“Well Miss fox? What do you think of our facility?”

“.…. It is as a city of sorts…..”

“Yes….. Precisely so my dear…..”

Bastion used an identification card to open the secured doors leading into the Terminus lab.

“.…. After you?”

Melony Fox was cold as ice and solid as stone.

“.…. You wish for me to finish work on the terminus satellite, that you may launch it into orbit? This, I will not do…..”

Bastion slowly followed the Swedish C.I.A agent on through the doorway. The double entry doors sealed locked behind them.

“.…. Oh, don’t you worry yourself on such matters Miss Fox….. You will do the work that is required of you….. we have our ways…..”

Two guardsmen quickly entered the lab on a silent call from Bastion.

“.….Escort Miss Fox to the training and education room…..”

Melony Fox looked hard on the man, with very little concern on her thoughts.

“.…. Torture? For me, I would think this to be beneath a man such as yourself in stature….”

“.…. It is truly amazing, the power of influence specially trained agents have in their field of regular operations….. Their sexes to motivate an intelligent man and seduce him to their seductive needs…..”

Bastion made a fast move on the woman, and drew her in closer to his face. His left arm clenched tight around the woman’s waist.

Melony Fox pushed off from the man’s embrace and slapped him hard on his right side cheek.

“Pig! Do not touch me!”

Bastion reacted forcefully, the man returning the woman’s slap with a backhand of his own from his left hand to the woman’s left cheek, and then following through with another slap with the same hand to her right side cheek.

“.…. Such fire of spirit….. Yes, you will make me proud….. Take her! She is to undergo full training and reprogramming…..”


“.…. Why yes my dear….. I leave the torturing to others that are under my employ. Me, I use the experience of my attained wisdom….. In these days of multiple psychotic radicalized terrorist and demonstrations realities, the mind is the place where is to be found controlling factors from many the frailty….. All one needs to know is the different places of which to apply the proper pressure, that a proper triggering of responses can be attained…..”

“.…. You are a vile wicked and cowardly being…..”

“.…. Perhaps Miss Fox….. But very soon now, I will be the leader to the survivors of the human race….. And me; I will remake the new world to my selective specifications…..”

With a silent nod, the two guardsmen gently escort the Swedish agent out from the Terminus lab. Concealed within the ceiling above, as the three passed back out into the main corridor; a silent observer lifted a tile slightly to look upon the events now taking place.

Jasmine Lynx now dwells hard on what she has overheard. This thief, she was quickly finding that the man named Bastion might be far worse than she had ever perceived him to be.

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