Rhonda P. Alexander, poured herself a glass of red wine. The woman wearing a long black evening gown. Quietly guiding her nightly caller to her sofa, the woman bid the man to sit. This man, he was easily lured by the woman's eyes; and more-so by her beauty.

As if she were reading the man's thoughts, Rhonda unbuttoned her blouse revealing her natural cleavage. The man's heart now raced, as the woman let down her long black hair. The mysterious woman poured droplets of her wine down the left side of her neck. the man watched intently as the wine dribbled onto her bosom.

The man, he now felt as if he could not contain himself further. Rhonda unbuttoned one more button teasingly, the woman revealing more of her breasts. the man fell quickly into her embrace. His face slowly moving from her neck down to her bosom.

The man suddenly groaned as he reached for the remaining buttons of the woman's blouse. A sharp pain getting his attention from his right side.

"What the hell was that?"

"..... Venom..... One from a snake of the vilest of species....."

"..... What the?! What the hell?!"

".... Close, but right now your demise is more up to earth....."

The man crept back away from the woman. his eyesight started to blur.

"You bitch!"

"..... No, no..... you will not refer to me in so disrespectful the manner..... I alone have the remedy that you now need....."

The man attempted to back further away from the woman, as she laid the unexpectedly long syringe out upon her coffee table of polished marble stone.

"..... What do you want?"

The man fell to his knees. His mouth and his nose began to bleed. Rhonda smiled wide on the man as convulsions set in.

"..... That is simple..... I want you to die, so that you can be reborn....."

The man tried to speak. His words gurgling as his bloodstream carried the poison to his throat.

The man crumpled over motionless. his lifeblood staining the Persian wove rug that lay beneath him.

Rhonda lifted a bell from the left side of her coffee table. Giving the instrument of summoning three shakes, one individual; a man-servant of a person, the individual's face and skin paled white; answered the woman's ringing call.


"One more chump for you and for your talents Shaman..... You know what to do....."

The man known only by the name Shaman ushered his two helpers forward. The two nameless hands for hire were sure to keep a fair distance away from the tall black suited albino man with the eerie yellow eyes.

Shaman, he seemed to be by instant visual inspection to be a gravedigger from a classic horror film. the man wore a black top hat that rested comfortably atop his brow. his boots and hat matching his suit.

The cane he carried, was obsidian with evenly spaced rings of gold positioned beneath the handle. this walking stick aided the man in maintaining some semblance of balance. apparently walking was a real issue for him.

"..... Shall I fetch the box for you?"

"No..... It is too soon..... we still need the blood from two more sacrifices to break the first seal....."

"..... the body? the same as before?"

"..... Yes..... If it does not survive the process, dispose of it..... There is more where that one came from..... be sure to place the body somewhere near to his own home....."

"Yes ma'am...."

Rhonda P. Alexander now rested back in the comfort of her sofa. Her eyes falling on the blood staining her throw rug.

"Oh, and Shaman?"

The tall and skinny, frail albino man turned to the woman slowly to respond to her calling.


"Have the hired hands change out this rug for a new one?"

"Yes ma'am....."

The man seeming to have no will of his own, Shaman walked slowly away from the woman to supervise the hired hands in completion of their duties.

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