The Andromeda Galaxy has been freed of toxic radiation by The Q..... Admiral William T. Riker, is offered a look at this new galaxy that has been a mystery to the Federation for so many years..... There is a catch however.....From this day forward, one of the Q must be on-board federation vessels as an advisor to the Continuum..... Another, they must hunt down the Anti-Q; who will turn out to be somebody they have dealt with before.....

Scifi / Adventure
Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

Prologue: Expedition Class Enterprise

Admiral William T. Riker looked on the new Enterprise a little disgusted by the ship's design. The ship, she was much smaller than his Enterprise. The man had to continually remind himself that this was necessary for the engineering of the new engine systems.

The NCC 1701-F, she was to be the first vessel that supports the Cochrane/ Laforge trans-dimensional space fold drive.

Riker, he was finding that little of the Federation's current issues held any real interests for him. The man now in his mid sixties, he had become a solemn and lonely man. Deanna, she had moved on to the heart's interest of another. His ship, The USS Enterprise E; after receiving his promotion from commander to captain, it was all he had.

Jean Luc Picard, he did not like thinking about the events that took place on that fateful day. He pretty much kept this event to himself, for on the captain's passing; he blamed himself.

Having had his fill with inspections for the day, Admiral William T. Riker retired quickly to his quarters. The man, he was now ready for a few hours sleep. Tomorrow, he had to ride aboard the new Enterprise to over see her brand new crew in operation.

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