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Call me Alpha


"Call me Alpha."

Romance / Drama
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0| Kim Tae-hoe

Taehyung tosses and turns in his bed. His body held down by another entity, he rolls over to face the woman. His eyes flutter open and he smirks as he notices the red head he brought home from last night. As much as he would like to go at her again, he had a young Alpha he had to train today.

He raises from his soft bed, his naked body full of bruises and bite marks. He winces as he notices a deep bite on his stomach. The girl stirs in her sleep, her eyes slowly opening just in time to see the male already dressed and standing over her. She jumps as she realizes the alpha smirking down at her, his blue eyes reading her carefully.

“Oh, you’re finally up.” He chirps before handing her the clothes on the floor. She covers her body as she avoids his eye contact. Taehyung hops to the door before waving to the woman.

“Thanks again, make sure to close the door behind you on your way out.” He smiles widely before closing the door shut. He hated confrontation of the night after, especially with his flings. Taehyung strides down the path to the training grounds, the younger male already warming up as he waits for him. He smiles before slapping his back hard.

“Hey, kookie.” The younger male winces before glaring at him. He loved to tease the young male, Taehyung found his reactions cute. The male walks away as he prepares for his training. Taehyung catches a glimpse of the red head trying to sneak out the pack house, her eyes meet his and he averts his gaze. He always made it clear he didn’t want attachment, sex was the only thing he was looking for.

“Don’t you think you should stop having random flings and wait for your mate?” The younger male breathes out as he does his daily exercises. Taehyung leans on the tree next to them, his hands inside his pockets as he smirks.

“I have no need for a mate, why have one when you can have them all?” Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows and the male scoffs as he jumps up from his push ups.

“It’s more to it than you think.”

“Oh? Mister whipped over here is giving me advice.” The younger male starts his sit ups, ignoring the older alpha as he indulges in his warm ups. Taehyung knew about the younger males mate, he talked about her constantly since the day he had to leave her back at his pack. Taehyung didn’t like the thought of being confined and held down to one person. He wanted to explore, try different tastes if you will.

“Trust me, you’re not going to feel satisfied with these random women, only your mate can truly quench your thirsts.”

“Mm, I think my thirst is quite quenched.” Taehyung eyes the shewolves walking past. A couple of them giving him looks as he watches them walk by. He smiles at them before winking at the brunette. She blushes wildly before giggling with her friends. The younger male scoffs as he continues to do his sit ups. Taehyung grins as he eyes the women until they disappear.

“You’re disgusting.”

“I like to think of myself as a very generous male who loves to give women what they need.” Taehyung grins at the young male before following him back to the pack house.

“And you need help.” Taehyung chuckles as he follows the younger boy to the kitchen. He tosses him an apple and he catches it in his big hands. Taehyung has wondered what it was like to have the whole “mate experience.” Then again, he never really was interested to begin with. He’s already twenty-two, and he has yet to find his so called mate.

Taehyung bites into the red Apple, his jaw contracting as he chews. The younger male watches him and Taehyung smirks.

“Like what you see?”

“As if, I have a beautiful woman waiting for me back home.” Taehyung laughs at the younger boy’s comment, his eyes falling onto the apple in his hand. He remembers the younger males mate, her beautiful figure alluring. If only she didn’t belong to the male, he would’ve never hesitated to take her.

“Ah, speaking of her. How is she?”

“Perfectly fine.” He spits back as he scrolls through his phone. Taehyung walks over to the younger male and peers over his shoulder. He’s surprised by all the pictures he has of her, a love-struck smile crossing his features. Taehyung snorts at his reaction and the younger male smiles knowingly.

“Jealous much?” His tone mocking as he watches the older male bite into the apple with force.

“Jealous? Do you know how many women I’ve had sprawled open in front of me?”

“You’re lucky we can’t contract diseases because I’m pretty sure your dick would’ve fell off by now.” The younger male eyes him with disgust and Taehyung shrugs before tossing his apple into the garbage.

“I call it a gift.”

“A gift? Ha!” The younger male snorts out as his phone rings. Taehyung watches as his eyes light up before he answers the phone quickly.

“Baby?” He chimes into the phone before walking out of the kitchen to talk to his mate. Taehyung watches as the door swings shut before sighing. He glides his hand through his silky blonde hair, his hair disheveled as his fingers release the follicles. The door opens revealing a small petite woman. Her eyes widen when she sees him and Taehyung smiles as he leans against the wall.

“Alpha Kim, good morning.” She speaks formally as she grows rigid. Taehyung smirks as he walks over to the woman, his hand caressing her small face.

“Anna, don’t be so distant.” She shivers under his touch and he licks his lips. He leans down and pressing his lips on her cheek before walking away. He smiles in satisfaction as he leaves the woman hot and flustered.

“Taehyung.” A deep voice echoes through his body and he turns to face his brother. He scowls at Taehyung, his eyes narrowing at the man.

“I keep receiving complaints about you messing with other males mates.” Taehyung shrugs as he faces his older brother.

“It’s not like they didn’t want it, I don’t force the females to have sex with me.”

“That’s not the point! You know a mates bond is to be cherished!” His brother growls lowly and Taehyung grins as he circles around his brother. Taehyung knew how his brother felt about the mate bond, himself still having to find his.

“Hm? How would you know?” His brother grips him by the shirt and Taehyung raises his hand in peace. His brother growls lowly before releasing him.

“If you can’t keep your shit in your pants at least have some decency and avoid the mated females.”

“Yes, sir.” Taehyung smiles as he watches his brother storm away with a huff. He didn’t understand why everyone was so hung over about this mate bond. He didn’t really understand the way of the wolves, despite being one himself. He sighs before turning on his heels and finding the younger male sitting at a table still on the phone.

“I love you.” He coos into the phone, his eyes sparkling as he hangs up the phone. He lets out a long happy sigh, his hands rested behind his head. Taehyung eyes him closely before sitting down in front of him.

“So how does it feel?” Taehyung blurts out curious and the younger male smiles as he leans forward.

“Why are you suddenly interested? I though you didn’t have a need for a mate.”

“I just asked a question, I never been pussy-whipped so.” Taehyung smirks as the young boy growls at him.

“I hope you meet your mate soon, and I hope she has you begging on your knees.” He states as he eyes the older male. Taehyung grins as his eyes flashes a deep gold.

“That’ll be interesting.”

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