Chloe looked on the body in silence. The forehead of the victim marked with a strange symbol.

Lucifer, he was not his normal self; as he peered down upon the mutilated body. No joke of wisdom attained by his surroundings. No spontaneous quip on mind to lighten the atmosphere.

"..... Grisly one, this one detective....."

Lucifer calmly commented.The body, it had ben disemboweled by the murderer

"..... Not since the stories of Jack the Ripper, have I seen anything like this....."

Chloe shared openly, her assessment of the gruesome scene.

"..... Jack the Ripper..... Now there was a savage dealer of death, and of punishment in his own estranged way....." Lucifer commented.

"..... The mark detective?..... I do believe that I may have seen it before....."

Chloe now looked to Lucifer with some rising suspicion.

"What is it?" Chloe crossed her arms. the woman waiting, and obviously expecting an answer.

"..... It is a copy of a work in artistic expression of the flesh....."

Chloe looked back to the bleeding carved mark in the victim's forehead.

"..... A tattoo?"

"Yes detective..... Conceived by a most intriguing artist, I might add....."

"..... You are not yourself Lucifer..... Normally, you would crack- wise on some part of the scene..... Nothing coming to mind?"

"..... I must admit, I am feeling a little off on my game....."

"..... Sick?"

"..... Perhaps..... Yes..... My apology detective, but I must take leave....."

"..... How long?"

"Only for the day, rest assured....."

"..... Okay! Contact me when you are feeling better?"

"Thank you detective."

Chloe shook her head.

Three years working together, and she has not yet seen Lucifer to take a leave of absence on being sick.

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