Chapter Seven: Adam Prince of Eternia

102 A.S (After Separation)

Seventh Month of Jewels

Sixteenth day of Nobility Raised

The sounds of ringing palace alarm bells awaken the newly to be ordained prince from a deepened sleep.

Adam, his rest has been regularly tormented by strange dreams surrounding a castle forged and raised of an ancient mountain. Its drawbridge one seemingly of a dull bone-work jaw from that of an oversized skull.

Within the darkened corridors of the eerie castle is a woman of radiant light that seems at being more god than mortal.

Rubbing the sleepiness from his eyes, Adam quickly changed from his sleeping garments to his trousers and tunic. Grabbing instinctively for his sword and sheath, the prince heir apparent to the kingdom of Eternia is fast to respond. Or at least he would be seen as one of the first responders to the call to arms if the door to his chambers had not been bolted locked from the other side.

Frustrated, Adam kicked the door. One of the palace's royal guards immediately entered his room and eyed the young prince of rising teen years.

"..... Is everything well my lord? I heard something hit the door?"

"No! I am not well..... Why is my door locked and why are you guarding my chambers?"

Before the guardsman could answer the prince's question, the sounds of armored booted feet slowly approaching from the main hall walk announced the arrival of one other.

Adam listened carefully on the familiar gruff voice from the kingdom's Master of Arms.

"Stand aside guardsman..... It was yet another false alarm."

The guardsman quickly saluted his superior and returned to position of his regular daily duties.

Duncan looked on the angered prince warily.

"Are you ready to continue your training?"

Adam relaxed as he exited his chambers.

"..... Are you not to call me sir, or lord, or prince?"

Duncan chuckled deeply on this notion and slapped the young prince on the back.

"I do not feel as if I know you that well Adam to call you prince, or lord, or sir."

"What good is training Duncan, if I cannot fight?"

".... Your father, he must do all he can to protect you Adam..... be patient, there will come time where you must fight; and then you may wish you never had."

Adam now chuckled on the words of his aging mentor.

"You sound like you are getting old Master of Arms."

Duncan smiled and let the prince out the doors and into the courtyard.

"Do not let Teela hear you say that....."

"Hear what father?"

The two were now approached by the young woman in question.

The sixteen year old red headed athletic girl standing straight and tall next to her father. Duncan merely cleared his throat.

"Let us get on with the day's lessons."


To many, it is a place of fascination in the telling of stories and of legends.....

Within the ancient castle's silenced walls and darkened halls there is time and space gathered and collected in power of influence over the cosmos' infinite existence.....

The ancient keepers that once protected the castle becoming the heart of the nonliving fortress of mortar and of chip-worked stone....

The heart of the castle, it was now beginning to beat in a rhythmic percussion of drumming symphonic resonating from the one that now awakens within the ancient crypts down deep.....

Of radiant light she again lives.....

Of power in control of cosmic influence, The Sorceress will once again reign.....

Of many evils seeking to steal the power of her possession will she soon face......

Of many masters of their own fate will she be fast to call to her aid.....

Of one chosen shall she put faith in, for this one is to be heralded as hero by rightful birth and claim.....

For this one, is the blood of the half man half god legend known as Titus, the defender of Eternos; and from his lineage a new hero, and perhaps even two will now be raised......

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