Terror ✮ Jerome Valeska [1]


Just before I head into the back room, I catch a flash of a dangerous ginger. The great psychopath himself is here. Jerome Valeska. The one who has never lost anything but his life, and his face. Accalia is the adopted daughter of Detective James Gordon, but her true lineage is simple. The daughter of Theo Galavan roams Gotham’s streets and none realise it. Her being alive is a miracle, after all, she has killed many a man and woman to get what she wants. She has know the ‘Ginger Maniac’ for many years. The psycho who killed his parents is basically her older sister. The big ‘brute’ that killed his entire family is the older brother she never had. The schizophrenic male will eventually come clean about everything, and that’s what she is waiting for. The cannibal just creeps her the hell out. Some things never change, and that includes where Accalia’s heart truly lies. © nogitsunechey 2018

Horror / Romance
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Hey superwolves!

I know. I have a lot of other stories to work on, but this one has been bugging me ever since I watched the first season of Gotham. I had to get it out some time.

Alright, as you know, I have written a short story called ’Second Best [Gotham]’. My friend convinced me to make it into an actual book. So, you can blame this one on her if you’d like. When she came to me with the idea, I decided to make it a Jerome Valeska book because, come on, who doesn’t love the Ginger Maniac? He’s an obsession of mine, and so is his goddamn twin brother. Thus, here is the new story.

Before officially starting this story, I’d like to say that none of the characters of Gotham belong to me and all credit goes to DC Comics and the creators of Gotham. All rights and ownership goes to the creators of Gotham and DC Comics.

This story is purely fictional and any similarities to past or present events is purely accidental, as with any similarities to people whom you may know. All characters that do not belong to Gotham and DC Comics are of my own creation and are not to be copied under any circumstances.

No events that should happen to occur in this story are to be copied in any way, shape or form as I have worked on this story for ages. If any part of this story is found to be in another, or if any of my characters have been taken and used in other stories, then you are going against the copyright laws and can be fined.

- Chey xo -

© nogitsunechey
January 2018

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