What Did You Do Cas!

Chapter 2

Jared woke up to some noise. He felt his mind wonder to whatever that might have caused the noise. Someone was shouting. Was that 'Cas' he heard? Can't be. If the shooting had already started, someone would have called him. And they had just finished a shoot anyways. Wait, what is the time? He thought. Finally, probably realizing that no one was going to tell him the time, he opened his eyes. At first, his sight was kind of blurry, and he had a slight headache. He rubbed his eyes and his vision was became a bit clear.

A far as Jared remembered, he had gone to his trailer at around 6 pm to get some rest before the next shoot. He had probably fallen asleep. As usual. And he clearly remembered turning the lights off. So why was it so bright it here? And why wasn't he in his trailer?

He was in a small room. It looked familiar, but he didn't remember why. It definitely wasn't the set. So where was he?

He quickly sat up on a queen sized bed. Is this some kind of a joke!? He thought angrily. He was going to have a killer back ache from sleeping in that small, hard thing called bed. And anyways, who is big or strong enough to carry me? Must have been group work. Whoever did this is never going to hear the end of this! Jared thought with contempt.

He got up and stretched. He walked towards the door. Outside, the noises were getting louder.

"No Cas! Take your leg away!" Someone shouted. He sounded suspiciously like Ackles.

"Dean calm down. It would not work if you keep shouting." That voice was no doubt Misha's.

Jared opened the door wide to look at what they were doing. He was curious because they didn't hang out much.

The sight he saw left him very confused, if not horrified. "What the..." he blurted out. Four faces turned to face him, eyes open wide.

"What the hell is this!?"

"Jared! There you are." A female voice came from somewhere behind Sam. At first it didn't click to him that she was talking to him, so he kept walking, but she kept shouting Jared's name, and he suddenly realized that he was Jared.

He stopped and slowly turned around to face her. "Yes?" He asked as politely as he could. After all it was not her fault he was here.

She frowned, but shook it off and said, "Come on. The shoot is in 30 minutes. We have get you pretty. Not you aren't already... but we have to put some... uh.. make up.. and stuff." She said nervously. "But you already know that. Of course." She gave a nervous smile.

Sam felt sorry for her. Whoever this Jared fellow was, he must have been very intimidating.

"Not now... uh..?"


"Right. Jeanie. Not now. I have some.. uh.. work to do." Sam said. Frankly he had no idea what he was going to do, but it most certainly would be better than getting make up all over his face.

"But Mr. Padalecki, the shoot-"

"Sorry. This is important." And he started walking. He turned back and saw that Jeanie was staring at him dumbfolded. He kept on walking, trying not to think about her.

Ten minutes later Sam still had no idea what to. He was just considering returning back to the trailer, when someone else called him.

It was some small black haired guy who was wearing a wireless device in his ear. He spoke something into it and hurriedly approached Sam.

"Jared. Thank god. The shoot is in 15 minutes. Where have you been? Mr Singer is getting very worried. Jeanie said that you wouldn't let her do the make up. Come on, we need to go now. You know how Mr. Carver doesn't like any delays." He said all this very quickly, and before Sam had any chance to react, he was already being dragged somewhere.

"Wow wow. Hey. Calm down. Like I told Jeanie, I have some other very important work to do." Sam said, pulling his hand away from his arm and stopped.

"This is more important. And we are already running two days late. You know that. We can't waste any more time." He insisted. Without listening to what Sam had to say anymore, he kept walking and told him to follow him.

Sam seeing no other choice, followed him. Great! Just awesome.

As soon as Dean had agreed to play with him, Cas had snapped his fingers, and a white mat with colourful spots on it had appeared there on the floor.

Dean groaned. Why did he have to play. He had always hated this game when he was kid too. All that twisting, and turning, and falling.. it just wasn't him. He preferred a more manly and adult game.

"Come on Dean. Meg you can be the referee." Cas was already standing on one side of the sheet.

"No. I don't trust Meg. I want Kevin to be the referee." Dean said.

"What do you think I'm going to do, kill you with a small paper board?" Meg said.

"I don't know. You might. Kevin. You take the board." Dean commanded.

Kevin stammered,"Uh, I don't know how to play twister."

Dean sighed. "Of course you don't." He rolled his eyes. "Look, all you have to do is spin that arrow, and say whatever is written on the part where it is pointed. For example, right hand, red. OK? It's very simple."

Kevin nodded nervously. "I'll try my best."

"Are you coming or what Dean?" Cas called.

"I'm coming." Dean grumbled.

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