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I originally wrote this as a response to the game ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’, to show that there could be a ‘badass character’ who had to use Guns and Technology in order to be on the same level as the ‘Super Heroes’ of Mobius. It had been intended to be a Flash Project, but the other members dropped leaving me with written material that I formed into MARS4. This story that it became had originally been meant to be a fan-written supplement to what had been established within the SatAM and Archie Series of Sonic the Hedgehog, up to and just after the Civil War, including elements of the ‘25 Years Later’ Arch penned by Ken Penders. Again, originally I had no intentions of including Established Characters or Overwrite Established Lore but to fill in the holes of the Great War, with ZERO interactions with the Original Characters of the Archie Series. And then the whole ‘Reset’ happened, wiping out Penders influences of the series, followed by Archie losing the Rights. So F*ck It. Let’s rewrite the whole thing and make it a true Fanfiction. It’s not like Archie or IDW know who the Hell I am anyway, and the only one who may be reading this is my Mom. In which case, sorry Mom, there are Curse Words in here. And maybe a dash of that Warhammer 40k inspired Ultra-Violence. - Michael “ValorB” McKenzie

Scifi / Action
Age Rating:

Mobius - 426

Written by Michael ‘ValorB’ McKenzie

Cover by Nega (@NegaNeon)

Mobius - 426 and MARS4 is a Work of Fanfiction. The Universe of Mobius, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles, Amadeus Prower, Ivo Robotnik, Julian Kintobor, the Kingdom of Acorn, and all characters and places mentioned or featured within the Archie and IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Comic Series are Owned, Copyrighted and or Trademarked by Archie, IDW, SEGA and any other parties not covered, and are used without their permission. Please Support the Official Release.

A Mobius at War

There are not many who can remember the smoke and fire of the Great War. Fewer still who can remember sleeping in corpse-strewn battlefields, lulled to a fitful sleep by the lullaby of the wounded and slumber of sheer exhaustion. Even less who can claim that they fought for every grain of dirt, for every blade of grass, for every tree branch and for every passing second that ticked by.

Before Julian Kintobor came, teaching the beleaguered Royal Army the weaknesses of the technology used against them.

Before Amadeus Prower took that knowledge and led the Kingdom of Acorn to Victory after Startling Victory.

The Overlanders were defeated, with many of their kind fleeing in shame in a mass Exodus into Space.

The Great War may have been over, but from the First Battle till the Last, it had been Hell.

So when Peace was to come, those shockingly few beings who witnessed the start of the Nightmare found themselves at ease for the first time in five, long horrible years. The hurts that were committed on the battlefield could be forgotten. Lost loved ones reunited. Fallen Heroes and Living Ones Remembered for their Services. For their Sacrifice.

The Healing process was to begin.

Then the Warlord Julian Kintobor stormed the Capital of the Kingdom of Acorn, Mobotropolis, and seized power. Using technology far beyond anything anyone had seen at the time, Kintobor, now going by Doctor Ivo Robotnik, turned unwilling Mobians into mindless mechanical slaves in what was simply called Robotization.

At Robotnik’s Command, a massive army of Warmachines assailed the World, laying siege or waste to all that dared to fight back.

And for a time, Ivo Robotnik ruled all. Any who dared challenged the Doctor faced the full weight of their twisted Empire. The few who held against them were doomed, wailing against the inevitable with all hope lost.

Then a Hero arose. A Hero destined for Legend.

Sonic the Hedgehog.

Though not alone in his Fight against the Robotnik, it was Sonic who had been attributed with the ultimate defeat of the mad Overlander.

It was Sonic the Hedgehog heralded as Mobius’ Champion.

Peace eluded a still War Ravaged Mobius. Despite Robotnik apparently slain during the final confrontation with his arch-nemesis Sonic, other threats emerged from the ashes of the Robotnik ruin.

Once restored to its partial glory, the Kingdom of Acorn found itself beset on all sides. Alien Invasions. Robotic Usurpers of the Doctor’s Mantle. Treachery from other Mobian Kingdoms, Self Proclaimed Empires, and the return of the Overlanders.

Even a Comical, yet sinister mockery of Ivo Robotnik, coining himself as ‘The Eggman’. This new iteration of Ivo Robotnik seemed to be just as intelligent, just as capable, yet far more insane than the original Overlander who shared the name.

Yet none had been as vilified, nor as hated as Julian Kintobor. Ask anyone, and they will lay the blame for the constant fighting at his feet. Even History will forever know this moment of time as The Robotnik Wars in their dubious honor.

Sonic the Hedgehog is Destined to end the Wars, to bring about Peace and a New Golden Age, as a Hero King to a New Dynasty.

This is Not Sonic’s Story.

Instead, this tale starts with the aftermath of the Kingdom of Acorn Civil War.

Not satisfied to simply allow the enemies of the Kingdom of Acorn to Attack without retaliation, the Proud General and War Hero, Amadeus Prower, the Conductor of the Battlefield, openly criticized the newly Crowned King, Elias Acorn, on their inaction. When criticizing was not enough, Prower insulted Elias and openly defied them. When the King responded by removing him from Command of the Royal Army, Amadeus Prower launched an Uprising, forcing a Kingdom already under attack from the Iron Dominion into a Civil War.

Loyalist Forces and Rebels clashed across New Mobotropolis as the Iron Dominion Marched deeper into the Kingdom’s Territory.

Interference from Princess Sally Acorn averted disaster and ended the infighting before more harm could be done. Elias and Amadeus came to an accord, and once more eyes were turned to divert the Iron Dominion threat. The damage had been enough that the Kingdom of Acorn was no more.

And the Republic of Acorn was born. Armies were reorganized. Battlelines were redrawn. And the War continued unabated.

As the eyes of the World turn to the Battlefield of the newly christened Republic of Acorn and the Iron Dominion, others turned their attention elsewhere.

To another of many seeking to throw their bid for World Power. Another wanting to test their mettle in a World at War.

With an Army of Metal Machines and waving Battle Standards not seen since the beginning of this Unending Hell.

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