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In which Seo Yeon who's known for the most cold harted daughter of a CEO meets the warm and bubbly superstar Kim Taehyung. What will happen when they actually is a mirror of each other selves? The both of them are basically the same. They’re always well dressed, they’re the “visuals”, and they both powerful in their own league. People said, that if two powerful things merge into one, they’ll tearing each other apart. So that there’ll be only one that can have the power. In this case, people said they both will ended up hurting each other because they’re way too different and too powerful to become one. But is that true?

Romance / Drama
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“The thing is I think all of this things happen because of fate, I never believe in fate. But then this happen, so I guess I have to believe it now.”

“I know what all those people said behind our back, they said that she’s too cold for him, and he’s too childish for her. And they both are powerful in they’re own league.”

“They said that two powerful things can’t merge into one, because they’ll ended up tearing each other apart. So that there’ll be only one that can have the power. In this case, they’ll ended up hurting each other. That’s what those people said behind our back, well pretty much like that.”

“She’s gonna be the one who hurting him, I was like ‘oh really?’ but I decided to ignore it.”

“She’s might be an ice queen on the outside, but who knews she’s actually very warm inside. If you didn’t believe me, ask the others they’re very clingy to her because she is actually that great towards people.”

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