What Did You Do Cas!

Chapter 3

Dean stood facing Cas, on the opposite side of the sheet, one of his foot on a yellow circle, and other on a green one.

"You need to take off your shoes, Dean." Cas said. "It is one of the rules."

Dean scowled and took his shoes off, and got back into position. "You are just wasting time." He muttered. "Spin the wheel Kevin."

Kevin spinned the arrow. After what seemed like a decade, it slowly stopped on right leg, red.

"That was very easy." Cas sounded disappointed. Dean just lifted his right leg and placed it on the nearest red spot. Cas did the same. Dean looked at Kevin. He spinned it again. This time, the arrow stopped on the hand section, yellow.

The game continued until one of Cas' hand was interlacing one of Dean's foot, and Dean's whole body was practically over Cas'. Dean was breathing hard. Cas on the other hand looked very happy and calm. He was a very agile person... angel whatever. There were occasional chuckles, sometimes full on laugh from Meg, and even Kevin had to smile. All Dean did was curse about his busted life, and how he was going to kill Cas once Sam was back, and other stuff. And Cas just told Dean to not be angry or violent, that peace would make this world a better place.

Kevin spinned the spinner one more time. It landed on left leg, blue. Cas had to move tthe leg that was interlaced with Dean's hand, and Dean had to move the leg on the exact opposite side of blue, and over Cas' back. This was going to be interesting.

Cas just had to move one step in order to put his left leg on the blue circle, but if he did that, Dean's hand would also move, and they would both fall. If Dean moved... no wait. There was no if. There was no way Dean could even move his left leg, let alone on blur which was far off on the mat.

Carefully, trying to keep his other leg and hands where they were, Dean slowly lifted his left leg from over Cas' back, and kept it in the air for a second, wondering how he was going to get to blue. That's when Cas the brilliantly smart angel, decided to make his move too. While Dean's leg was still in the air, Cas tried to unloop his leg from Dean's leg.

(AN: sorry to intrude, but I just wanted to say that I have no idea what happened there)

"Cas! Dammit! What are you doing!?" Dean shouted, his voice strained.

"I am playing twister with you, Dean." He replied, still trying to unloop his leg, eager to win the game. Dean almost fell down.

"No Cas! Take your leg away!" Dean shouted.

"Dean calm down. It would not work if you keep shouting." Cas said reasonably. Dean wanted to kill him right now! He probably would have done so, but a noise ddistracted him.

"What the..." a confused voice, with a hint of horror in it said. All four of them turned to face him, Dean finally setting his leg down on the ground. They stared at Sam Winchester, who looked like he had just caught someone having sex.

"What the hell is this!?" He exclaimed.

Dean quickly untangled himself, and got up, his face red with embarrassment.

"We were playing!" Cas complained getting up himself.

Dean ignored him. "Sam! What are you doing here? How did you get here?"

Sam (something was very different with him) rolled his eyes. "Drop the act Ackles. See round you? No cameras." He said scornfully.

"I... what?.. Ackles?" Dean asked, confused.

Meg rolled her eyes. "Use your brain, Dean. That's not Sam. That must be his alter ego from the alternate universe. In sending Sam there, I think Clarence brought him in here."

Cas smiled and nodded. "Yes. What you said is what happened. You are very smart Meg."

Meg blushed... a real honest to god blush. Kevin stared in awe at the two.

Jared, meanwhile was wondering about, probably looking for an exit. Finding none in the vicinity, he stopped infront of Dean and folded his hands.

"Where is the door?" He demanded with a glare. "I swear to god Ackles, you are going to play for this."

"I don't like this guy very much." Dean said scowling. "Hey look. Jared, was it, from what I remember from last year, this is the first and the last time I'm telling you this, I am not whatever Ackles. Nor am I an actor. I am Dean Winchester. And you are in an alternate world. Not in your non magical world. I am real, angels are real, demons are real, and leviathans are real. Do you understand? "

Jared stared at him blankly. Then he suddenly snapped," Yeah you have gone crazy." And started wondering again. Finally, he stopped and looked at the still smiling Cas. "Misha at least you tell where the door is. I'll show you around my trailer if you do." He asked hopefully.

Cas' smile got wider. "I'd love to see your trailer, but unfortunately, or maybe I should say fortunately, what Dean said is correct. You are not in your universe." Then suddenly, he pointed his finger at Jared. "You want to see a trick? Pull my finger."


"Don't do it." Dean warned.

"Pull my finger." Cas repetated.

"Uh... ok." Jared said confused. He cautiously moved his hand towards Cas' finger and slightly pulled it.

A loud bang was heard and the lights all burst out, and the glass flew everywhere. Jared jumped in surprise and shock. Meg looked bored, and Dean looked irritated.

"I'll go fix this." Meg disappeared.

Jared stared at the empty space where Rachel Miner stood. He couldn't believe his eyes. First the lights, then the disappearance. What the hell!

Within seconds the lights were back into their original shape, and Meg was back where she had previously stood.

A hallucination. That's what it was. Jared thought, panicked.

"Was that really necessary?" Dean asked Cas, annoyed.

Cas smiled. "No. But it was fun." Dean rolled his eyes.

"Someone please tell me this was a dream." Jared said frantically. This was getting too much for him. Ackles didn't act like himself, Misha was even crazier than usual, and Rachel could vanish.

"This is not a dream, pretty boy." Meg told him. "That's what we have been trying to tell you for the past ten minutes. That all this is real and very much happening."

Jared threw his face into his hands and groaned. "No no no. This can't be happening. This isn't happening. I must be going crazy."

They had changed Sam's clothes, put make up on him, and messed his hair up. He didn't like it. He felt very weird. He clothes were all right eventhough they were made of a different material than he was used to, but they looked pretty much the same. He could even deal with them ruining his hair. But what he couldn't deal with was that they had applied make up on him. So. Much. Make up. And the worst part was that they had to take off some make up from his face. That meant that he had been roaming around with make up all over his face from the start itself. But well... he tried not to bitch about it much.

One of the PAs (which he later found out were actually private assistants not slaves) had handed him few sheets of paper telling him "here's your script."

"Ok so when are we going to get started?" He asked the PA, eager to get this over with.

"As soon as Mr. Ackles gets here, Mr. Padalecki. " he said, leaving the small room where Sam stay seated.

After about ten minutes later, came into the room, holding a sheet of paper like the ones Sam held in his hands. Without a word, he sat down on the chair opposite to Sam's.

"I don't want to hear it." Jensen said, his head deep in the script.

"Hear what?" Sam asked confused.

Jensen looked up, annoyed. "Hear you bitching about me being late again. I know. I'm not going to apologize."

"Fine." Sam said. He didn't like this Ackles guy much.

Jensen flipped through the pages and stopped on one. "Let's start with this one."

"Which one?" Sam asked, doing the same thing jensen had done.

"For gods sake Padalecki. We don't have time. This one, season 6 episode 20. The last scene? After Sam and Dean talk to Charlie. I'll go first."

Sam hurriedly flipped through the page to the last one.

Jensen started saying his lines. "She's kinda like the little sister I never wanted." He paused for the little snort from Jared, which obviously never came. "Come on!" He complained.

Sam had been so astonished by how much Jensen sounded like Dean, that he had forgotten go look at the script only. He was staring at him in awe.

He snapped out of it when Jensen became himself and started complaining.

"Right right. Sorry." Sam said awkwardly.

Jensen said his dialogue again, and this time, Sam snorted. It didn't sound real, but Jensen thought that it would have to do.

Sam saw that it was his dialogue. "Uh.. we gotta talk." He said. Jensen threw his hands up in frustration. "How can anyone mess such a simple line!"

"What!?" Sam said defensively. "I thought I did good."

Jensen looked disgusted. "Good!? It might have been your worst performance. Thank god Carver isn't here, or he would have formed you. Your timing was too late, you hesitated before saying your lines, and it didn't sound like Sam."

"It didn't sound like Sam?" Sam said, half angry, half amused, and half frustrated.

"No it did not!" Jensen was getting really annoyed. "What is wrong with you!?"

"Cas." Dean called to him, trying to get his attention.

"Yes, Dean." He said.

"Make it right. Bring Sam back, and send this Padaleski back where he belongs. I don't like him here."

"Hey!" Jared said defensively.

"That was not the deal, Dean. I'll bring Sam back once we finish our game." Cas said stubbornly.

"We did play, didn't we? And now this Jared guy is here, it changes everything. So bring. Sam. Back."

Cas scowled. "But twister!"

"Oh for gods sake! Fine. I quit the game. You win. Game over. Deal over." Dean threw his hands up.

Cas grinned. "Thank you Dean. I guess I'll bring Sam back now."

Meanwhile Jared was just staring into empty space, muttering nonsense things.

Cas turned to Meg, and Meg, without a word, disappeared and came back with a small bowl.

"What's that?" Dean asked.

Meg rolled her eyes. "We will need the materials to cast the spell wouldn't we? You would have remmebered if you had paid attention to what Balthazar did." Dean scowled.

Cas took the bowl from her, and using his fingers, drew the alternate universe symbol on a window. He then muttered a few words and looked at Dean. "It is ready. Now the only thing required is for Jared to jump through the window."

Dean nodded. He looked at Jared who looked panicked. "What are you waiting for? Go."

"What!? Are you crazy? I'm not going to jump through a window. It would hurt like a son of a bitch."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Cas, just throw him at the window will you? He is a big boy. It wouldn't hurt him. Much."

"I don't like conflicts. He can jump if he wants to, but I'm not going to throw him." He said looking away.

"Son of a bitch! Fine. I'll do it myself."

Jared raised his hands defensively as Dean moved towards him. "Whoa whoa. Wait a second." But before he could say anything else, Dean had already shoved him around towards the window's direction. Jared struggled furiously, but Dean was a lot stronger then him. Finally, as they closed towards the window, he started pleading to him. But of course, Dean ignored him.

"Sorry about this." And with that, Dean pushed Jared out the window.

"Okay, lets try it once again." Jensen said frustrated. He looked up and saw that Jared didn't have his script in his hands.

"What the hell? Now where did you lose your script!?" He asked.

"Jensen?" Jared asked, mixture of confusion, shock, horror, and surprise written on his face.

"Yes well who else would it be?" He said, annoyed. Then Jared did the one thing Jensen least expected. Jared hugged him. He grabbed it in such a tight hug that Jensen could barely breath.

When Jared left him, Jensen was so surprised that he couldn't say anything. Jared was grinning. "Man. It is so good to be back!"

"Okay. So here goes nothing. We gotta talk." Sam said his line, script still in his hands.

"Yeah? And what's that we have to talk about?" Dean asked, half amused, and half glad to have his brother back. Sam looked up surprised. He hadn't even realized that he was standing. But apparently he was.

"Dean?" Sam asked, not sure if it was his brother.

Dean grinned. "Yeah. Its me. Man, is it good to have you back!"

"Yeah. It is." Sam sighed. "So what happened anyways? How did I get into the alternate universe? And the bigger question, how did i get back?"

Dean wiped some non existent sweat off his fore head and sighed and said,"Its a very long story..."

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