PREDATOR- X, the new weapon. Wolverine and a lone YAUTJA trainer, are all that stands in its path. The altered Predator on a rampage, killing all in its path. Book two of three..... Striker's new weapon, has broken free from containment. The Predator vessel has been transported to an alternate Department K facility,The procurers of this alien technology, unaware of the dangers that remain inside..... The Xenomorphs have been released, and these ALIENS; they will now be introduced to a new resource for their continual development.....

Action / Scifi
Robert Alan Ryder
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Facility cell block lights powered up to dimmed illumination of the bulbs. Two of the slowly wearing ballasts sparked, causing the lone prisoner to shield his face. The unexpected brightness already giving the man many difficulty in clearly visualized sense of sight.

The sounds of middle weighted steps upon the cell block’s smoothened metallic plated flooring announced the slow progression arrival of an all too expected visitor. The sounds of the individual’s shoes, suggesting to the temporarily blinded prisoner that it was a man of middle ages in his life cycle of human development, and that he was wearing men’s dress shoes; ten and a half sized by his estimate.

As the prisoner drew closer, the man imprisoned within the sell caught on to a familiar scent. This man, his perceptions in sight and in hearing and smelling; they are better to adapt to unexpected situations than your average prisoner. For this man, he is a mutant..... This particular mutant, he does not like to be caged......


“Ah, Logan..... Finally awake I see..... Good.....”

“You really think this cage will keep me?”

“..... The bars of the cell you are in? Yes, for you should know by now; that there is nothing you can do to damage them.....”

Logan got a good look and feel of the bars to his cell.

“..... Adamantium? I give you less credit than I should Stryker.....”

“Yes..... There is, of course the floor and the walls..... Although, this would require some time of, shall I mention: heavy labor on your part.....”

“..... Where’s the kid?”

“What?! Oh, you mean the girl.....We here at The Facility have no need for second rate mutants at this time.....”

“..... No longer interested in hunting down mutants?”

“..... Yeah, well....” Stryker shrugged his shoulders as he turned away from Logan. “I do very little for the government that is all too intending on maintaining thoughts of unnecessary paranoia against mutant kind..... I have wasted far too much in this failed endeavor already..... These days, I see all for their potential.....”

Logan crossed his arms, the man wishing he had a cigar.

“Potential? Potential in association of power..... Power that you want to exploit.....”

“We all have our jobs Logan.....”

“..... Middle aged man on a power trip..... No great surprise there.....”

Stryker turned back once again to face Logan.

“..... Well then? Shall we get to the point?”

“..... Ball’s in your court Stryker.....”

“..... Logan, of all my weapons; you are my favored..... Now, I have something- that defies normal convention of my original designs..... This weapon, it will be the greatest of all my weapons.....”

“..... The Predators?”

“Yes..... They have natural healing talents, that pale compared to your own..... The Predator in my possession, he has been given an upgrade of sorts..... The serum, I made with your blood..... It will make these Predators stronger than ever.....”

“..... Stupid idea Stryker..... You think you can control this species..... The fool, this species will make of you.....”

Stryker smiled deviously on the caged X-man.

“..... Not this time, Wolverine..... I for one have learned from my mistakes.....”

Stryker turned to leave.

“Someone will be by shortly with nourishment, drink, and some Cuban cigars..... Rest up Logan..... You, you will now be the hunted..... I will judge my new weapon on its success hunting you.....”

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