laying down!! I think”

“do you want something else?”

“hhmm, good question! nah, thanks!” I was really hiding my intentions.

“with who did you go out?” he asked me very curious with his very smooth tone.

“all my friends, we always go out boxing day, for brunch. Instead of gifts, we enjoy a good meal together.”

“that’s nice”

“ok, I should go and let you sleep, or you should go to your bed!”

“no, it’s ok”

“you don’t have to stay with me”

“I know, but I’m not sleepy, so, it’s ok”

“ok, you do whatever you want to do, big guy” I said very relaxed and kind a like playing words with him.


“you’re welcome!”

Slowly, slowly, we both were getting tired, and slowly, slowly we were stopping talking. I was really tired, but I wasn’t feeling good, yet to go to bed. He was falling asleep on my shoulder. I didn’t move. We both, like let our bodies fall into the couch, making room for each other.

The following day, we woke up, almost on top of the other.

“ahy, ahy, are you awake?” Asking very softly as I couldn’t see his face.


“oh, ok, I have to get up, but I can’t!” I was really laughing about our couch situation.

“ok, I’ll help you, I’m on your way, that’s why!”

“no, kidding! you weight too much”


“yeah, you, stop eating!”

“yes, your majesty!” he was being sarcastic which it was very unusual.

“good, ahy, ahy”

“stop, whining, I’m helping you to get up, by the way, how do you feel?”

“how do I feel, what do you mean, about last night, or about you on top of me?” I was trying to keep the humor alive.

“what do you like better?”

“smart question” with my eyes open and beaming.


“I feel better thanks, from last night! I felt asleep, very quickly after I took the water and lemon. Thanks”

“that’s good!”

Marcos was helping me to get up, but I lost balance and I felt on top of him, this time! Well, we started laughing, very close to each other, at this point. The laughs started to go away, our eyes started to find each other, our hearts started to bit faster, our mouths started to get closer, when the phone rang! it was Kyla.

By now, I was late for work!

“damn, I’m late!” I screamed.


“don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault”

“ok, I have to get ready too”

“well, there is only one shower!”


“you go first! I’m already late, so five more minutes, won’t make a difference”

“no, it’s ok, I don’t have to go to work, just to practice!”

“generous today Sir?” saying it to him very playful.

“actually, no, I will go to see Kyla later on”

“oh, come on, that’s good news! at least she is willing to try, no?” I wasn’t convinced but I felt he needed a push.

“no, you don’t understand!”

“oh, again, not of my business but, do you want to talk about it?”

“not now, we have things to do, more important!”

“hey, good thinking! you first! big guy!”

“stop calling me big guy!”

“why, is true, isn’t?” I was really pushing my luck.

“we’ll talk later” he accepted my defeat.

“thanks! now, stop talking and move faster! as you do on the ice”!

“hey, I’m good at that!”

“oh, yeah?”


“show it to me!! well, not now!”

“I will, you will see!”

“I believe you! let’s move on, please!”

“well, you go first! I told you!”

“oh, yeah, sorry, I forgot!” very distracted by our silly conversation.

Each room has a toilet and a sink, but the master bedroom only, has the complete washroom with a shower. I was in the shower, when Marcos knocked at the washroom’s door.

As Marcos was knocking at my washroom’s door, I just couldn’t believe it.

“who is it?” I said loud and mad.

“there is an emergency”

“emergency, what, the building is on fire?” I was joking with him.

“can I come in?”

“of course not” how dare he?.

“ok, I have to leave right away, but I need to take a shower!”

“ok, I will be out in a minute! men!” I couldn’t believe it that he really was there.

“what did you say?”

“nothing!” with my very squeaky voice.

I’m getting out of the shower, right away, and I letting him in. And, I’m getting dress in the mind time that he is in the shower!.

“happy now?” I replied annoyed.


“yeah, right!”

“I’m always happy!

“let’s leave it at that, should we?”

“i don’t know what you are trying to say”

“just kidding!! I know you are always a happy camper!”

“ok, I have to go and get dress”

“why?” I don’t know where that came from.

“why? do you want me to go out like this?”

“absolutely not!” he had only a towel on his waist.

“so, I repeat, I have to go and get dress, can we continue this later? it’s kind a fun!”

“tell me about it, I know!”

“ok, remember for tonight! do you have plans for tonight?”

“me? I don’t think so! but, when are you going to see Kyla?”

“oh, yeah, thanks for reminding me!! I think that in the afternoon, I have to call her”

“take your time, you guys have a lot to talk about, I think! and remember, . . . if you love her, do not let her go!!


“you’re welcome! now, do you love her?” I was really curious and I went for it with the question.

“i think! yes!”

“well, so there is not much to talk! the answer is in front of you! clear and simple! no?”

“hhmm, well, in a way, yes, but, there are other factors involved now!”

“other ’factors’?” I couldn’t understand what he was referring to.

“i will come back to live here, and the same story will start!”

“what same story? because, I don’t know!”

“well, she doesn’t want me to play hockey again.”

“oh, I see!! why?”

“she thinks that my time is over, and I have to retire”

“oh, well, I can’t help you in there!! I’m not her!”

“and what would you do in her position?”

“me? you can’t ask me that!! it’s unfair!! it doesn’t make sense!” I was really uncomfortable.

“yes, it does make sense!”

“well, if I love someone, for a long period of time as you two have, I have to respect his choice, I have to respect what he want, what he likes, and what he wants to do with his life, together with mine, of course! does she has an specific reason, why she doesn’t want you to go back to the rink?”

“well, what do you mean?”

“like, does she knows if you have a disease, or a serious injury, or a concussion, or something that you are trying to avoid, and could be risky for you to go back to hockey?”

“no, I don’t have any of those things, I’m perfectly healthy for playing!! I’m still young, I’m only 30 years old!”

“ok, ok, so, there is something else going on, and that is between you and her, it’s your relationship. There is a lack of something, somewhere on the road. You two, are the only ones who can find out what it is, or going to a therapist.”

“no, thanks!”

“no, thanks, what, about the therapist?”

“yeah, that!”

“oh, c’mon, big guy! you can do it! It’s for your happiness!”

“stop calling me big guy! would you?”

“sorry, sir!” I replied very nervous as he was getting irritated.

“ok, I know, I do appreciate your help! thanks! I will see you tonight!”

“yes, no problem, see you later!”

I went to work, late of course! He went to his practise, late too. Later that day, I came back home, I was trying to decide what to cook, when he came in. We decided to order pizza in and watch the hockey game. I was feeling much better from the night before.

“how was your day?” I asked him.

“fine thanks, how was yours?”

“well, beside that I left late, it was ok, thanks”

“i think that I will go to bed early today, I’m really tired”

“fine with me!”

“ok, have a good night”

“thanks!! you too”

I took care of the little dishes, I did a few cleaning around, and went to my room to the computer, and watch tv. Again, that night, I got up around 2:00 o’clock a.m., not feeling well. Marcos was in the couch, again.

“are you sleeping?” I asked

“no, if I’m answering you!”

“very funny!! what are you doing here, again?”

“i couldn’t sleep in the bed, so I came here”

“oh, that’s fine with me!”

“what are you doing up?”

“well, again, I don’t feel good!”

“ok, what is going on? two nights on a row, you are not feeling well”

“sorry, I don’t know! I will be ok”

“do you want me to bring you something?”

“no, it’s ok, I took my medicine now”

“ok, sit here”

“ok, just for a while, I don’t want to wake up here again!”

“well, I will make that decision!”

“you will?”

“of course!”

“i don’t know if I should trust you! but I’m here, and I don’t want to move now.”

“good girl!”

“yeah, take advantage of me! NOT!”

“i will never do that! you know!”

“i was just kidding!”

“ok, now relax, and try to do Reiki to yourself, maybe it will help you!”

“that’s why I’m not too bad! I did that already, thanks!”

“ok, good”

Time went by, without us to know it. The morning came, and we were still on the couch, talking. I called my work, to have a sick day. But Marcos had to go to practise. As we saw the sun coming out together, our eyes were closing. We stayed there for 2 more hours. Until I woke up, and again he was on top of me!

“hello, good morning!” I always woke up first.

“I’m not awake yet, it’s all your fault, you never shut up!”

“me, I wasn’t talking alone, you know?”

“yeah, I know, it was a joke!”

“ok, I can stay here, but you have to go! so, move on, big guy!”

“ok, that’s it! no more big guy!”

Marcos started to tickle me!, I started laughing and I couldn’t stop! we couldn’t stop, we were having a good time! It was seven a.m. Marcos had practise at ten a.m. I stopped laughing, and he was to close to me. We started to get serious, and staring into each other’s eyes. Our bodies, started to get closer, and closer. Our hands started working to touch our bodies. Our bodies started to find a place to fit into each other. The atmosphere was very quiet, not even a fly, just the very soft move of two full, energetic souls.

Marcos was the first one to touch my lips. I was afraid, although, I was on another world, I forgot, actually, this world.

It was intense, breathing fast, hearts accelerating, mouth open, tongue touching, bodies putting pressure to each other. I let myself go. Kisses, hugs, screaming, and joy was all what I remember!

That day I was home half of the day. In the afternoon I had to go for some therapy with the team, including Marcos. It was tough; I couldn’t forget what happen in the morning. I was very confused.

“hi” he said

“hi” I couldn’t look into his eyes

“how are you?”

“fine thanks, and you?”

“I’m ok, I have a secret to tell you”

“a secret?”

“yes, well, remember when I told you about my contract?”

“aha, ok, tell me!”

“well, you are included in my contract”

“what do you mean, I’m included?”

“i specified, that you are the only Reiki therapist assigned to me”

“oh, I see, why?”

“i feel comfortable with you, and I don’t want anybody else”

“oh, thanks! I’m flatted; I think I will have to quit my full time job!”


“with all your injuries!” I was joking.

“oh, you are bad, you are lucky that we are in here, otherwise!“

“otherwise, what, what are you going to do?”

“ah, I can’t say!”

“you can’t say?”

“are we starting again this question thing?”

“ooppss, sorry!!” I said it very shy.

“anyway, should we start?”

“yes, sorry, lets start the therapy”

We did the session, I felt better, and he did also. I worked with other guys, and then I did some shopping downtown! Went back home. New Year’s in two days. Marcos’ moving out in two nights.

“so, everything is ready for the move? “ I was asking him curious.

“well, yes, I went to do some shopping already, and the delivery will be on the 2nd”

“so when do you get the apartment?”

“on the first, but I will have nothing there. I will really move over on the second”

“ok, it’s good with me. One more day won’t hurt”

“oh, do you mean that it hurts now?”

“no, it’s just a say, silly!”

“hhmm “ he doesn’t really believe me.

“oh, c’mon, don’t make me feel guilty now”

“did you eat?”

“yeah, I got a bite at the mall “

“oh, ok, I will get something though”

“are you going out?”


“do you want me to make you something? we have groceries, what do you feel like, and I tell you if we have!”

“hhmm, I don’t know, whatever! surprise me!”

“ah, I hate that!” I prefer when they tell me what to make.

“why, it should be easy! I let you choose!”

“well, that’s my problem! It’s to choose!”

“tough!” he was really laughing.

“thanks!! well, you know what? good luck to you! you are the one who will be eating it” big laugh from my part.

“ah, not fair!”

“no, why? big . . . ah . . . you!” I realized that i was going to say the word big guy and he really didn’t like that.

“ah, almost . . . eh?”

“won’t say it again! ok, I’m off to the kitchen! Is there a game tonight?”

“nope, just you and me!”

“oh, really . . . any plans?” just ironically asking.

“nope, no plans!”

“ok, I do have plans”

“you do?”

“yeap, I have to talk to my friends!”

“oh, kool, can I be there too?”

“hhmm, well, let me see, ok?”

“what do you have to see?”

“are we starting again with this question?”

“ok, u are funny tonight!”

“well, I learn fast!”

“i see that!”

“yeah, of course you can join us!”

I’d prepared something for him to eat, and then we went to the computer.

“be quiet, ok?”

“quiet, do you talk to this thing?”

“yes, I do, not with a voice sound, but many people at once, sometimes”

“do you? more than one person at the time?”

“you pervert!”

“ok, sorry”

“ok, lets check the emails first, hhmm, a few of them”

“do you always get so many?”

“depends in what time of the year we are”

“when do you get the most?”

“formula one season! I get in trouble there” I was giggling.

“you in trouble? nah, can’t be!” he is giving me a big smile.

“ok, do you want to go back to the living room?”


“so, as I said before be quiet, now, we go to the sites!”

“which ones do you go?”

“many of them, oh, here is Ana, on MSN”

“who’s Ana?”

“i told you, she is my friend from UK, the one that I went to see in April, remember? oh, yeah, you don’t remember!” I just couldn’t believe it.

“sorry, ok, say hi for me!” he said it very apologetic.

“really? ok, I will have to tell her that you are here, yes! otherwise she could say something that you shouldn’t see!”

“like what?”

“you don’t want to know!”

And we continue on the net, checking all kind of things, laughing and having fun, specially, with his fans sites! It was getting late, so we both left the computer.

It was New Year’s Eve. I was going to go out with my friends, and Marcos, I didn’t know what he was going to do.

“good morning” as I see him.

“good morning”

“did you sleep?”

“not really, I can’t lately”

“why you didn’t tell me? I could help you”


“hello! with Reiki”

“oh, oh, I forgot, sorry! maybe tonight”

“ah, a little difficult, but let’s see what happen”

“oh, that’s right, is New Year’s Eve! I forgot! “

“do you have plans, and you forgot too?”

“well, I’m not sure, I will see”

“ok, anyhow, I won’t come home late”

“not a date tonight?”

“me, date, nope, just going out with my friends”

“and why not a date?”

“and why I should have a date?”

“is New Year’s Eve, everyone has a date”

“you should know, that I’m not like everyone else . . .”

“yeah, I noticed that . . . “


“what are you doing through the day?”

“i have to do some cleaning, laundry, and then get ready, I need a few hours to get ready”

“no, you don’t!, do you need help with the laundry?”

“no, I can do your laundry if you want, I don’t mind”

“no, it’s ok, I will do it myself”

“as your wish”


“yes, please”

“i don’t know what to do about Kyla”

“what do you mean?” again another strange conversation, uncomfortable.

“well, I love her, yes, but because all the time together, but I don’t know if she is the girl I want to marry”

“ . . . and how can I help you?”

“that’s the problem, I think that you can’t help me! nobody can, only me!”

“that’s true! take your time, do you have to decide now?”

“she is going back, I need an answer”

“can you pass me the crackers, please, . . . and how do you feel about that idea, of her going back? . . . do you miss her, now?”

“well, I’m not sure! It’s getting complicated”

“complicated, why?”

“ah, I’m not sure”

“ok, Mar, go and do the laundry, maybe your cloths can talk to you!” I said it gracefully.

“do you know what? that’s not a bad idea”

“Mar, phone for you!”

The night came, I went out, I don’t know where he went, but I was worry. It was something that he wasn’t telling me, and I felt it. I came back home not too late, and he was already home.

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