Morpheus sat quietly watching and listening. in a world of dreamers to infinite numbers, their REM induced visualizations by their patterned sleep associations.

Upon an invisible throne he sits. For in adversity to god's influence of power, The Sandman; he is king of his realm of his own gathered power in influence.

Morpheus, he is near kin to a fallen god..... he is the lord of nightmares and the king of dreams.

Of the workings of man, must he not interfere. For all he can do is observe, and at times of special circumstance; enter the dreams of the innocent to protect them from ethereal incarnations of demon and of devil-kind, that chance to intrude upon their minds as they sleep.

"..... What is this that I now see? The sands of time, they react so awkwardly....."

The hourglass of Morpheus' power in mystical influence, multiple funnels of sand within now formed.

"..... This, this it cannot be..... What foul evil will now be unleashed upon the wakening plane?"

Eyes drew back to a seemingly blinded focus. With the mind's eye, The Sandman now can see.

The king of dreams looked deep within the miniature vortices of spinning sands. Familiar to his insights, and yet something he should never see; Pandora's Box, the evils within will soon be released.

"..... Must I now interfere with the balance of cosmic design, to prevent evils from rising centuries old?"

Morpheus rose from his throne unseen.

"..... I see one of cosmic influence, an entity of the first; an angel fallen, god-born..... Lucifer..... He will need a little help, lest the world from its access of reality shall be catastrophically torn..... "

Transmuting slowly to smoke of an altered entity spiritual visage, The Sandman now sets his focus to make a journey to the plane existent of humanity.

His power of influence, it must now be used to guard the world of man from the evils of Pandora's Box. For within it, the lost souls are not bound to corporeal influence. They will be as demons and as ghosts; and they will be free to attack humanity while they sleep.

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