Murderous Jealousy || J.J.K Book 1

Meant To Be


Right then, someone pinned me to the fridge. “What?” I blurted out. “Don’t get too close to him.” Jungkook said. “He’s my long-lost best friend. So, expect a whole lot of skin ship.” I said. “No, you are my property. And that’s how it will forever be.” Jungkook said. “No, I’m not yours! You betrayed me! Don’t even think you will get me back!” I shouted. I went to my room and shut the door. I just collapsed on the bed thinking about all that happened.

Just then, I heard a knock on the door.

Recap ended~

Ananya POV

I didn’t open it. I just sat on my bed staring at the ceiling. The knocks got faster. Then the knocks turned into banging. I just opened the door and stared at the person. Suga. “So?” I asked. He came inside and sat on my bed. I shut the door. He patted the space next to him. I went and sat next to him. “What did he do?” he asked. “He said not to get close with Sehun. Not that I care what he says, but he said I’m his...” I sighed. “ It just made me angry all of a sudden so I yelled at him and came here to cool down.” I finished.

“Ok...” he said. “He still loves you. When you found out about his truth, he cried every night. Up to now. Tonight, just stop by his room. His sobs are kinda audible.” he finished. I nodded tears forming in my eyes. I didn’t let them out and blinked them away. “But it wasn’t my fault. If he did love me, why’d he do that? They’re all just lies...” I said. ” He just stared at me, shocked. “Yeah, I didn’t think about that...” he admitted. I just rolled my eyes. “I think you two are meant to be...” he said. “Just wait, fate will bring you both together.” he said. I scoffed. “The way he looks at you, the way he was glaring at your friend, it all results in love...” he said. “Even if he does love me, he ain’t getting me back.” I said. He just sighed and left the room. I followed.

They were there on the couch. Gossiping. I walked over to the girls to see them completing today’s homework. That reminded me of my pending work. “Ananya, you up for a movie?” Tzuyu asked. I looked at the documents and sighed and shook my head. I took them in my hand and started flipping through the designs. “Huh, creative.” I thought out loud. I finished it all plus my homework. So I went to the living room and watched some Netflix since the others went for a movie and I refused.

They came after 2 or 3 hours. I saw licorice-mint ice-cream in Sehun’s hand. I grinned and ran to him for my favorite thing in the world. It was black in color, just the way I like it. “They said you don’t like it, but I insisted.” he said. I nodded and happily licked the ice-cream. “I finished all of my work.” I said. “But you missed the movie~” Jungkook sang. “It was a horror movie~” he said. “Is he drunk or something?” I asked. “He’s trying to get your attention.” Jimin replied. “Kay” I nodded.

But then I remembered Suga’s words,

“I think you two are meant to be... Just wait, fate will bring you both together.”

Sorry, short chapter. Its currently 10:52 pm so I couldn’t write more. But there will be a longer chapter when I wake up and update tomorrow morning!


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