The serpent unmasked, the rose of the desert leading her people on an assault against the soldiers of S.P.E.C.T.R.E's underwater sanctuary, and Bond is back in action..... Terminus launches..... Can James Bond and his allies stop the firing of Terminus to prevent doomsday, when the gathered governments are bound by international law to accept the demands of Bastion; for the protection of innocent lives?

Action / Thriller
Robert Alan Ryder
5.0 1 review
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Q, was grudgingly silent. The man tied to a chair in what appears to be a darkened storage locker unit.

"..... So, Q? How goes your first day in the field? Felix Leiter questioned wise.

"..... Actually Felix, It has had its drawbacks....."

"..... I didn't think anybody would be able to follow me....."

The storage unit flickered to dim-lit illumination by the remote activation of a wall mounted monitor screen. The one known only as The Director, his face hidden by shadow and his voice masked by digital synthesized alteration; now spoke to the two.

"Congratulations gentlemen..... The Terminus Codex is once again in our possession, and the specialist that you had sought to conceal from us, under joint operation intelligence protection; this person too is now ours to do with as we please....."

Q, looked on the man being concealed by dubbing of shadow whimsically. The master brain of MI-6's own research and development branch smiled wide.

"..... I know who you are..... You are much more than just the voice of S.P.E.C.T.R.E..... You are Stavro Blofeld's son....."

Felix now looked on the man hiding in shadow, a look of surprise on the man's face.

"Now that I don't even think Bond could have seen coming....."

"..... Well then? There is no further need for this charade....."

The Director calmly shut down his digital security safeguards.

"..... Holy Crap! You look just like your old man....." Felix commented on sight of the bald headed man.

"..... I shall take that as a compliment..... Without the need of gratifying your curiosities further with an unnecessary elongated speech on how you will not be able to stop me; and on how your licenses will be revoked with your untimely demises, I will just do away with the both of you..... How long can you gentlemen hold your breath?"

The monitor screen powered down. The sounds of valves opening quickly announce in reckoning the fate of the two. The sealed storage locker unit slowly filling with water.

"..... Q?"

"..... Felix?"

"Next time, stick to the branch; please?"

"..... We'll see Felix....."

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