Camp Crystal Lake..... A thriving community. One lakeside town that has been recognized for its past of bizarre repetitive happenings.....Mysterious drownings in the late fifties..... The massacre of 1958, where an estranged woman stalked camp counselors for revenge over her dead son..... Fouling of the town's natural reserve of supplied water in the year 1962..... And one barely spoke of incident in the year 1980, where a lone survivor from a strain of brutal massacres, had been driven insane..... all of her fellow counselors slaughtered by what was in her eyes to be a monstrous devil of the woods..... Not your every day run of the mill campgrounds.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Thanks to a newly funded program from one anonymous source, students from the University of New jersey have been assigned on a work study opportunity.....

Their attempts to prepare the camp grounds here at the famous location for the summer opening, will be a little more difficult than they originally expected.....

For an eternal evil risen from the lake still stalks all that trespass upon his grounds.....

Provoked by a witch's curse, Camp Crystal Lake will continue to give its counselors many a new meaning of the word fear.....

The days will pass slowly until that one fated day..... Friday The 13th, where the devil will be free to slay.....

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