Chapter Six: The Mystic Mountains

The Celestial Caverns, the ley-route vein work system nestled deep within The Mystic Mountains.

Zodac stirred from sleep.

Aurora nearby, rushed to her husband's aid.

"..... Zodac, I am here..... We escaped....."

"...... Yes...... I sense it..... the power of cosmic forces from days long past..... Hordak cannot find us here....."

Zodac rose slowly to his feet, his legs weakened from flight and from combat.

"..... Need more rest..... But I feel something more..... a power of exceptional berth..... It calls to me..... Can this be?"

"..... It is as you sense it mighty Zodac..... Greyskull has risen, and the one chosen now rides to his day of destiny....."

"..... You must take me there Aurora..... There are more forces drawn here to the Mystic Mountains than that which is good....."

"..... I will place you within a cocoon of rejuvenating hibernation, and levitate your body in tow.....Do not worry my husband..... No evil shall lay hands on the power of the ancients..... The chosen one, he is descendant of the lion, and none shall defeat him....."

While the last of the cosmic enforcers returned to a position of resting sleep, The Sorceress called upon her power of casting in enhanced healing influences.

Zodac, is slowly surrounded by an aura of positive healing energy, and levitated; floating close behind The Sorceress, as if being towed forward upon the latch of an invisible leash.

The quiet of The Celestial Caverns, quickly calmed the woman, she too was in need of rest. Determination alone will guide her and her husband to an ancient castle of times long passed..... Greyskull.....

The Barrens of Ascullia.

Four horned beasts of burden tote a black carriage adorned with crimson skulls.

The woman driver shrouded in a cloak of darkness, looked back upon that of her precious cargo: one large obsidian sarcophagus adorned with carved etchings in symbolization of mystical runes, and that of the head of the ram upon the coffin's lid.

The woman named Serese, pushed the beasts onward, there endurance necessary to traverse the hazardous terrain presented by the barrens. No other known creature capable of surviving the toxic wastes, fuming with noxious gasses.

Serese looked fast to the darkened sky. One large black hawk, the woman's eyes; as she maintains focus of a continual spell of enhanced sight. Serese, in the eyes of all that know of her; label her as being a witch, and a powerful adversary in the mystical influences of the crafting arts.

The low peaks of The Mystic Mountains witnessed by assimilation through the eyes of her great black hawk, give her sight of their intended target.

Serese recalls her companion in silence, her thoughts reaching out to that of the companion's. The great black falcon, Screech slowly returned to its master.

The witch now contemplates on their pending passage through Adrienos. The Adrienids are not too fond of the workings in magical arts. Their people would likely bar her passage.

This is unacceptable, but by the woman's understanding; preferred over the route through The Evergreen Forest. Within so great and dense the territory that emits so powerful the influences positive of active natural magic, she and her lord and master will be powerless against any and all enemies.

Both options holding no welcoming of acceptance in her thoughts, Serise now considered a third option.

The Underworld Realm of the Caligars

The Caligars, mindless brutes of her understanding; they may be, but they will not dare bar her passage; for they have a healthy fear of witchcraft and especially of sorcery.

"..... Screech? Lead me to an entry of The Caligar's Underworld..... We shall take an alternate route....."

The great black hawk shrieked in compliance of the witch's demands. The great avian once again taking flight. Soon, her lord and master will awaken, and he will need a means of restoring his power.

The energies within The Mystic Mountains will increase his power thousands fold.

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