Murderous Jealousy || J.J.K Book 1


This is gonna be some serious shit. Enjoy!


Then you all went to sleep in your respective rooms. Around midnight you heard your room door creak open. A black figure entered. “Mark?” you asked. “Wrong, kitten.” You realized something.

The both of you thought, ‘Shit is about to go down...’

Flashback ended~

“Oh shit...” you muttered under your breath. You realized it was Jungkook. Then you quickly got up from your bed and looked around your room to find an empty revolver. ‘Let’s play with this bunny...’ you thought. You took your revolver and pointed it at him. You were the richest person in Asia. It was obvious to keep at least one revolver. Jungkook stepped behind when he saw the revolver in your hand. You smirked and got up. You walked over to him and touched the gun to his chest. He was having such a horrified look on his face that you couldn’t hold back your laughter.

You burst into laughter that echoed around the whole house. Mark entered the room with the others and started scolding you. “What have I told you about scaring our guests?” You didn’t hear and kept on laughing, rolling on the floor. Jungkook was still shook not a single muscle of his face moving. You kept on laughing like there was no tomorrow. The rest of them were staring at the revolver in your hand. “I didn’t put any bullets in this gun, don’t worry.” you told Mark.

Then he and you, both starting laughing again. “WHAT THE HOLY COW??!?!” Jungkook yelled still shook. You told him it was a real revolver but you had ran out of bullets. Luckily. He was really embarrassed. “Y/n, sidebar.” Suga said. You went to the side with him. “What?” you asked. “What is going on?!? Why do you have a revolver? Seriously, what the hell?!?!” he questioned back. “Oh! Did I not tell you? I’m the owner of Gucci and part owner of Prada and Dior. I bought those companies. I’m the richest person in Eurasia.” He stared at you open-mouthed. And walked back like that. He then pulled Hoseok and told him something that made him shoot his eyes wide open. He then looked at you. You just smiled at him.

He walked to the others including Jungkook. You walked out the room and stood at the top of the staircase. You dialed a phone number. You were always super busy with all the work being a young entrepreneur. But you always took out time for Mark. And he did the same. Your call was picked up. You had called your manager. As soon as you started speaking everyone fell silent.

“Hi, manager-nim? I just wanted to confirm if everything was done for tomorrow’s fashion show. So, are all the models ready? Make-up artists? Outfits? Decorations? Snacks? Clean venue? Invitations all accepted? And are the makeup artists friendly with our models and our staff? If not then change them. The artists. Let them know the color scheme of the outfits each model will wear. I’ll meet you at the venue tomorrow and I’ll confirm everything once again myself. Are you okay? Is our staff okay? And the models? Also, take good care of yourselves and our guests. But most importantly yourself. And you all can go home now just end your night shift today. You have a lot of work tomorrow but I’ll be there to help you out. Bye.”

They are were looking at you as if you just made Jin shut up about his dad jokes forever. “I’m super-busy everyday. In case you didn’t know.” Mark got a phone call and excused himself. You stood with the rest of them staring at you in shock. You had been giving them surprises all day but they never gave you even one. Little did you know what was coming your way...

(A/N) Yooooo! I hope you enjoyed that. It was a medium chapter. Let’s see what coming your way... *wink-wink* Love you all, bye~

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