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He was just another one of them...

Flashback ended~

I don’t remember what day it was in the last chapter so Imma skip to next week, Monday.

Ananya POV

Ugh, Monday. I hate Mondays. I mean who doesn’t. If there is someone who doesn’t I’m ready to pay their hospital fees. Plus, lots of work piles up over the weekend for me on Monday. I really hate it. I got up and got ready for school. Tzuyu knew I was a busy entrepreneur and didn’t ask me about anything when I didn’t show up at school on that day. A lot of time was remaining for school so I decided to complete my pending work from the weekends. I never work on weekends. It’s like a holiday. I was going through the papers and a photo of me and Jungkook fell down. I picked it up and looked at it. I had never in my dreams imagined that he would do something like that. I didn’t notice a tear rolled down my cheek. I heard footsteps so I quickly wiped away my tear. I threw the photo away. The person behind me picked it up. I turned around to see who it was. ‘Good heavens! It just had to be Jungkook , didn’t it?’ I thought.

“Come on, Ananya. You still love me, just admit it.” he said. “No, I don’t. That photograph was in my documents. Must be really old documents so that photo got in there...” I said. “Besides, I have a boyfriend and I love him. A lot. I’m over you.” I stated.

Narrator POV

Little did she know, Mark heard it all. He was tearing up, not because of her confession, but because he had been doing something wrong. Really wrong. And he didn’t know she had been cheated on once. And now she had been cheated on again, just that she didn’t know yet. He felt really guilty and accidentally let out an audible sob. They heard him. They ran towards the voice.

“Who’s there?” he heard her voice. He kept silent. She finally saw him in the corner leaning against the wall. Totally red. Crying. “Why were you crying?! What happened? Is everything okay?” she asked. Worry clearly visible in her eyes.

‘I should be asking you the same question after I say anything.’ he wanted to say. But he couldn’t. “I-I have...” he began. “You have what? Tell me!” she exclaimed worriedly. “been cheating on you.” he completed. He sighed and kept on crying. Now harder and louder. Her eyes lost their shine immediately.

(a/n) I am a music lover. This song will express your feelings clearly. I don’t need to add another POV if you listen to the song. If you still don’t get it then inform me in the comments. I’ll make a seperate POV of yours in the next chap.

Jungkook opened his mouth in shock. He placed his hands on your shoulder. A tear rolled down her cheek. She didn’t say anything. “You’re not mad? You aren’t going to yell at me or anything at all?” Mark asked in confusion. His face now red because of crying. “We’re over” she said and shook Jungkook’s hands off her shoulders. She walked away. Into her room. She took her backpack and went to school slamming the front door while exiting.

Jungkook ran after her taking his backpack. She met a girl at school. She was one of Mark’s fangirls. “Mark is no more occupied, we broke up. Spread the news to all the fangirls.” she said to her. She nodded happily and hugged her out of happiness. Ananya just smirked and went to the school field. She sat on the ground and stared at the sky. As she looked up, she saw the school’s rooftop. She got an idea. She got up and went to the rooftop. Jungkook had been following her all along. She saw a cool looking flower. She wanted to take a picture of it and reached forward to get a clearer view. “NO!” Jungkook shouted. He lifted her up and carried her away from the edge.

“WHAT IN THE WORLD?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING JEON JUNGKOOK?!?!” she yelled. “I’M TRYING TO STOP YOU FROM COMMITTING SUICIDE!” he yelled back. “You what?” she asked before bursting out into a fit of laughter. He was confused.“Me, and suicide? You’ve got to be kidding me!” she said and started laughing again. “If you think I will commit suicide so easily, then wouldn’t I be dead by now?” she asked. “Y-yeah...” he replied.

“Now, will ya put me down?” she asked. “Oh, yeah right.” he said and put her down. He was feeling embarrassed. “You’re really heavy.” he said. “I know.” she replied with a smirk. He didn’t know what it meant. She saw the students had started coming to school slowly. She took her backpack and ran downstairs leaving him alone and confused.

time skip to lunch brought to you by the missing jams~

Ananya POV

It was finally lunch time! I went to the table. All the four girls were looking at me me worriedly. More like staring. I hadn’t seen them all day. “Something on my face?” I asked. “No, but I heard you and Mark broke up.” Rose said. I smiled. “Oh, we didn’t break up... He cheated on me.” They all gasped in shock. “Oh, just let me see his face and he’ll be in his grave!” Jennie said. “No, no. I’ll deal with him. Just wait.” I said. Jennie smirked. “Ooh, do I smell some revenge?” Jisoo asked. “Yes, you do.” Lisa replied on behalf of you.

(A/N) YOOOOOOOOO! WHAT’S YOUR PLAN? EVEN I DON’T KNOW IT JUST POPPED IN MY MIND TO END THIS CHAP. I’M WRITING THIS AT 11:11 PM CUZ I HAVEN’T UPDATED IN 4 DAYS.I HAVEN’T DECIDED WHAT THE PLAN IS. Anyway, if you didn’t understand your feelings from the song, let me know in the comments and I’ll make a seperate POV in the next chapter, for all those of you who didn’t understand. BYE~~ <3 THIS WAS A 1018 WORDS CHAP!

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