Murderous Jealousy || J.J.K Book 1

Just Another One

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Learn to care, learn to love... Learn to feel the pain...

You all went back to sleep. In the morning you got up early since you had a really important event today. You got dressed and did your morning routine.

(a/n) I know my thicc thighs wouldn’t fit in there...

You kissed Mark goodbye and left.

Jungkook POV

I got up and it was a Tuesday. I checked my alarm clock. I WAS LATE FOR SCHOOL! My fans might be disappointed in me. I got up and did my daily routine. I went downstairs to see a note and a plate of Baekh-Bacon and eggs on the counter. The note read:

Your fans will be so damn disappointed Jeon Jungkook... Enjoy!

I was so mad at her. I went to upstairs and found the other rooms empty. Even Ananya’s.

(a/n) I changed your name cuz I didn’t realize this isn’t a Jungkook x Reader. SO SORRY. I know I’m horrible but this is my first book so please don’t be mad...

I quickly ate the breakfast. Man, she is good at cooking. I went to school and fortunately no one noticed I was late. I went to the Auditorium for practice.I didn’t see Ananya there. I saw all of the hyungs there. I was so freaking mad! I just glared at them, took a mic and went onstage. I started singing Boy In Luv. The others joined in. We had lots of fun. Namjoon hyung tried to mimic V hyung’s part and tease him. We all were like a family. Recently, V and Jin hyung had gotten into an argument but they made up.

After practice was over, I asked Jin hyung where Ananya was. He said he didn’t know and walked away to get some water.



I got up early and did my daily routine. The others woke up and came downstairs, well, except for Jungkook. We all got ready for school. Even Ananya was there but she wasn’t in her casual clothes. They were a little more formal. Then, I remembered she had a big event today. We all wished her good luck and she went. She is something different.

I was going to wake Jungkook up but Namjoon stopped me,” Let him be... He can’t depend on you all the time!” I agreed and left the house. I spotted something on the kitchen counter and then I remembered that Ananya had made breakfast for all of us and Jungkook’s was remaining. I smiled at her kindness and left for school.

At school all the fans greeted us. We went to the auditorium and started practicing. An hour later Jungkook came in and glared at us. He just took a mic and started singing Boy In Luv. We joined in.

Later during the break, he asked me where Ananya was. I just lied to him and said I don’t know. I was really confused as to why he was acting like this. He never really cared for her...

He was just another one of them...

(A/N) YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THAT CHAPTER. Sorry I’m a horrible author. This is my first book so... Anyhoo, send me any fanarts or edits on my twitter @Shook_Kooki and comment your names cuz Imma be adding your squad in the next chap and I don’t want it to be K-POP idols. There will be five names. So, hurry? I guess.

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