“.…. We have lost contact with double o’seven…..”

“.…. What of Leiter and Fox?”

"last message from Leiter states that agent melony Fox has been captured….. Agent Felix Leiter managed to escape…..”

“.…. I don’t like it…..”

“.…. Minister?”

“.…. Seems rather convenient, for Leiter alone to have made an escape…..”

“.….The codex?”

“Right….. Felix Leiter is going to lead S.P.E.C.T.R.E right to us…..””Shall I call on reserve agents Minister?”

“.…. I believe that double- o’ eight and nine are the closest to our current location….. have them both immediately recalled…..”

“yes Minister…..”

“.…. Oh, and Q? Be sure and remote activate Bond’s bio-tracker….. One of the best of ideas yet from Q- branch…..”

“Yes Minister….. Already on it…..”

“Good man….. Let us get double o’ seven back on track shall we?”

Q felt a little nervous as he passed the desk of one Miss Moneypenny.

“.…. Q?”

“.…. Miss Moneypenny?”

“.…. Double- o’ nine is on his way here….. You can reach double- o’ eight in Japan…..”

“.…. Thank you Miss Moneypenny….. You are always right on top of things…..”

The voice of the Minister came quickly over Miss Moneypenny’s open speaker.

“.…. Your transportation is waiting for you Q….. Time is of the greatest of importance…..”

“Another time Moneypenny?”

Moneypenny shrugged her shoulders. “….. Why not?”


Magnification binoculars quickly zeroed in on the wrist of one woman’s interests. One significant piece of cultural artistry in printed flesh, suggestive of shadow elements pertaining to a growing criminal worldwide network. S.P.E.C.T.R.E, and the one individual of this woman’s interests have just revealed themselves.

Downtown Tokyo, one particular shop in a market bizarre of many others. Using the Q-branch specially designed camera, video and night time image recorder magnification combination gadget for the testing trial it was due, Anna took quick pics of the suspected shadow agent, and of the building the individual was now entering.

The words printed on the sign of the permanent fixture of a shop in Japanese read: Tokyo West Herb and Sundries.

Words of communication now came to the woman through a blue-tooth device positioned comfortably over the woman’s right ear. The words sounding off much louder than necessary. Anna quickly through the hood from her coat over her head and rolled away from her last position.

The sounds of footsteps on the stairs to the roof that had been the woman’s choice of perching spots for her ongoing observations quickly came to the woman’s attention. Anna clicked her blue-tooth device on and off again, as she positioned herself to the left side of the roof’s building access-way.

Two men armed with small handguns stopped at the door and whispered words in Japanese. Anna immediately recognized the two. Yakuza assassins. Two want to be mid level ranking S.P.E.C.T.R.E agents that have infiltrated the Japanese mafia.

Anna reacted quickly, as the first assassin opened the door to step out on to the roof. With a well timed right upper leg kick, the woman planted her boot into the man’s jaw. Anna quickly followed through in motion, the woman grabbing for the man’s gun as he opened fire; his aim redirected towards the man behind him. The two would be assassins taken down in a matter of seconds.

The sounds of expected beeping now caught on to the woman’s attentions from her blue-tooth device. Anna casually clicked on her earpiece.

“.…. Compromising of an agent in the field/ Is this standard operating procedure?”

“.…. Sorry Anna…..”

“.… Well, Q? What is it?”

“.…. You are being recalled by MI6….. M- needs you to report to away operations in Istanbul…..”

Anna was silent for many minutes.

“.…. Double o’ seven?”

“.….Gone….. Missing in action …..”

“Understood….. On route to recall point….. Double o’ eight out.”

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