TERMINUS..... Twelve satellites meant to work in protection of world's Defense, are to be used as the most destructive weapon S.P.E.C.TR.E has devised..... Bond must prevent countdown to Doomsday..... Bond and a new ally from the Central Intelligence agency, are assigned to investigate a company manufacturing defense satellite defense technologies..... Bastion, the associate director of the newly funded STAR Corporation, will stop at nothing to bring the world under reigning influence of S.P.E.C.T.R.E...... Terminus has been launched..... Bond must find a way to stop the Terminus satellite, to prevent countdown to doomsday.....

Action / Thriller
Robert Alan Ryder
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“Welcome, gentleman! We are here this morning to promote S.T.A.R- Corporation’s new strategic defense initiative….. If you will now all log on to your personal access portals, the director of Science Technology Advanced Research; will introduce you to the improvements in our systems…..”

The man known only as Bastion to his many associates, answered a silent incoming call with the press of a button, the ear-piece acknowledgment sensor flashing red. Word, for- word; the head of S.T.A.R- Corporation took all of the communicated information into rapid minded understanding. Bastion’s eyes, they now looked upon two of the gathered officials; in a focused probing of their mumbling.

Pressing a button on the tiny key-pad of his watch; the head of S.T.A.R- Corporation glanced quickly upon the digital read-out display. The small screen read: prepare for contract terminations!

Anchored- high on the north wall; positioned above the speakers’ podium, the monitor- screen slowly cleared of static- now faded in; the image of The Director, his true visage concealed with shadow.

Today, it is a good day gentlemen! Now, as you will see by the computer- generated communication display; Project Terminus displays the latest in orbital multi- satellite networking technologies.

At present, we have in number: twelve such satellites that have been completed, tested; and are ready for launch…….As, you will take note on the computer- animated simulations; when activated simultaneously, the multi- linked satellites can be used to generate: a spatial- laser detection grid….. This grid, will identify and mark any inbound missiles targeting S.T.A.R protected destinations worldwide…..”

The eyes of the official representative from Russia and from America; both locked on to their monitor screens. Their retinas quickly scanned, causing an involuntary motion of continual blinking. Searching his surroundings through specialized video recording eyeglasses, the official from Britain- recorded multiple video images of the men gathered for the S.T.A.R summit. All of the eleven other world officials were focused intently on the video playing on their personalized monitor screens.

The room remained silent, as the video- computer aided animation graphics detailed in a literal formed-visualization; a net of laser protection grids encompassing the globe. The Director paused the video for a quick interruption.

As you can see my friends, the coverage of the protection we are offering; it will be one- hundred percent effective as it will completely cover the Earth in its entirety…..

The Terminus project is reinforced by superior laser technology capability…... As you will now see; as I continue..... the video- scanners detect all inbound targets, and sensors feedback: range and distance readings to the nearest S.T.A.R- Corporation satellite….. The target is then analyzed for determination of threat level…..

In less than ten seconds, the incoming target is destroyed by use of high impact- point precision, laser- targeting systems…… Targets are destroyed long before they can breech the Terminus Grid.”

The man named Bastion gazed upon the gathered officials in patient silence. The head of S.T.A.R- Corporation nodded his approval on first sight, of only three of the gathered twelve- nodding; in a verbally- stated disapproval of the funding, needed to finalize activation of the new space defense program.

With a few clicks of select buttons, on the keypad of his watch; and a reflexive touching of his right middle finger to the button on his left earpiece, Bastion smiled; a look of sinister- collaborations now upon his facial features. The official from Iran, quickly joined the officials from Russia and from America; of their- negative interests on further funding the program. The video players on all monitor screens closed, and the S.T.A.R- Corporation logo flashed upon the screens.

The head of S.T.A.R- Corporation looked one last time upon the twelve world officials gathered. Fanning his fingers out upon a control panel that laid in wait upon the podium before him, the man known as Bastion pressed the button flashing: commit to arm.

“Now that you have seen our demonstrations on video; we ask only of five- thousand dollars, in installments from each of you; to integrate future upgrades and on- going productivity to the special strategic defense systems program….. This my friends, along with your security access codes can allow us to start launching the satellites into orbit…..

We need only those codes that are relevant to the clearance of multiple drone launches, that will be used to raise the twelve satellites into orbit. It is to be a good day for us all! As the future Earth will soon be protected, by a world- united!”

Bastion kept a constant focus of the data screen on his watch, as he slowly circled around the gathered world officials; in a practiced silence. Patience, this to be one of his greatest known- qualities. The low sounding tones from a signaling alarm, drew Bastion immediately back to the podium below the main monitor of the meeting hall.

Excellent choice gentlemen……. I see that a few of you are as of yet- undecided….... Time, it is one of our greatest assets….. Never waist any time you may or may not have..... Never jump to rash decisions.....

With the click of a second button on the podium control panel; walls shift blocking the exits and the room is immediately sealed. Separating divider walls of reinforced gas resistant glass, rise between the podium and the circular table; that still maintains the focused interests of the gathered officials. One by one, the world officials are caught surprised by the raising of a headrest from behind their seats, and by the spring-launched manacles that quickly wrap around their ankles and wrists, immediately locking them into their places.

Two arms snapped forward from the headrests; forcing the officials to face forward. The chairs slowly lifted and angled forward from mechanisms concealed beneath the twelve seats. The respective monitors for each official’s place of seating arrangement tilted backward twenty-five degrees. The man known as Bastion spoke to the now frightened officials once again.

Thank you, gentlemen..... S.P.E.C.T.R.E, appreciates your business! Good by!”

Nine of the twelve officials are thrown into uncontrollable fits of agonizing pain and of crying screams. Microscopic lasers are fast directed straight in through their eyes. The now muffled screams of the dying world officials; bring an instant look of malicious content, from the man titled to be: The Torturer by his enemies.

Blood dripping from their mouths, and dribbling from their noses; the nine fell limp. The remaining three, looked to the man named Bastion in dire confusion. The Torturer grinned on their shock wildly.

Relax gentlemen..... The Director, he has taken a special interest in you..... This new world, it will be one of order; not of the world united..... You will all give us what we need in time..... You may now leave the assembly hall..... My associates behind me, they will lead you to your waiting automobiles.

Oh, and remember gentlemen..... You three are now under the employ of S.P.E.C.T.R.E…… The life you once remembered; that is now over……. Your families, they will be removed from this- equation, should you refuse to cooperate…… Your experience, it shall be a welcome addition to our enterprise.....”

Three slim and tall spindly men in black suits, looked upon the three officials. Two of the world officials ghosted white, of their- facial expressions; as they recognized the three from the similar scars shared on the right sides of their faces. The three twin assassins ignored the repulsion of their freakish features, as they escorted the three remaining officials to one of the now visible exits.

Bastion turned to leave and then spun about, the head of S.T.A.R- Corporation once again clicking the button on his earpiece.

Oh, and one final reminder gentleman..... You have each been implanted with state of the art tracking devices….. Our satellites, they have already been launched; and one additional 13th- satellite, it will be a trigger for one of the greatest of weapons mankind has ever known.”

Rubber burned and tires squealed; as the silver Jaguar peeled quickly away from the militants clad in black. Bullets ricocheted off from the bullet-proof exterior of the Jag, as the man behind the wheel focused on the target of his pursuit: a four-door black sedan with dark tinted windows.

The CT6 Cadillac Sedan plowed violently onward- running red lights, and sideswiping vehicles as it sped past. Pedestrians attempting to cross the hectic street; narrowly missing the speeding mass of reinforced aluminum and steel; a lethal weapon to all that would cross its path.

The man in the silver Jaguar; easily keeping pace with his target. The drivers’ skills in defensive mobility training: unmatched.

The driver of the black four door sedan entered the turnpike, breaking through the fiber constructed caution barricade- meant to toll people, of their loose change before they pass. The man in the Jaguar quickly formulated a plan. Turning hard about; Bond moved fast to intercept, this tactic; although not one of the safest of decisions, to be his only option. Horns- blared and voices raged, as on-coming traffic veered away from the speeding silver Jaguar; driving against traffic.

On recognition of the automobile that has kept pursuit, the driver of the Sedan attempted the same hazardous maneuver.

Ramming on-coming vehicles in hopes of slowing the pursuer, with barricades of piled wrecks of mangled and toppled automobiles; the driver of the black Sedan quickly rounded back around the turnpike, bursting through a second barricade. Armed security fired shots in vain attempts to disable the speeding vehicle. Bond kept his Jaguar close; the trained British agent easily finding clearings through the path of the Sedan drivers’ attempted blockades.

James Bond hammered on his horn to alert the security personnel of their proximity to his speeding- pursuit. Bullets ricocheted off from the reinforced bullet- proof windows of the silver Jaguar, as Bond raced to pick up the trail of his escaping target.

The license plate of the black four door Sedan slowly lowered, Bond; caught on to the auto- gadget recognition movements out of the corner of his right eye.

Bloody- Hell!”

Rear- mounted machine guns now fired at will on the pursuing Jaguar. Bond ducked slightly to the attack, on- reflex. The bullet- proof glass in the forward windshield receiving a tiny crack from the continuous barrage of weapons fire.

“….. Q is not going to like this.....”

Hammering down the accelerator; Bond rammed hard- the machine guns with his front bumper. The barrels of the now malfunctioning weapons torqued hard upward. The last few rounds quickly building in the chambers.

Bond peeled- off hard left and punched the Jaguar forward, and around the black Sedan; as the machine gun chambers exploded, and with it: one quarter of the Sedan’s trunk. Diamonds of various size now rained down upon the street. The stolen stash of the elusive S.P.E.C.T.R.E thief known as Lynx has now been found.

Bond veered right in an attempt to ram the Sedan. The driver of the black Sedan easily increased the automobile’s speed exponentially. The vehicle now racing forward on nitro; for an automatically- programmed path of direction. The Sedan’s driver and the passenger ejected from their automobile. The black Sedan now driving under automated remote influence.

Ballocks! I’ve not seen the likes of that in quite some time!”

Bond flipped open the blue-tooth device positioned over his left ear.

Q, do you read me?”

“….. Loud and clear double o’ seven….. Have you caught the diamond thief yet?”

“The diamonds can be recovered on the entry ramp to the North London Turnpike….. Best make it fast- Q!”

“….. I see, and the thief?”

“S.P.E.C.T.R.E agents! Their Sedan, it is on an auto- remote frequency control….. Driver, and passenger both ejected!”

“….. Ejection seats? That may actually come in handy…..”

“Not now, Q! We need to stop that remote controlled automobile!”

“Oh! By the way; how’s the Jag?”

“….. Handles- well! The Sedan Q; lives are being threatened!”

“Quite- right! More important matters to tend to....."

Bond veered the Jaguar hard to left, his reactions motivated just in time to avoid a yellow Volkswagen Beetle being impact-tossed into the air behind the barreling Sedan. The horn, from the crushed front end of the small classic automobile; made an odd beeping sound as it crashed hard- down upon the pavement on its roof and rolled- over and back up onto its four tires. The driver and the single passenger pulled themselves free of the vehicle unharmed.

“Tough, little bugger…..”

“What was that double o’ seven?”

“Skip- it Q! What do you have for me?”

“The sensors in your front bumper….. Are they- still operational?”

“….. No! We had a voluntary incident of necessary contact!”

“….. Jamming the frequency is out then..... Nothing the Jaguar is equipped with, can stop a remote operated automobile.....”

“….. Clear the streets!”

“….. Bond?!”

"Do it, Q!"

Opening the nitro- release valve of his own automobile; Bond charged the Jaguar forward and around the driverless Sedan. No way of knowing whether or not he can stop the remote operated vehicle from within, or even if he can actually gain entry to the vehicle other than the blown roof-hatches, which by his quick- inspection; seem to have been automatically replaced. Bond was left with only one choice. All in a day’s routine for the experienced British agent.

Bond? I forget to mention the: Repulsor- Technology Emitters in the Jaguar’s rear bumper.....”

“I already know about that feature Q! I did read the manual of specifications after- all! That will slow the automobile; but it will not stop it! Have emergency fire services on stand-by- alert!”

Bond clicked a button on a concealed panel hidden beneath a multi-media platform system. Invisible vibrations from the rear of the bumper slowly forced the remote operated Sedan back, and away from the silver Jaguar. Automatic cruise control now activated, and the Jaguar quickly returned to normal speed; Bond unbuckled his seat-belt.

As the driverless Sedan lurched closer: horsepower quickly- overpowering repulsion; Bond stood aiming the titanium- steel miniature anchor of his Q-Branch watch, up towards a thickened tree branch about eighteen feet from the ground. With the pressing of a button, the titanium anchored thin- lined cable; launched high, wrapping around the targeted branch. James Bond, applying his practice in necessary athletics and good physical health; swung- to safety.

The rear bumper Repulsor- Technology Emitters; of the silver Jaguar failed. The black Sedan barreled forward; picking up speed.

Finding himself once again on firm ground; his back turned away from the scene, Bond pressed the detonation button on his Q- Branch automobiles’ key-ring remote. The sound of the Sedan impacting the Jaguar; announcing his time to act. James Bond walked casually away from the two- sequence separated automobile explosions; the double- o’ agent from the British Secret Service, instinctively straightening his tie.

“Bond? Double o’ seven, come- in?”

“….. Here, Q......”

“Status- report?”

“Threat, neutralized!”

“….. The, Jaguar?”

“Sacrificed, in the line of duty, for god and for country.”

“I, see…..”

“How is the new Aston Martin coming along?”

“….. Bond?”


“Find, your way to Istanbul.....”


“You will be debriefed on arrival.....”

“Yes sir..... I don’t suppose you will be sending an alternate form of transportation?”

“….. It is on its way.....”

Bond turned about to lay eyes on a white and black classic Lotus Esprit.

“Tell- Q; he shouldn’t have.”

“No time to dally double o’ seven….. Try not to blow this one up?”

“Yes- sir..... I’ll do my very best sir.....”

“….. That’s what I am afraid of. M, out!”

“…..Agent double o’ seven?”

“Bond, James bond. You are?”

Samantha Evelyn Xebec…..”

“Amazing Samantha; I once knew a school teacher of the same name….. Double o’ three, I presume? I really must congratulate- M, on his selectionof replacement agents.”

“You approve?”

“Oh my; yes….. First things first?”

“The diamonds? Is it true double o’ seven, that they are to beforever, a- girl’s best friend?”

“Diamonds in the rough; take second place I do believe; to the pleasures of the heart.”

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