Murderous Jealousy || J.J.K Book 1





But then I remembered Suga’s words,

“I think you two are meant to be... Just wait, fate will bring you both together.”

Recap ended~

Ananya POV

I finished my ice-cream. I went to watch some YouTube videos in my room. I was halfway through a movie when someone just barged in through my door. I sighed. It was Jackson. He had come over a lot when we used to be friends. I don’t know what happened! We used be really good friends. The girls who found Sehun yesterday were Tzuyu’s classmates. I don’t know them very well. We used to hangout but got busy during high school. Jackson and I were really good friends. One day, he just started bullying me for absolutely no reason.

I gave him an emotionless look. “So, uh... I found out you weren’t the one to blame.” he began. “Huh?” I just gave him a confused look. “You know why I suddenly started avoiding and bullying you?” he asked. “Not a clue.” I replied. The atmosphere was starting to get awkward. And I didn’t like it. “Well, it was because I found out you were spreading rumors about me.” he explained. “What?!” I was surprised. “I never spread any rumors about you!” I explained. “Now listen, I know you didn’t. I just found out you didn’t. And this is why I’m here.” he said. “To apologize?” I asked. “To apologize.” he answered. “Okay, go on.” I said. I was starting to get a weird feeling. On one side I felt like forgiving him but on the other side he never told me and and straight up started avoiding and bullying me. “So, Ananya, will you forgive me for my stupidity?” he finally apologized. “What if I say I need some time to think?” I asked. I seriously needed it.

“What if I say no?” he said and chuckled. “What if I don’t care what you say?” I replied. “Fine. Take your time. Let me know by Thursday.” he said and left. Suga came in. “Wasn’t that your bully?” he asked. “Why, yes he was.” I said. (A/N) I have 0 inspiration right now. “What’d he say?” he asked again. “Well, we used to be good friends. But he suddenly started avoiding and bullying me. Someone told him that I was spreading rumors about him. When I actually wasn’t! So he found out that I wasn’t to blame and came to apologize.” I explained. “Did you forgive him?” he asked. “I asked for some time to think. And he agreed.” I replied. “That’s ma girl!” he exclaimed. “Excuse me?” I said, chuckling.

The atmosphere was quite good and light now. I went outside and sat on the couch. Tzuyu was there too.

She plopped herself down beside me. “So, what did Jackson do?” she asked. “He came to aplogize.” I said.

Jungkook POV

(a little while ago)

We were all chilling in the living room when Jackson came. Suga opened the door for him. Jackson was talking to him. Suga nodded and led him upstairs.I wonder where he went... I decided to follow him. I made sure no one noticed I was going upstairs. He barged into Ananya’s room. I had a feeling. And I did not like it. He shut the door behind. What was he going to do? He came out after a while. I casually walked past him to my room. I just sat there playing Overwatch. After some time, I got a text from my girlfriend saying she was coming over. How does she know I live here? Well she is a clingy girl... After like 15 minutes the doorbell rang. I rushed to the door and greeted Nancy (from MOMOLAND) with a kiss.

She smiled and entered. “Nancy!” Ananya exclaimed and engulfed her into a big hug. “Why didn’t you tell me you came back?!” she asked her.

Whoo! Short chapter! But I will update soon!


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