MARS4 - The Unofficial F*cking Story

Chapter 17


“Who in the name of the Gods IS this Mobian?!” Kalm growled in anger.

The Pilot had returned, exhausted, frightened out of their mind, in desperate need of a new tunic and a bath. They had delivered the message this morning, having run all night to get here, but had to do so from a medical bed.

“He destroys twenty Combat Robots in a matter of minutes, Chase tore a Power Suit to Shreds, and now they want ME to surrender to them when I have all the cards?!” Kalm continued to rave.

“My Lord-” his Captain had started, but Kalm was not going to have any of it from the Feline.

Kalm rose from his throne and took a step down, silencing the captain with a threatening glare.

“-This is YOUR fault. Deploy the army you said, a show of force, you didn’t even have the courage to finish the job. Now you have Chase out there with that Mobian, we know Chase.”

“She can shatter metal with her fists alone and you left her out there enraged and foaming at the mouth, and then that Fox?” Kalm pointed away from himself, trying to stress the situation, “Do you have any idea who that Mobian is? Any?! Because I don’t, not a clue, and his threatening everything we are building,”

“We can still win!”

“To win would cost us more than just Robots, Captain,” Kalm spat to the side, “And you have forced my hand into it.”

“You should have hounded after Chase, and stunned her at range. Offering a Voxholm a message is a mistake A Grave, near-fatal mistake.”

Kalm sat on the throne again, looking bitterly down at the Captain.

“Deploy the Army once more,” the Lord growled, making a sweeping gesture. “Put a Battalion Strength of the Combat Robots outside the walls, clear the Battlements, the rest of the Army needs to guard the Factory and the Keep,”

“The Power Suits my Lord?”

“Keep them in reserve, for now, summon the Guard and the Golems as a Defensive measure for the Keep,”

“And you my Lord?”

Kalm straightened, glaring at the Captain. “I will be here, waiting for your success or failure, Captain.”

“If you succeed, you will have the honor of leading the attack on the Republic of Acorn under your own discretion, if you fail, I’ll have your Commission. That is if we live through this,”

“I will not fail.”

“See to it that you don’t,” Kalm dismissed the Captain. When the Captain was gone, the throne room empty, the Jackal quietly wept. He did not wish to lose Chase this way.

Gods Kalm did not want to lose her at all.

The Fortress had two gates.

The South Gate led to the hidden road that eventually made its way out of the valley. The North gate was where a large concentration of the Combat Robots was marching into formation before it. It was a vast field, the grass cut low, and a mound around the field itself, apparently marking the extreme range for archery fire when they had used it.

Jeebs watched without emotion as his little cousins lined up in neat, pretty little rows. He stood on the mound, looking from one side of the field to the other, “MARS2 to Control,”


“In position, waiting for Attack Order,”

Control took a moment, “Do they know you’re there?

“Affirmative. They are actively pinging me with target acquisition, the stealth technology we have acquired is ineffective,” Jeebs observed smartly. “I am unsure if I am in their effective firing range,”

Negative, you are in range MARS2, they just don’t know what to make of a single SWATbot,”

Jeebs nodded his saucer head and said nothing else. He was equipped with a rotary cannon they called a Mini-Gun, though there was not anything ‘Mini’ about it.

Jeebs would be firing the same ammunition the smaller SAS’s fired. Explosive Tip, Armor Piercing Anti-Badnik Rounds, except the rounds were far larger and went off like small artillery shells. Jeebs thought it ironic that the MARS were using the most destructive weapons on the face of Mobius, and it was a Mobian who had come up with them.

Of course, Jeebs kept that particular bit of information stored somewhere safe.

Control to MARS2,” the feminine voice spoke into his consciousness since he had no ear for her to speak into. “Engage.

Jeebs span the barrels, warming up the firing sequence, “MARS2 Engaging,”

“What in the name of the Gods is THAT?!”

The question was asked aloud by Chase near the end of the line. The other MARS were still heading up the trail when nearly kept going if she had not stopped to blurt out the question.

Chase had been referring to the long, continuous sound of some sort of weapons fire, though at this distance it sounded like a drill against stone.

“That,” Jerry announced, closest to his sister, “Is the reason we don’t fuck with MARS2, keep moving,”

“Speakin’ highly of a Robot there Jerry?” Dunlap asked over his shoulder.

Jerry huffed, still limping and gritting his teeth from time to time. Other then the SAS-G, Jerry brought his Father’s Saber, the Mobian Power Fist and a dagger laying across the small of his back. The Fox had been the lightest armed in comparison to the rest, but despite not being weighed down, his pace was slow.

Jerry was not as mobile as he wanted to be, but he was keeping up with them.

“He’s got my respect, bad mouth him and I’ll break my foot in your-”

“-Noise discipline,” Verlos noted, offering them a sidelong glance. The Wolf was near the front with his wife. They did not carry a SAS, instead, preferring the traditional weapons of a bow with arrows. Verlos, MARS3, reminded Jerry of Hallax.

They were optimistic, curious, and could more than likely drill a hole into the ocular sensor of a Badnik four hundred yards away with ease.

“Says the bloody Rookie,” Dunlap grunted quietly.

Aila partially turned, being right behind her husband, “Shush, or I’ll sedate you and leave you here.”

Dunlap muttered something else, but it was inaudible.

Verlos straightened, their ears perked for a moment. Without further warning of something wrong, MARS3 quickly let loose two arrows before anyone realized what they were doing.

There was a spazzing noise followed by a soft, crackling pop. The MARS and Chase behind Verlos quickly hid in the rocks as best they could.

“Clear, two MOBbots near a tunnel,” the Wolf reported, “I think we found Chase’s entrance,”


Jerry glanced back to see his Sister frowning as she spoke aloud. He was the only one to hear her it seemed, and Jerry turned away quickly. Why would she be surprised if it was Guarded? The Fox limped up to the Wolf, Dunlap already there with their weapon raised at the entrance.

“Anything else?”

“Nothing, I can see into the cave entrance, no one is hiding in the shadows,”

“Sharp eyes,” Dunlap noted.

Jerry nodded in agreement and limped passed the both of them to the entrance anyway. He pressed himself against the wall, pressed the communications device on his ear to report in.

“Control, Found Entrance, Infiltrating,”

Affirmative, proceed with Caution, I am pulling MARS2 back now,”

Jerry waved the others forward. He was about to press on but Dunlap stopped him, taking the point.

“Yeh still limping yeh git, see the Healer,” the Rabbit huffed as he went by. Jerry frowned, again trying to move forward, but this time it was Aila who pulled him back.

“How bad is the pain?” Aila questioned as she rummaged through her medical kits. Aila had already changed Jerry’s bandaged, inspected his wounds to make sure they were healing, but until now she had not bothered to ask how the Fox was feeling.

At the moment, Jerry was agitated that it was coming up now.

“Fine,” he lied, looking into the cave for Verlos now as the Mobian Wolf moved past them.

Chase stopped to huff at her Brother, “You’re in some serious pain ‘little’ Brother if you’re trotting around on one foot.”

Jerry snapped a harsh look in her direction at the ‘little’ part but grounded his teeth.

Chase grinned, “Maybe you should sit this out,”

“That would be a good idea, that way you won’t abuse your body too much,” Aila agreed, producing a vial with one hand and a needle with another.

“Never,” Jerry growled lightly, “If I can breathe, I can fight.”

Aila rolled her eyes, “Males.”

The Healer sighed as she extracted fluid from the vial with the needle. They ejected some of the liquid into the air, expanding any gas inside before Aila adjusted Jerry’s armor to expose his arm.

Aila injected him without ceremony, the Fox not even flinching, then she stood up and backed away from him.

“I put a pain killer in you, should take effect soon,” the Wolf explained, “It will wear out in a few hours, by then we can get you a sedative and a warm bed.”

“Gonna feel it in the morning I take it?” Jerry asked, already feeling the painful stiffness fading ever so slowly from his body.

“Under normal circumstances, yes,” Aila observed, following Chase inside the entrance, “Then again, if your Medical record is to believe, there is a good chance you’re going to be in a coma again.”

Jeebs felt nothing as the high explosive rounds tore into the combat robots.

He knew what emotion was and knew how to respond to it, but he himself was incapable of such a sensation. Yes, Jeebs knew he should feel pity for these poor things.

Knew that pity would be felt by someone who suspected the things to have something other than the base programming. Yet here Jeebs happen to be, not even attempting to pause long enough to take an accurate count on how many they had turned to shredded, twisted sheets of metal and wiring.

Laser streak after laser streak found its mark, lethal shots that his chassis had been designed to absorb and redirect away from his vital circuitry. Between each volley from them, he turned slightly to keep any stray shots from impacting his chosen weapon, the only real thing vulnerable to the lasers.

Still, the MOBbots made no effort to target it, instead, they continue to fire on the bright red SWATbot.

Warning lights went off in their heads up display, indicating that certain spots on the chassis were starting to melt. Jeebs applied emergency venting but continued firing regardless.

He would not quit.

He was not programmed to quit.

Then her voice, that sweet voice entered Jeebs consciousness. “Control to MARS2,


Infiltration has begun, extract,”

Jeebs’ tone was unemotional, but he felt an onrush of relief as they backed away, firing until the last.

“Disengaging, extracting.”

The SWATbot calculated that he would have been damaged and unable to continue the fight at optimal levels if that had kept up. But he would have carried on.

He was not programmed to quit.

Kalm paced back and forth in the throne room. Battle had been joined, he could hear the sound of it outside near the walls.

“My Lord!” a messenger had come in. “The enemy fired some sort of weapon into the formation,”

“And?!” Kalm demanded impatiently.

“Devastation My Lord, more than half of the machines are spent, but we have driven away the SWATbot,”

“SWATbot?!” Kalm’s shock quickly transformed into confusion, “One SWATbot, not plural, one? Wiped out more than half of a battalion of combat robots?!”

Then it set in.

“A SWATbot?!”

“Yes Lord,” the messenger nodded, “A red one, there was something scrawled across its chest in white paint, we barely made it out on the spyglass,”


The messenger pulled out a piece of paper, apparently making sure he was reading it correctly, “It read MARS 2,”

“In the words of MARS4, I am not impressed,” Jeebs said over the communications.

Jerry smiled softly.

“You alright tin-can?” Jerry asked. Yes. There had been a glint of genuine concerned for the machine. No, not a machine he reminded himself. A friend.

Yes, superficial heating damage in the chest region, they are accurate but nonadaptive,” MARS2 gave his report, “I would also point out that they are still unmoving, I am falling back to the ship and prepping for extraction.

The infiltration team as it were, walked deep into the cave before they came across a stone wall. Chase knew what stones to ‘adjust’ and silently the wall swung open to a group of empty cells in a dead end. Jerry watched her, noting she was very familiar with the door, the path, and what lied ahead. Verlos reported in to Control that they were now inside the fortification.

Good job,” Control congratulated them, “This is all on you boys and girls,

As Jerry listened to Control, the voice sounded drained. He flicked his ear and shifted his eyes over his shoulder for a moment as if she was behind him again. The Fox was going to ask if she was alright too, Jerry hesitated.

Then felt ashamed that he did not get a chance to when Dunlap held up their hand for them to hold.

Why did Jerry feel ashamed all of a sudden? He frowned at the sensation, not liking it either. Whatever happened to the ‘Calm’ and ‘Kill’ state he enjoyed being in? He thought on that as Dunlap turn around to point at Jerry, waving him forward in the line.

“Feelin’ better?” the Rabbit asked, then recanted as Jerry drew closer, “Maybe not.”

Jerry realized he was still frowning thoughtfully, his expression hardened. “I’m fine,”

“Liar,” Dunlap grunted, shifting again to lean against the corner.

“Two guards ‘round the corner,” the Rabbit gestured, “Didja slack off on yah blade throwing’? Hilts to the skull should do the trick.”

Jerry pulled out his own dagger, shifting some to peer around the corner to spot the guards in Jakuul tunics standing shoulder to shoulder. They wore duelist armor, bore rapiers out of their sheaths and resting across their arms. Both of the Mobians were also looking in the opposite direction, their ears perked as they discussed what was happening above them.

The Fox and the Rabbit held their weapons by the blades out of subconscious habit. They looked at each other and nodded, neither of them had to speak on what target they had to hit.

It was suddenly the Great War again. The walls were not stone and smelled of smoke from the torches. No, the walls were whitewashed and the air filthy with Overlander sweat and chemicals.

The lighting flickered and buzzed as the two guards in light security armor joked about the day’s event. Some stray Mobian lost in the wilderness stumbling into their base’s perimeter One found it entertaining that the body flew as far as it did while the other lamented on the lack of blood.

Then a voice snapped them back to reality.

“What are you two doing?”

Dunlap and Jerry blinked in surprise, turning partially to view Chase, who was frowning darkly at the blades they held.

“Remember, no Casualties?” Chase hissed quietly.

The pair eyed their chosen throwing weapons, apparently, their train of thought broken. As if realizing what they were doing, they both spoke in unison.

“Oh, right.”


They flipped the weapons around to their hilts and rolled out. Jerry cut the corner and threw his while Dunlap rolled off further, their own flying from their hand even as they got to their feet.

The weapons sailed end over end before connecting sharply, the round end of the dagger’s grip first, against the back of their targets’ heads.

They both dropped, rapiers clattering safely away, but Jerry’s target stirred, putting their hands on the affected location and groaning. Chase darted out fearing the worse as Jerry and Dunlap closed in on their targets.

“Mine’s out,” the Rabbit announced.

Jerry gave his target a swift boot to the head. “Mine too.”

“By the Gods!” Chase managed through clenched teeth.

Aila moved passed to check on the MARS’ victims while Verlos brought up the rear, arrow notched.

Jerry rolled his eyes and shook his head, his attention shifting to what the Guards were guarding.

It was a door, thick oak with a slit on the other side. Peering through he could see torches, cells, shadows dancing across the stone. And voices, he heard voices in that blasted Dragon Land tongue.

The door was also locked.

“Keys?” Jerry questioned, still peering through.

Dunlap quickly patted down the Guards, “Nope.”

“I take it you’ve done something like this before?” Chase asked as she watched on. Jerry and Dunlap exchanged glances before they again responded in unison.

“Kinda the same.”

“Lil’ bit different, but sure.”

Chase looked between them, putting her hands on her hips.

“What’s the difference?” the Vixen directed towards Dunlap, knowing Jerry would be tight-lipped.

The Rabbit replied without thinking, sending chills down the spine of everyone in earshot. “Normally we slit their throats to make sure.”

“You did WHAT?!?!” Chase nearly shouted.

Ears were pressed against their skulls as eyes darted down the hall before they settled on Chase.

“Noise Discipline remember?” the Fox growled, “We either find the key, or we have to bash our way in.”

Jerry turned away from her accusing look and headed up the hallway. It turned sharply to the right and up the stairs. There was scrambling, the faint echo of robotic feet clanking.

Someone had heard Chase’s outburst.

“Company,” Jerry announced as he eyed Chase with as much disappointed she was giving him. Her for his apparent murder of wounded enemies, and him for showing a lack of common sense.

“No time for a key, ‘big’ Sister, you’re good at opening doors, yes?” Jerry gestured at their obstacle with the SAS-G.

Chase still gave her Brother a mortified expression.

“We seriously need to talk,” they declared before putting that large, cumbersome sword down to free her hands in order to drag the guards away from the door.

“What’s she gonna do?” Dunlap was on the verge of asking. But the events that unfolded not only ended the question in mid asking; it completely numbed the minds of the rest of the MARS group other than Jerry.

Chase stepped up to the door, gave a bellowing war cry, and threw both her fists against the broadest parts of the woodwork.

The Vixen had knocked it clean off its hinges, and sent it clattering loudly across the dungeon floor, startling everyone.

Dunlap gave a very Jerry like response when his mind started working again.

“Holy Shit.”

They entered the Dungeon to find that the only cell locked held a Platypus in a shredded uniform sitting a few feet away from Dr. Hyde.

The Doctor themselves had been toying with some objects that had their complete attention.

Those who were capable of fighting were holding their cells closed, looking menacing at the MAR Specialists who entered the room.

Then Chase came in behind them, shouldering her sword.

“So,” their Guardian questioned, shifting on her hip, “Who wants some fresh air?”

A General Cheer erupted from the Villagers, and they poured out of the cells to clamor over their rescuers.

Jerry had been bald over by the Twins, who nearly hefted him up on their shoulders.

“Hey! HEY! Put me the hells down!” he tried to snarl, kicking his legs to try and make it back to the floor. It felt good to be jostled by a Female at least, but his head had to stay on the fight.

From his brief vantage point, he saw that Violet feathered Platypus’ jaw drop from the corner of his eyes.

Control to Infiltration,” came her voice, and despite the brief celebration, Jerry heard Control clear as day. Everyone with an earpiece did. She sounded urgent. Something was wrong.

Get them out of there now, we don’t have time. Three, Five, secure the corridor, Four, check for the RSS Beacon, I’m getting a weak ping near your position, Aila check for wounded,

“On it Control,” Jerry noted, heading immediately towards the cell as the others executed their orders. Chase was quick to get the Villagers organized but found that Master Wune was not amongst them. Chase voiced her concern, but Jerry did not hear the response.

Their eyes were locked. The Violet Platypus pointed through the bars as both memory and nightmares sprung at each other.

“You,” they noted at the same time.

Jerry remembered this Platypus, wounded, leaning up against a tree, holding out a combat knife at Jerry in what looked like a vain attempt to defend a downed comrade. It had been from Jerry’s very first official mission as a Specialist, and he ruthlessly wiped out a Legion Outpost.

Jerry had spared only a two, and only one because of a smidgen of generosity.

Parcus Dunefeather had not been that exception, left alone bleeding in the jungle until they were rescued. The Centurion remembered those predatory gold eyes of a being who wiped out two squads in such a way manner Parcus never knew existed.

And then there had been the Terror. They knew those eyes would seek them out when they slept. Now here they were.

But Terror quickly gave way to an emotion Jerry was more than accustomed too.


“You! You ruined me!” Parcus shouted and pulled on the bars of their cell as if trying to rip them out.

“Still alive?” Jerry started to ask, getting closer. “I’m impressed.”

“Impressed?!” Parcus spat, “Even now you taunt me.”

“Know each other do you?” Dr. Hyde asked, not bothering to move as of yet.

Chase came up behind her Brother, as well as Aila, the Villagers were quickly filing out and heading to the secret entrance being lead out by Verlos.

“Doctor!” the Wolf called, and now the Village Healer turned their augmented eyes up from whatever they were toying with.

“Ah! My Finest Student, yes yes, how are you? Well, I assume, how is your lung holding up?” Hyde questioned as they moved from a pile of round, red blinking objects to look over Aila. “I see, good good, the cybernetics are all in working order,”

Jerry glanced from Aila to the Doctor, unsure of the connection but turned his attention to Parcus, who made another mad grab at him.

“Another one of your school day victims?” Chase asked the Fox as Aila and Hyde chatted with each other in large, complex words that neither Voxholms were even going to attempt to fathom.

“I killed his comrades,” Jerry observed bluntly. “Used him as bait.”

“It was one on ten I think, so I tore them apart using a few tricks I know,” Jerry glanced towards Chase. She frowned, her eyes never leaving Parcus. “This guy here, fought on after I wounded him, I got him again. Decided he was worth leaving alive to call reinforcements.”

“Did I hear right? A Voxholm letting an enemy live? Didn’t slit his throat?” Chase commented pointedly, putting her hands on her hips as she gave Jerry a sour look.

Jerry simply shrugged at her, a creeping smile parting his maw. “I know, I was being so kind.”

The sound of shooting sent them all jumping before Jerry could snap back at her.

We got some friends wantin’ ta play,” Dunlap said over the communications, “Robots, stupid blighters,”

“Why are you here?” Jerry demanded as he turned around towards Parcus. The Fox inspected the cell as he waited for a reply. It was the only one locked. It was the only one with rags and straw so thick that it could hide a Royal Secret Service Beacon.

“He was sent to eliminate me and my Brother,” Hyde announced, apparently they were done speaking with Aila.

“They caught him in the factory setting bombs, he won’t tell them where he placed them, so they’ve been keeping him in here for several weeks,” Those glowing red eyes swept over Parcus as the Platypus turned away from him in shame.

“I repaired his implants and removed some nasty additions they seem to have added to my original upgraded designs,” Hyde continued on, “Explosive devices? Especially in implants of a Centurion? Nasty Nasty Nasty,”

Jerry glanced from Hyde to Parcus, studying how the Legionnaire moved as Hyde spoke. There were no obvious bandaging, nor had there been a place for Hyde to operate. How this so-called Doctor did it had been beyond the Fox, but instead, Jerry asked something else.

“The Legion sent one?”

“They sent twenty to find him and Jekel,” Parcus spoke with a twinge of bitterness, “I was put in charge so I can redeem myself to my Chapter Master, but they wouldn’t follow me, they abandoned me in the field without a weapon or a communicator.”

“They wouldn’t follow me because of what YOU did to my last Command,” the Platypus pointed at Jerry.

“And yet you still tried to carry on with the mission, found a heavily defended valley and snuck in here by yourself?” The Fox questioned, again directing his next statement to Chase, “As I said, I’m impressed.”

“Admirable, but does this have a point?” Chase questioned as she moved to open the cell with her bare hands.

Jerry moved to stand in front of her. “Not yet.”

“Control,” Jerry reported through the communications, “I’ve got a problem,”

“I see that.” she replied curtly, she was talking directly to him and him alone, “Deal with it as you see fit without murdering them. Just don’t waste too much more time, find that Beacon. It might have information on Sonic’s whereabouts.

“Right,” Jerry said, looking up to Parcus. “You’re no longer on mission since Hyde here is still alive, am I right?”

Parcus folded their arms over their chest, picking their words carefully.

“I told him why I was here, and he helped me back to my feet anyway.” Parcus glanced towards the Doctor, “I owe him a head start at least.”

“There are three conditions to me letting you out of here, Centurion,” Jerry stated, moving closer. Parcus was paying attention. Freedom was not discussed, Aila and Chase looked rather surprised.

“First, you help us shut down the Factory here,”

The Platypus frowned, looking at them all. “Fighting beside my Enemy?”

“The Legion is not my enemy right now,” Jerry spoke on, “Jakuul’s Army is,”

“Fine,” Parcus agreed reluctantly, “Next,”

“You can Destroy any of the machines you want, but you can’t kill anyone as long as we’re fighting side by side,”

The Platypus frown deepen. “And the last?”

“You swear by what honor you Legion fucks have,” Jerry drew closer, “That you tell no one that this valley is here,”

“You want me to fight by your side, kill no one for the duration of the battle, and tell no one of this place?” Parcus questioned, at first peering at the Doctor, then Chase, then Jerry once more.

“Not guarantee that I won’t kill you or him in exchange for my freedom?”

“Maybe you’ll like fighting by someone who won’t even leave your corpse behind,” the Fox shrugged indifferently, holding out his arm to the Platypus. “Hells, I’ll even let you take a shot at me after all this, how’s that sound?”

Parcus looked between them all again. He was indecisive, unsure. He was Legion and here were his enemies offering him freedom.

“If I refuse?”

Jerry's first thought was to say "I'll kill you." It had been on the very edge of his lips. It had almost been automatic.

Yet he caught himself, and he nearly bit his lip before he came up with something Control would more than likely approve.

“The Doctor here will sedate you, and we’ll drop you off out in the middle of nowhere with a communicator,” Jerry replied evenly, “Then I’ll let your conscious kill you,”

They all heard an explosion, eyes turned towards the door. “MARS5 here, yah chaps gonna come give me a hand’ere or is this gonna be all my show, eh?

Jerry turned back to Parcus.

“You want to die fighting or you want to sleep? Make up your mind quick,”

“Fine,” Parcus took Jerry’s hand, giving it a firm shake. “But when this is over, me and you have a score to settle.” They growled, and the Fox nodded.


“Parcus Dunefeather,”

“Aila, give me your earpiece,” Jerry instructed.

MARS4-,” Control started.

Jerry growled back, “-You give me instruction to settle this my way, I settled it, Aila give me your earpiece,”

Aila did as she was instructed, and Jerry sidestepped from before his Sister.

“Chase?” he asked, gesturing towards the bars, “You two better stand back,”

Chase leaned the sword against the bars as she gripped the cell door. With a yank, the Vixen pulled it off its mounting and threw it to the side.

“Put this on,” Jerry passed the earpiece to Parcus, who gawked a moment at Chase’s raw strength.

“MARS, we have another guest,” Jerry announced through the communications.

“Parcus Dunefeather, a Legion Centurion,”

A Centurion Eh?” Dunlap seem to shout. They could still hear him shooting in the background. “One less me gotta knife me guessin’,

“Parcus? Well, good to have you aboard,” Verlos called into the room as he passed by, “Villagers are on the Transport, waiting on Aila, I’m going to help MARS5,”

The Wolf had the most reason to object, having spent a good deal of time in their own cells where they had been tortured and mistreated. Jerry could not even tell if Mobian was even the slightest bit upset at this sudden recruitment of an enemy.

Chase rolled her eyes and Aila shrugged, “Males,”

Dr. Hyde scooped up the objects on the floor and let Aila escort them out of the dungeon. When Parcus stepped out of the Cell, Jerry stepped into it, sweeping over the room, pushing over piles of straw and scraps of cloth.

“What are you looking for?” Chase questioned her brother as she watched.

Jerry glanced up at her, then towards Parcus.

“A Royal Secret Service Beacon.” he explained, “Was there another prisoner here with you?”

“Yes,” Parcus replied, reaching into their rags to produce a round device.

“She escaped a few days after I was brought in, the Leader here was furious,” Parcus told them, tossing the device to Jerry. “She dropped this when she was fighting the Guards.”

The Fox inspected it, then pocketed it, “Control, Objective complete, it was an RSS distress beacon,”

I heard and saw. Not big enough for a data storage.” Control sighed in disappointment, “Last on the list is the Primary, be careful MARS4”

“Understood,” Jerry replied, following Parcus as they started heading towards the door,

“She called herself Hershey,” the Platypus offered as they headed up the corridor. Jerry paused, trying to figure out where he had heard the name before, then shook his head.

“I don’t care who she is,” Jerry replied after length, “She’s not here now, no longer my concern.”

“Our objective now is to destroy Kalm Jakuul’s capability to wage war,” Jerry glanced over Parcus, “Let’s get you armed.”

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