Chapter Three: God Hordak

"There is no escape Zodac...... My troopers are indestructible..... Each created with a portion of my own power....."

"..... Maybe Hordak, bet they lack of any real intelligence....."

With the press of a button, Zodac's pulsating mace reconfigured its structural design to bond with his right arm. Drawing on his own cosmic energies, Zodac laid down a barrage of suppression fire with his symbiotic fusion blaster.

One by one, the troopers fell. Aurora turned; the woman concerned over her husband's safety.

"..... Fear not of my protection Aurora..... These mindless automatons and their fool of a self proclaimed deity are no match for the order of cosmic infinity....."

"..... Zodac? Modulok, he has found us!"

"The Horde's reaper eh? Well, no matter..... He'll not stop us..... Are you ready my love?"

"..... Yes..... The gate, it is opening..... Hurry Zodac....."

As the last trooper falls, the metamorphic demi-humanoid manifested in a series of extended biomechanical segments before the Cosmic Enforcer.

"..... No where to run enforcer..... You are the last, and now it is time for your fall..... None stand before Modulok and live....."

The metamorph created multiple limbs telepathically from individual segments of its biomechanical body.

Four segmented serpentine limbs uncoiled as the stretched outward to lash on the Cosmic Enforcer.

Zodac dodged the reapers limbs and fired at the metamorphic entity to no avail. Modulok anticipating and countering each and every move.

Fortunately for Zodac, he was not alone.

Modulok began to convulse as his unnatural body was racked with pain. Charged lightning was slowly ripping through its biomechanical circuits.

Hordak scowled on the malfunctioning reaper in silence. Aurora quickly pulled her husband into the gate.

God Hordak turned away from the sparking and twitching reaper in silence. He has failed, and one Cosmic Enforcer yet lives.

Fields of energy surrounded his material presence, Hordak drawn quickly into his own gate. The god of chaos now raged.

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