Man-beasts, abominations of magic; created from a mystical fusing of beast and of man stalk the lands. For Randor and for his two children, there are only his royal guard to protect his realm..... For he is king of ETERNIA, and his reign will soon be challenged by the rising of the forces of evil and of darkness..... One man heralded to be the most powerful man in the universe, to rise up in defense of the realm..... He is known as Titus, a He-man from a far off land..... And Titus' story will soon be shared by one other, For he has unknowing to him, a twin brother that has been born of the gods of old.....

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Prologue: The Sorceress

The sorceress, she grew tired; for in her later years, she knew her time was near end..... With her last breath she uttered words that carried slowly upon the winds.....

The defenses of the ancient castle, they will remain empowered by the cosmic forces that have been so focused in protecting the castle's secrets....

The sorceress knows that this power, it will only protect the secrets of Greyskull for so long..... And this ancient influences of barriers divine, they will soon fall as did the gods that created them.....

Her weakened words, they call to one whom would be a power against the rising of darkness, an evil of primordial influences that will soon take reign of ETERNOS, in an attempt to control over the planet's many influences.....

The evil one's rising; it is to be marked by hordes of primordial man-beasts, and by the raising of the lord of the mountain of serpents, and finally by the rising of the spawn of the evil gods of old and of all of his unholy brood.....

"..... Titus..... He-man of Denaria...... The whims of the Cosmic Enforcers now bid on me to call on you.... Come hither, He-man of Denaria..... To ETERNIA..... The land that wakes....."

Her energies of mystical influence that had kept her corporeal for so many years past that of a mortal's existence now depleted, the sorceress is drawn slowly to the catacombs beneath the castle, where she now must rest for 100 years.....

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