An apple a day, keeps good at bay...... Opening Pandora's book, allows all life's evils out; that they may play...... Someone is seeking Pandora's Box, in an attempt to prove that all the worlds' evils have yet to be unleashed...... What this individual does not know is: Pandora's Box is a sepulcher for multiple Tomes of God's Angels..... Lucifer and his allies must find the guardian of Pandora's Box; before all of life's past evils are once again released upon humanity.....

Horror / Humor
Robert Alan Ryder
5.0 2 reviews
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It has been widely thought by a great many an individual, that all the evil’s of men had been released by the sharing and eating of forbidden fruit, and by other cultures; by opening a sealed box of all known evils……

The big secret? Both are true, in manner of speaking….. The big difference is, Pandora; she was the guardian of the tomes of God’s angels, and it was the Tome Of Lucifer’s Legacy, that contained the workings of all evils dealt by men and appropriate to this time and age; of women…..

This tome, it was not just a book; as many think of when they speak of father’s words….. This tome, it is a journal; wherein, the evil’s of sinners worldwide are telepathically recorded…..

“I see…..” Doctor Linda Martin, now looked on Lucifer questioningly. “What, for arguments sake; would happen, if your tome detailing your legacy was ever read?”

Lucifer smiled wide, the devil uncrossing his legs and leaning forward; his two hands clenched together before him, a glint of wickedness in his eyes.

“Then, my dear doctor; of evil spirits; these sins of man’s past indiscretions, shall be unleashed; to once again be burden to man and to woman…..”

“.… And, the apple?”

Lucifer’s smile widened, the devil releasing his clench of communication’s focus; and settling back into the cushions of the doctor’s couch.

“.… Well now, we all know the truths of Eve feasting of forbidden fruit with Adam….”

“Enlighten me?”

“Why doctor? I had know idea, you were so great the historian…..”

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