Chapter One: Prince of Eternia

Screams and cries of pain filled the air. One small town only a few miles from the Royal Palace under raiding attack by an enemy most brutal.

Fangs bare and gnash, and claws rip and tear at the townsfolk’s flesh. The beast-men knowing no mercy. Savage and animalistic hairy brutes. The only thoughts on their minds, are the fresh kills of their hunt.

A young woman ran with an infant child in her arms. Her husband leaped out before her in an attempt to confront the mongrel that now laid eyes on her, a sword clenched in his right hand.

This one man, bold and skilled in the art of sword’s use, he fairs no better than the rest of his people. The man is literally torn apart, as he is not confronted by the one beast-man but by three.

The mongrels now surrounded the woman. Over her head a great falcon graced the mongrels with her presence. the falcon swooped down. the mother handing the falcon her child.

“..... Goddess Zoar? My child, with my blessings.....”

The falcon grabbed gentle hold of the wrapped infant as the beast-men that surrounded the mother now sought to savage her. Tearing at her clothes, biting and ripping at the mothers’ naked flesh; the beast-men made feast of the woman.

The great falcon looked down upon the infant, a single tear dropped from her eye. The child now fell into a mystical sleep. The falcon flying southeast to the Royal Palace.

The knights of Eternia arrived to late to save the town. The people were massacred, the walls and the structures were set ablaze. The evil mongrel brutes disappeared into the forest.

Duncan, the strongest and bravest of the knights bowed his head in silent grieving over the fallen. The man heard the calling of the great falcon. His eyes cast on the infant child being carried to safety. The knight now brazen with raised vigor. The captain of the knights turned to his soldiers.

“..... Into the forest..... We will find the beast-man’s lair, and make well certain; this vile enactment upon the innocent never happens again....”

As the knights turned away from the carnage, Duncan failed to recognize a sign. The infant child’s mother, the fatal wound she received in her neck before the beast-men had fed on the majority of her remains; the blood spilled had taken on the odd shape of a skull.

Dropping low into the palace’s perimeter, the great falcon swooped gracefully down to the queen’s chamber. Gently laying the infant child in bed beside the sleeping queen, the falcon was fast gone as the queen slowly awoke from sleep. The goddess Zoar, she now flew to the north.

The queen of Eternia picked up the infant child gently, the woman immediately recognizing the mystical teardrop upon the child’s forehead.

“..... You are a miracle divine small one..... My husband Randor and I, have been unable to berth a child of our own..... I will raise you as my own son..... Adam of the gods..... As you grow, you will be heir to the throne. You will be prince of Eternia.....”

Marlena raised Adam to her right breast. The infant child drinking of its need. The queen rocked the child gently. Of his timely coming, the events that took place have been foreseen.....

The beast-men massacre, it happened twenty years passed. the mongrels strangely disappeared..... That is, until today....

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