Bond is lost, no memory of who he is .A mysterious woman known only as being The Desert Rose to show James Bond the plight of her people. Can Bond regain his memory in time to prevent global meltdown?

Action / Thriller
Robert Alan Ryder
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Dasht è Kavir desert; IRAN

“That, has to be it; James….. Why, would there be- so many armed guards; watching- over an abandoned bunker?”

“.…. Yes, I believe; you are right Felix….. Only two? They should impose- very little in the way of complications…..”

Felix Leiter, scowled on the cool headed double o’ agent in silence.

Bond handed the binoculars to the lady present. “What do you think Fox?” Melony Fox, accepted the sight seeing magnifying goggles eagerly.

“..… So few guards, for so important the tunnel? Where does it lead?”

James Bond, left Felix Leiter to answer- the Swedish woman’s- well timed question; as he quickly unpacked his diver’s skin suit.

“By, our aerial photographs, in using: modern x-ray, multi- spectrum technologies; we can see only that: there is a concealed dock that can be accessed from the bunker….. It should lead us to some kind of sub, that is meant to transport people to the underwater city…..”

“.…. Always, the wise teacher; eh Felix?”


Melony Fox, smiled in silence; as she and Felix unpacked their own gear.

James Bond, led the two; under- cover, of- surrounding shrubbery, and boulders; to the- bunker, in an experienced silence. Felix Leiter, grimaced silently, as he stepped on a few twigs; drawing on the attentions, of the two guards. The two guards men, at the bunker’s entry, called for: two more- of their numbers; to take up their positions; before leaving- their posts.

James Bond, glared on Felix.; an all too familiar look, of disgruntlement; upon- his face. Felix Leiter, shrugged the glare off, the man; silently waving- the concerns away. James Bond shook his head, as his main contact- from the CIA; stepped casually out from behind, his place of concealment to address the guards.

“Excuse me?” Felix Leiter, attempted to- slur his- carefully chosen words in: a comical feigning, of inebriated drunkeness.

“.…. Is this, the way; to San Jose?”

James Bond, held back a rising chuckle- on Felix’s: well marked attempt, at playing the drunken fool. The double o’ agent, leading Melony Fox, around to the west side clearing of the bunker. Fox and Bond, were quick to action; James bond- cold cocking one guard from behind, with a well placed pistol butt; Melony Fox, taking out the second with an immediate high kick to the guards man’s chin. The remaining two guards, left their posts; to engage the three. Felix, took the two guards out with a silenced Sig-Saur P220.

“Why, is there always somebody- that steps on a twig?” James Bond, questioned. Felix, shrugged once again.

“.…. Hey? We now know, there were four guards; instead of two…..”

Melony Fox, giggled.

“Next time, you- stay home; Felix…..” Bond- Smarted, as he led the two; in through the bunker’s entry.

The- people of the desert, rare is it; they have: so curious the company. Two individuals, wrapped in cloaks; their heads protected from the desert sun, and their faces concealed, by use of appropriate cloths, are fast to recognize the three outsiders; entering the bunker.

“.…. Already, they come…..”

“Yes! She, will be most displeased…..”

“.…. Shall we, return to make our report?”

“.….. Many people, have entered- this bunker. These people- never leaving…... On our- oath, we must not interfere with these many outlanders…..”

“….. Perhaps, it would be best if we just continue our observations?”

“Yes! I do think, this would be best…..”

“The Rose, she will be angered?”

“Yes, she will be angered! Yet, what else can we do? We are commanded by blood, and dominated by her beauty and her youth…..”

“.…. I, shall leave- a marker….. that way, our brothers that pass this way can continue observations; in our absence…..”

“..…. Yes! I do believe, this- to be; a wise decision…... Too many of the same onlookers, could bring danger to our brothers…..”

The youngest- of the two; Iranian nomads, carefully pulled: a red rose from his pack. The Adenium obesum, is gently anchored- to an iron spike. The spike buried- into the desert sands, to keep it in place.

“..…. Come…... Already, these newcomers; are drawing on- unnecessary attention….. We shall return later…..”



The Director, watched- the images, and readings on his split screen monitor; in a drawn silence. All twelve- anchor points, relating messages of all- ready status; and yet, the thirteenth satellite; is still on standby. His office, kept dark. This unknown individual, adverse to light.

In, his attempt to maintain diligence of patience on his wait, The Director arose from his seat; and of his- greater interests, he partook; in his daily ritual, of feeding his prized pet. With the press of a button, found within- a specific menu location, upon his: mini wrist phone/tablet; the central floor- of his circular shaped study; slowly opened- from the center, dim lights from beneath- the tank; revealing: what lies within. The specially designed tank, stocked with: coral, mollusks, and many a variety of fish.

Removing the flexible tablet, from his right wrist, and knocking the device once- on the right side arm- of his chair; the tablet flattened out and expanded to twice its size. Returning to the main menu, The Director pressed the button; to access the tanks internal gate connecting to the pens. Two twelve foot great white sharks quickly entered the tank, the gate closing quickly behind them. The Director, slowly paced- a path; around- the tank, rails for safety; arose from- beneath, and locked into place.

From- the depths, multiple tentacles- slowly arose; the over-sized, hook riddled: ocean- beast appendages; slithered, and flexed, as- The Director’s: prized pet; immediately makes- its presence known. The great white sharks, sensing the danger; swam about- in a frenzy, keeping to the glass sides of the tank. The giant squid, it was hungry. The fins located upon its head, propelled the invertebrate sea creature upward. The two great white sharks attempted to Gnash their teeth at the beast’s giant tentacles; as it attempted, to hook- the two at once.

The Director watched- the spectacle, with a sense- of eager anticipation; as the first, of the two great whites- is quickly captured, the tentacle; wrapping around- the struggling shark from its nose to its tail fins. The giant squid, drew the shark; slowly towards- its beak. The hooks upon the tentacle ensnaring- the first shark, biting deep. The tank, began- to fill with the blood of both sharks, as the second is just as easily hooked.

One of the great white sharks, managed to bite- at the giant squid’s tentacle; causing the beast, to release the shark. Ink spewed from the colossal beast’s mouth; as the first shark is carried away, so the squid may feast.

The Director, shook his head- in bitter disappointment; as he: returned- to his tablet, in- order to close the floor, and secure the tank. Two beeps on his tablet, announced the receipt of new data. The Director; now he smiled, the words read on his tablet; confirming the launch of Terminus. All things, for him; are slowly falling into place.

General Cho, glared hard, upon the three brothers; the tall and spindly similarly scarred and clothed twins. One spoke for the three.

“Worry not General….. We are here, to only act as escort…..”

“.…. The thief, that has procured these black diamonds? Where is she?”

“.…..... She, has been secured below…..... The Director, has- no further use for her; at- present…..”

“.…. I wish to speak to the Director…..”

“.…. In good time, General….. For now, here- is your quarters…... I, do hope; you find them to be accommodating…..”

“.…. The Director?”

“.…. Patience, General….. The Director, will call on you; when time is right…..”

“..…. Very well, then….. I, will turn in; for a couple of hours….. I, assume- the quarters; has been stocked with a safe and other necessities…..”

“.…. Yes General….. The safe, has not yet been set….. It awaits your approval, as does your quarters’ supply of wines, and liquors….. Food, is served; only in- the dining hall….. do, enjoy your rest….. we, shall see you again…..”

General Cho, fell- quickly silent; as the oldest of- the three brothers, by minutes; closed the door to his quarters behind him, the three brothers; quickly leaving the General, to his own securities. The General, he did not like; the last words the brother spoke.

Bond, Felix, and Fox; procured- a submersible with unexpected ease. This, it did not set all that well with British Secret Service agent James Bond. Using active timed photographs of- the empty chamber, to cover their passage; towards the underwater vehicle, and a learned trust of necessary stealth; in sneaking up behind, and incapacitating- the two remaining guards; they quickly entered the miniature submarine. The submersible, immediately launched as the hatch- is sealed shut.

The miniature submarine, was designed- for two, to four riders; with plenty of space for the riders’ luggage. The vehicle, on an automatically programmed destination; carries the three to a sanctuary beneath the Caspian Sea.

James Bond- was dead silent, a grim look of many suspicions, worn hard- upon his face; his arms crossed. Felix Leiter quickly interrupted the nerve wrecking silence.

“Only one submersible available, and eight underwater docks- empty of transports….. I believe, I know what you are thinking James…..”

“You know me, all too well Felix….. We may be expected…..”

Melony Fox, Looked to Bond from the forward passenger seat in concern. James Bond- at her left, Felix Leiter right behind Bond.

“What now, must we do; if indeed this is; some kind of trap?”

Bond smiled, on the- Swedish C.I.A agent, his thoughts; now on- just a little more, than her skills in sciences and in technologies.

“Melony, my dear? How are you, with modern submersible vehicle technologies? If my current thoughts in recollection are not deceiving me of similar vehicles from Q-branch I think I may know of a way to get us inside the underwater sanctuary, undiscovered….”

Felix Leiter, jumped in on the conversation; with a knowledge of understanding.

“Right….. Some times, submersibles such as these are used by pirates and smugglers…. We need the vehicle’s schematics, displayed on an on- board monitor….”

“As I said Felix, always the wise man…..”

The man called Bastion, sat comforted; with his back turned away from his office entry. One wall panel opened revealing a middle aged thin, scientist of a man struggling to be free of the tank; his employer had- so viciously deposited him in to. Two great white sharks, circle the bound and helpless scientist; as- the real threat awakened, from its sleep. Bastion, frowned in a glare of- angry annoyance as he- is interrupted by one of his guards entering his office without requesting his audience.

“Speak your mind, and I pray; you have good news…..”

“.…. The last submersible, it is returning to Oceanus….”

The guard, gulped nervously; the man beginning to sweat on a sight of the carnage now taking place, within the tank behind Bastion’s desk. The scientist, caught in the tentacles of the controller’s pet squid bloodied by multiple bite wounds from the tank’s guest diners. The dead man’s leg sheared clean off. His right eye- popping out from its socket, as one of the sharks bit hard down on the back of his head. Bastion, turned back around; to return to his viewing of the morbid scene.

“Magnificent, isn’t she….. One of the best predators of the deep…..”

“.…. Yes, Bastion…..”

“Prepare an armed welcome for our guests, and you are to never enter my office again without requesting my audience… Squids, they have a hunger; that is greater, than any man- can quite possibly conceive…..”

Bastion smiled menacingly, as the young guard hasted his exit to enact his orders.

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