Lucifer parked his 1962 Chevrolet Corvette C1 before an old parlor of an artistry shop. the devil you know, handing his keys over to the waiting parking attendant.

Lucifer smiled intently on the young attractive streamlined slim blond headed girl in black tights. The girl wore her head in a bun. Upon the top of her head, rested a cap with embroidered symbolic recognition of the employer to which she was provided by as a regular service.

“..... Lovely service..... Την φροντίζεις?” Lucifer spoke the words: do take care of her to the parking attendant in Greek.

The girl rolled her eyes and shook her head. Lucifer, a little taken back by the girl's attitude, shook his own head mumbling words beneath his breath.

".....Well, there are those that will; and then there is all of the rest....."

Lucifer entered The Parlor freely. The man standing behind the service counter looked on his pending client without response in any perceivable change of attitude, good or bad.

"..... Lucifer? What brings you to Greece?"

Lucifer closed door behind him and bolted the entry shut. The Parlor attendant slowly left his position behind the service counter and flipped his open sign around to close.

"..... Heph? You are looking, healthy....."

The bald broad shouldered aging man scowled hard upon the fallen angel.

"..... A century away from the forge, what do you expect of me?"

Lucifer smiled on the man's question wickedly, a cinder of flame sparking in his eyes.

"..... Oh, nothing such as all that..... At least, not today anyway....."

"What have you, in need of me?"

"..... Pandora's Box..... Someone has procured ownership of her stored evils....."

"..... Was the box opened?"

"Yes, I do believe this to be so....."

"..... Whoever opens Pandora's Box, must be of Pandora's blood....."
"Yes, Heph..... This much, I do already know....."

"What you may not know Lucifer, Is that Pandora's spirit too was sealed inside the box....."

"..... Actually Heph, that is what I was afraid of....."

"Pandora, she alone can release the evils stored within the box..... The one that opened the box, this person could be host to Pandora's spirit....."

"..... The seals? They cannot be opened all at once, if I am not mistaken....."

"Right..... For each seal, from the lowest to the highest level of Hell's marking; a number of sacrifices will have to be made....."

"..... Pandora? She is already on her way....."

"Well then Lucifer, time for your tattoos....."

"Tattoos?! This is hardly an appropriate time for appreciation of expression in body art....."

"As you already know Lucifer, I am not your average tattoo artist.....

Lucifer sat comfortably within The Parlor's one and only chair.

"..... Okay Heph, but please? No teddy bears....."

Hephaestus smiled wide. The tattoo artist quickly looking through his notebook of sigils.

"The first sigil, it will protect you from Pandora's charms..... The second, it will allow you to see the evils released in their forms manifest..... The third one, it is a gift from a friend....."

"Okay....." Lucifer conceded to the necessity. The fallen angel unbuttoned his shirt.

"I presume, it is just my back you need?"

"Right..... The sigils, they need to be within the closest proximity possible to the mind and the heart....."

"..... Very well..... Although, I often wondered what it would be like to get a tattoo on my bum....."

"..... Maybe next time....."

Lucifer's smile widened.

"Yes... Definitely..... Perhaps maybe even, for a friend....."

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