Colonel Potter has been relieved of his command. Colonel Flagg is again on the prowl..... This time a conspirator against the flag, may be quickly found.....

Humor / Drama
Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

Chapter #1: Fully Loaded and Gaining Ground

“….. CIA file, secured under cover of the CIC; and further safeguarded under the guise of the CID…..

MASH 4077….. I, have been offered one more chance; by my superiors, to prove there is a rising conspiracy within the military ranks…..

My- focus point: Mobile Army Surgical Hospital 4077….. Suspect number one: Colonel Sherman Potter…..

I am dealing with superior opposition, but today; I have the perfect disguise…..”

Colonel Sherman Potter, glanced up from his paperwork; shaking his head. One soldier standing before his desk, his face dyed to darken his skin; and contact lenses changing the look of his eyes.

“….. If, you’re looking to check- in Flagg, Major Freedman left a couple of hours ago….. You’ll find him in Tokyo…..”

“….. Yes! You are one of the smart ones! Aren’t you?”

“….. I’d like to think so! Are, you here for anything important; or are you still chasing traitors in the shadows?”

“Oh! There is a conspiracy, to be found; and there is a real traitor that will be dealt with…..”


Colonel Flagg, reached for his pistol.

“….. Where?”

“Easy Colonel! You’re in friendly territory!”

“….. No territory, is friendly when you are CIA; uncovering conspiracy…..”

“….. Communists, identified; accordingly?”

“….. Right!”

“….. I’ve got a lot of work to do, Flagg!”

Colonel Potter, looked back up to confront Flagg, MASH 4077ths; crazy in the army intelligence man, to have vanished.

Well! At least, he’s avoiding windows!”

Hawkeye Pierce, peered cautiously around the mess tent to get a better look at the soldier leaving Colonel Potters’ office. His face showing a real concern over the person’s identity.

“….. I’m telling you Beej, that’s Flagg!”

B.J. Hunnicutt, popped his head- out around the mess tent from his place of concealment; his position, just above Hawkeye’s; and then quickly assumed his cover.

“….. I, think you’re right; Hawk! Let’s try to get to the swamp, without being seen…..”

The sounds of a deep, gruff; throat being cleared, from- behind them; caused the two doctors, to feign a cringe. Hawkeye and B.J. immediately raisedtheir hands into the air, before turning about; to face the stalking CIA infiltrator. Nobody, behind them; the two doctors quickly searched their surroundings.

“….. It, looks like Colonel Flagg; has picked up a few new tricks…..” B.J. Smarted.

“….. That, does not comfort me; one- bit….. Maybe we should move out; for the week….. I hear, the place behind Rosie’s is still available…..”

“….. Maybe? Let’s go talk to Colonel Potter…..”

“….. Good- call! You, take the point; big guy!”

“….. What? Why, me? I present more of a target!

“Right! First time!”

Sergeant Maxwell Klinger, quickly answered an incoming call.

“MASH, 4077?”

Maxwell Klinger, inserted a clean piece of paper into his typewriter.

“Captain Schaefer? No- sir, General Harrison….. There is- no Captain Schaefer, here to my knowledge…..”


“….. Oh! Colonel Schaefer? Oh, I mean…..”

“I, know- what you mean…..... Beat- it! I, want- two guards posted- outside this door….... Nobody in, nobody out!”

“Yes- sir, your Colonel captain-ship; sir!”

Klinger, rushed out through the door to his office backward; the Sergeant nearly running into Hawkeye and B.J.

“What’s the rush, Klinger?”

“Yeah, Klinger; as if I already didn’t know…..”

Pierce, attempted to peer through the window into Klinger’s office.

“….. Flagg, sirs….. He’s commandeering the Colonels’ office…..”

“What? Where’s Colonel Potter?”

“In his quarters….. You’re not going to believe this…..”

“….. Believe what?” Hawkeye and B.J. blurted in unison.

“Colonel Potter, has been relieved of his command…..”

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