Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 10

"Evangeline, are you excited to stay with daddy and I?" Juliet asked as Andy drove with caution, his eyes occasionally looked at the rear view mirror to watch the car behind him who seemed a little too close for his liking. He had two hands gripped firmly onto the steering wheel, and he watched the traffic lights and speed limit signs like a hawk. Call him crazy if you must, but he calls himself a protective caring father. Evangeline was in the back seat, buckled securely in her car seat, which Andy was getting better at doing, she had a smile on her face that Andy noticed looked similar to Ariel's and she held onto her teddy bear with a tight grip. And as for Juliet, she was on her iPhone scrolling through her Twitter page. She was okay with Evangeline spending the night, though she wished Andy and her talked about it before he decided to just take her with them for one night. Juliet knew Andy wanted to be with his daughter as often as he could, but she didn’t know if the house was safe enough for a three year old. She didn’t even think the house was clean enough.
“Yeah,” Evangeline replied, Andy smiled softly as he felt like he was making his little girl happy. “daddy?”
“Yes, sweetheart?” Andy responded as soon as she finished calling him.
“Will crow be there?” she asked him, he nodded with a smile.
“Crow will always be there, baby.”
Andy smiled as he flicked on the blinker, then made a careful turn as he pulled into a grocery store’s parking lot. He knew he needed some things for Evangeline, such as something to drink and maybe a snack, because he guarantees Ariel wouldn’t appreciate if he filled their daughter up with caffeine for the night. He wouldn’t even appreciate it, he knew better than that, even if he hasn’t been a father long. He found an empty parking space close to the door, he didn’t want to walk far. He cut off the engine, then attached his key chain to his jeans so he didn’t have to carry them. He unbuckled his seat belt, then looked at Juliet.
“Are you coming in?”
“Yeah, I’ll come.” she replied, she slid her phone back into her purse that sat on the floor then opened the door. Evangeline waited patiently, looking at her father’s figure as he opened the back door and appear in front of her with a smile.
“Did you think we were leaving you?” he asked as he unbuckled her, she shook her head.
“No daddy.”
“Good, because we’ll never leave you.” he told her, he kissed her forehead as he picked her up. He set her down on her feet in front of him then took her small hand in his, she looked around the parking lot, seeing other people and cars. She liked to look at things, and figure things out. Andy shut the door then began to walk as she followed with her hand grasping his tightly, they seemed like a family, walking in a small line. Evangeline held Andy’s left hand, and Juliet held his right. Once they entered the grocery store Juliet grabbed a small basket, she figured they may need it. Evangeline followed Andy to the drink aisle and when they found the juices, Andy looked at her.
“What do you like, Evangeline?”
“Apple juice!” she replied excitedly, he chuckled then grabbed a big bottle of apple juice and placed it in the basket.
“What now baby?” Juliet asked, he leaned down and scooped Evangeline up into his arms.
“We’ll look at the snacks and see if they have anything she might like,” he said as he walked off and she followed. “do you need anything?”
“No I’m fine.”
They made their way to the snack aisle and decided on animal crackers, and chopped up fruit in a cup, then made their way to the checkout and stood in line.
“Oh, my god!” squealed a female’s voice, Andy knew that sound anywhere. Someone recognized him or Juliet. A fan. “you’re Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides!”
Andy turned his head to see a female approaching him and she was wearing a Black Veil Brides shirt with his face on it, her hazel eyes showed tears, and he smiled.
“I am.”
“Can I please get a picture with you, none of my friends will believe me if I told them I met you!” she said, he laughed and nodded then set Evangeline down on her feet. She looked up at her father a little confused and watched him take a picture with the girl, they talked for a minute or two, then she went on her way and it was their turn to check out. No one else recognized them, so they got out pretty quickly and got into the car before a fan noticed them outside. They arrived at the house before two thirty and when they stepped into the house, Crow greeted them immediately and Evangeline squealed and picked him up. She carried him around for a while and when Andy called her for lunch she rushed into the dining room and took a seat at the dining table where he placed her sippy cup - that Ariel packed - filled with apple juice in front of her, and a plate of a small cut up sandwich. She grabbed her cup quickly and turned it up, chugging the juice to end her thirst. As she did this, Andy sat down beside her with a plate himself. He made himself a huge sandwich and BBQ chips surrounded it, and he had a tall glass of ice water.
“Thirsty?” Andy asked as his daughter set her half empty cup down, she nodded and picked up her sandwich and took a bite.
“Are you going on tour with daddy, Evangeline?” Juliet asked as she sat down at the table too, Andy took a big bite out of his sandwich and began chewing while in thought. Juliet hasn’t mentioned the tour since he told her Ariel was going too, she’s been packing for the both of them, but she hasn’t spoken one word to him about anything.
“Yeah.” Evangeline replied.
“Are you excited?”
Evangeline nodded. “Yeah.”
Juliet frowned in some sort as she realized Evangeline was being short with her, and she couldn’t understand why. Surely Evangeline didn’t dislike her already? Once lunch was finished, she headed upstairs to get a shower and finish packing, and she wanted a quiet alone place to think. She disappeared upstairs and Andy watched her, and waited until he heard the door shut with a thump, then he looked at Evangeline who sat on the couch beside him watching Tom & Jerry. He smiled in thought, did he really bring this girl into this world? He didn’t give birth to her, but he helped create her.
“Daddy?” she asked, interrupting his thoughts.
She got up on her knees and smiled as she reached out and grabbed his wrists, he let her of course, and she lifted his hands and held them up to his face and pushed them forward to cover his eyes. He got the idea immediately and covered his eyes and once he did, she took off to hide and he began counting.
“One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten, ready or not here I come!” he removed his hands then jumped up from the couch, he thought for a minute or two when he decided to look in the kitchen. But she wasn’t there. So, he looked in the laundry room but came out empty. He looked through the living room, but she wasn’t there neither. So, he headed upstairs, looking through closets and small spaces where she could hide. He looked through bedrooms, the songwriting/instrument room, but nothing. He opened the bedroom door and saw Juliet standing in front of the dresser with a towel wrapped around her body, looking for clothes.
“Did Evangeline run in here?” he asked, she looked at him a little confused.
“No, why would she?”
“We’re playing hide and seek, and she’s a damn good hider.”
“I haven’t seen her, but I only just got out of the shower.” she said with a shrug of her shoulders, he entered the bedroom and opened his closet. He pushed back clothes, but nothing.
“You don’t think she ran outside did you?” he asked her, shutting the closet door.
“Surely her mother taught her better than that.” Juliet mumbled, Andy didn’t say a word. He looked at the king size bed, then dropped down, looking under it but saw nothing. His daughter wasn’t in this room, nor any other room in the house. Unless, she hid herself pretty well. He walked out of the bedroom, looking in different places, same places he’s already looked and possibly overlooked, and places he should’ve looked. The best thing about her hiding skill, if there was ever a break in and he told her to hide, they wouldn’t find her.
“Either, you’re good at hiding Evangeline or I suck at this game,” he mumbled to himself, walking out of the bathroom. “Evangeline! Come out, come out, wherever you are!” he called out, but nothing. He headed downstairs and spotted Crow sitting on the floor in the hallway, licking his paw. “where is she Crow?”
All he did was look at Andy, so Crow was no help there. Andy entered the kitchen again, looking around carefully just in case he spotted something out of the ordinary but he was losing. He had lost his daughter. Not in the bad way, but the way he couldn’t find her. Crow walked into the kitchen - as Andy looked in the laundry room again - and meowed loudly to get Andy’s attention. He turned his head to see Crow sitting in front of a cabinet door, staring at him. At first he didn’t think anything of it, but he knew his cat was smart, and maybe Crow was trying to give away Evangeline’s hiding spot. He approached the cabinet, gripped the door, and slowly opened it and spotted Evangeline sitting there. He began laughing.
“You’re so small you can fit inside my cabinet,” he said as she crawled out with a smile. “you’re good at this game.”
“Momma says it too!” she said excitedly, he lowered his hand down and she gave him a high five. “you go daddy!”
“Oh, I get to hide now?” she nodded and pushed his legs to get him moving. “okay okay, I’m going.” he told her with a laugh, she covered her eyes with her small hands and he walked off to hide. He was trying not to be too loud, yet he was trying to hide very quickly. He knew he was too long and big to hide under beds, so he hid in a closet in the corner and waited. Evangeline uncovered her eyes once she reached twenty, she was still learning how to count and she was getting better at it, but she still had her flaws. She looked around the kitchen, then took off running as Crow followed. She glanced in the living room, not even bothering to look at possible spaces. She headed upstairs, holding onto the railings. She made her way down the hall when Juliet walked out of the bedroom and spotted her, she smiled.
“Hey Evangeline, what are you doing?”
“Looking for daddy.” she responded as she reached up and tried to grab a door handle, after a few attempts she finally opened the closet door and didn’t see Andy.
“Oh, do you want me to help?” Juliet asked, Evangeline shook her head side to side quickly as her braided hair whipped back and forth.
“No, no thank you.” Evangeline responded and began walking down the hallway, looking into rooms. She entered one room and decided to have a good look, she looked under the bed, behind the opened door, then glanced at the closet door to see it was halfway closed. She smiled and ran towards it, opening the door by the crack it left and saw her father standing in the corner.
“You found me!” he said, then picked her up quickly and ran towards the bed and dropped her on it carefully and began tickling her. She started laughing, tossing and turning, wanting him to stop. Right then, he found out his daughter was ticklish.
“Daddy!” she squealed through giggles, turning over onto her side. Andy stopped as if he’s never tickled her.
“Stop!” she demanded, holding up her small hand. He raised his eyebrows.
“Stop what, I’m not doing anything.”
“Oh this?” he asked, then started tickling her hips again and she started laughing and eventually he stopped. “was that what you were talking about?”
“Yes, stop!”
“Okay okay I’ll stop.” he said and removed his hands. She got up from the bed and ran out of the room quickly, Andy sighed and shook his head, his daughter had energy. He got up and walked after her, heading downstairs to find her standing at the living room’s doorway in freeze-mode. He narrowed his eyebrows in confusion, but heard the sound of guitar and Juliet’s voice. Evangeline turned her head and looked at Andy, but he couldn’t read her expression. He leaned down and picked her up, walking into the living room to sit beside Juliet as she played and sang. She suddenly stopped and looked at them both with a blushing smile, she always blushed when Andy sat down to hear her sing.
“What are you doing?” she asked, looking into his deep blue eyes.
“Well, we’re listening to you play,” Andy replied while sitting Evangeline on his lap. “do you care to play Evangeline a song?”
“No I do not,” she replied with a smile, then began thrumming on her guitar strings. “I remember when I was just fifteen, I moved to LA with my rock and roll big dreams, they said “good luck, it’s tougher than it seems, so step up or go home.” I didn’t know that I would sometimes be hungry, I didn’t know I would miss my bed when I sleep, I told my mom and my dad that I was happy, but I never felt so lonely. Eight years I’m a warrior, and I’m still here, fighting for the glory, you don’t know half of it. Story of my life, poison the hero, back down to zero, no consequence at all and it only lights my fire. What doesn’t kill me just makes me stronger, I’d rather be free to fail and that’s the story of my life. Waking up I have a headache, and I’m running late, my car won’t start, and my tags aren’t up to date I can’t decide if it’s destiny or just fate? When will I get my break? Living in a wonderland, playing shoots and ladders, back to the beginning, you don’t know half of it. Story of my life, poison the hero, back down to zero, no consequence at all and it only lights my fire. What doesn’t kill me just makes me stronger, I’d rather be free to fail and that’s the story of my life. This is it, in this moment, I’m standing on top of the stars. This is it, and I know it, it’s my turn to shine out the dark. ‘Cause I’m letting your hold, I’m letting it go, as far and as high as the depths of my soul. This is it, in this moment, I’m ready to show the whole world. I’ve waited all my life, poison the hero, back down to zero, no consequence at all. Story of my life, poison the hero, back down to zero, no consequence at all and it only lights my fire. What doesn’t kill me just makes me stronger, I’d rather be free to fail, and that’s the story of my life.” she sang, Andy smiled once the song ended and he looked down at his daughter who was looking at his sleeve of tattoos.
“What did you think, Evangeline?” he asked her, she looked up at him then clapped. Juliet smiled.
“Aw, I think that was an approval.”
“You may have a new little fan, babe.” Andy said as Evangeline tossed to turn around and look at him, he let her of course, letting her stand in his lap and play with his hair. She was a hair player, whenever she had the chance and whenever she was in the mood, she played with Ariel’s hair.
“Maybe she’ll be a wild child?” Juliet said, using one of her song titles. Andy shook his head, then looked at her seriously.
“Not with my daughter.”
“Daddy, will you sing?” Evangeline asked, Andy couldn’t turn that down, especially if it was his daughter asking for him to sing.
“Heaven’s gone, the battle’s won. I had to say goodbye. Lived and learned from every fable, written by your mind and I wonder how to move on from all I had inside. Place my cards upon the table, in blood I draw the line, I’ve given all my pride. Living a life of misery, always there, just underneath, haunting me, quietly alone. It’s killing me, killing me. Dead and gone, what’s done is done, you were all I had become,” he sang softly, then tapped her nose and made her giggle. “I’m letting go of what I once believed, so goodbye agony. I watch the stars and setting suns as the years as passing by, I never knew that hope was fatal, until I looked it in the eye. And now I’m not sure I am able to reach the other side, casting out the light. Living a life of misery, always there, just underneath, haunting me, quietly alone. It’s killing me, killing me. Dead and gone, what’s done is done, you were all I had become, I’m letting go of what I once believed. So goodbye agony. Goodbye agony. Not alone in forgiving, the faithful and the blind, innocence is forsaken, I leave them all behind, and then I see that even angels never die. Living a life of misery, always there, just underneath, haunting me, quietly alone. It’s killing me, killing me. Dead and gone, what’s done is done, you were all I had become, I’m letting go of what I once believed, so goodbye agony.. Goodbye agony.. Goodbye agony.”
Evangeline smiled then started clapping.
“Did you like it?” he asked her, she nodded.
“Yes daddy.”
“I’m glad you did, it’s from my new album.”
“Oh?” she said, looking at his face then her mouth opened in a perfect O and she yawned.
“I think someone needs a nap,” Andy said, she looked at him a little tired and he knew she ran herself out by playing earlier. “I’m going to put her down for a nap, I’ll be back.” Andy told Juliet, he picked Evangeline up then walked out of the living room with her bag in his grasp. He walked upstairs to the guest bedroom, deciding this was a good place for her, plus the mattress on this bed was comfortable. He sat her on the edge of the bed and helped her untie her sneakers and take them off, he pulled back the blankets and she climbed in and he covered her up. Once she was tucked he walked over to the window and closed the curtains so the sun didn’t disrupt her nap time.
“Daddy?” she said, he turned and looked at her.
“Yes, Evangeline?”
“Stay with me?” she asked, he couldn’t turn her down. He smiled then laid down on the bed beside her, on top of the blankets then faced her with a smile. He watched her cuddle her teddy bear and eventually she was fast asleep, which gave him the opportunity to leave. He kissed her forehead softly, climbed up from the bed without making noise, then exited the room, closing the door halfway. So far so good, he thought as he walked downstairs to join Juliet again. She heard him behind her and lifted her head and saw Evangeline wasn’t with him.
“Is she asleep?”
“Out like a light.” Andy replied with a proud smile, he thought he was getting good at this dad thing.
“I don’t think she likes me.”
“Juliet, she barely knows you. Give her time.”
“But, what if she never likes me?” Juliet asked, Andy gave her a look as if she was insane.
“Babe, please don’t worry about it.”
“I can’t help it,” she mumbled, then looked down at her lyrics. “I just don’t want her to hate me, since she’s your daughter.”
Andy understood what she meant but he wished she wouldn’t worry so much about it, Evangeline will warm up to her, and when she does Andy was positive she will love Juliet.

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