Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 11

The couple were in the kitchen at six thirty cooking dinner, tonight was something simple and what was more simple than macaroni & cheese? Plus, they decided on that because Evangeline was spending the night. She was still out like a light in the guest bedroom, Andy had checked on her several times and every time he opened the door she was either laying on her side or back. The teddy bear had fallen off the bed and onto the floor several times as well, but he always picked it up and placed it back beside her. He also learned she snores too, not loud though and it was the cutest snore he's ever heard. He sat at the island as Juliet stirred the macaroni, and they had small conversation as she cooked.
"Are you excited for tour?" she asked him, he was surprised she was mentioning that. The tour would start in just under 5 weeks, not long after Evangeline's birthday.
"I am actually, I'm just hoping the army likes the new songs."
"They will, they love your songs." Juliet told him, he smiled.
"Let's just hope they don't hate this album."
"I seriously doubt they could baby, don't beat yourself up over it when it's not even released yet. Hell, I haven't even heard it yet. Yet the song you sang to Evangeline, was beautiful."
"Thank you," he said with a smile, he picked up a chip which he was snacking on and tossed it at her. "is my dinner ready yet, woman?!"
She picked up the chip and shook her head. "Does it look ready yet, man?!"
"No, because you're not cooking it. You're just standing there!" he snapped playfully, she put her hand on her hip and gave him a look. "I love you." he said, trying to cool the heat. She laughed.
"I love you too."
"Let shadow's die so I can feel alive, a church of lives can't tell me what is right!" That was Andy's ringtone, he turned his head and picked up his phone to see Ariel was calling him. He didn't hesitate to answer it, because he knew why she was calling him.
"Hey, what are you up to?" her voice came through, he heard music in the background and voices.
"Waiting for my woman to fix my food," he replied and saw Juliet shake her head. "where are you at, a club?"
Ariel laughed. "Yeah right, but we're at a restaurant. Whitney basically begged to get out of the hotel room, so we decided to go out to eat instead of ordering room service. What's Evangeline up to?"
"She's napping, which she has been for a while though. I'm going to wake her up in a minute."
"For a while? What did you do to my daughter, Andrew Biersack? She only naps for an hour when she's with me!"
Andy laughed. "Well after we left the hotel we went to the grocery store, then we came home and played hide and seek. And let me tell you, for a three year old she hides pretty well. She got tired afterwards, so I laid her down and she's been asleep since." he told her, she laughed.
"She's an expert at hide and seek, she loves that game. Is she behaving though?"
"Don't worry about that, she's being good."
"Do you have the heart to discipline her if she misbehaves?" she asked, Andy opened his mouth to respond but before he did he bit his bottom lip.
"Um," he began then paused. "no."
"I know," he said, running his fingers through his hair. "how do you do it though?"
"It's something I have to do Andrew, because I know if I do it she'll grow up to be an amazing woman. If she misbehaves put her in a corner for three minutes, I'm doing it by her age. And when her time ends, take her out of the corner and let her know what she did wrong, and make her apologize."
"Where did you learn that from?" he asked her in curiosity, it sounded like she had this parent thing in better hands than he did.
"My mom taught me that trick, and it works."
"I guess I can do that." he said as he watched Juliet pour the macaroni into the strainer.
"Good, tell her I love her when she wakes up. Call me if you need me."
"I will, have fun at your restaurant. I'll see you tomorrow."
"Okay," she said but then she remembered something. "wait Andy!"
"We need to discuss her birthday."
"We will, I won't forget."
"Good, thank you. Bye Andy."
"Bye Ariel," he said then hung up, he laid his phone down then got up. "I'm going to go wake Evangeline."
"Okay." Juliet replied as he walked off, he headed upstairs, down the hall towards the closed guest bedroom door. He gripped the door knob and turn, pushing the door open he stepped inside the darkened room. He reached the bed and flicked on the lamp on the nightstand, and there his daughter was, asleep on her side facing him. He smiled and shook her slightly, seeing her eyes opening.
"Wake up Evangeline," he said, she rubbed her eyes with her small hands and looked at him tiredly. She made a crying noise, and he pouted his bottom lip. He pulled back the blankets and slid his hands under her, lifting her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into his neck, he began rubbing her back as he walked out of the room. "did you sleep good?"
The response he got was a small grunt, he chuckled softly.
"Are you hungry?" he asked her, she nodded slightly as he walked down the stairs, holding her with caution. Once he reached the last step he felt relieved, and headed towards the kitchen to see Juliet placing bowls on the table. He placed Evangeline in her chair and scouted it closer to the table, she looked at the bowl with suspicions but when she realized it was her favorite food, she grabbed the spoon and began eating. Andy fixed her some juice before he sat down and began eating as well, being a father was different and really life changing. He already felt his life change that day Ariel arrived at the studio and told him Evangeline was his daughter, if he hadn't recognized Ariel he probably wouldn't have believed her and demanded a DNA test. But it was obvious this little girl was his, she looked just like him. He wouldn't trade her for the world, because now, she was his world.
"Momma called, Evangeline." Andy told her, she looked up at him and her eyes were lit and there was a huge smile on her face.
"Yes momma, she said she loves you." he told, she smiled bigger and grasped her sippycup and took a long chug.
"Do you love your momma, Evangeline?" Juliet asked, she nodded as a yes.
"Why do you?" Andy asked.
"Because she's pretty!" Evangeline replied, Andy laughed.
"Because she's pretty?"
"Yes, she is very pretty."
"Do you tell her she's pretty?"
"Um," Evangeline said in thought. "no."
"Why not?"
"I dunno." she replied, sticking macaroni in her mouth. Once dinner was finished, they got comfortable on the couch and popped in a movie, and with Evangeline's choice she chose Finding Nemo. She cuddled up against her father with a blanket covering her, and watched the movie. She hardly moved, didn't speak, or anything. Andy was getting into the movie as well, it's been forever since he's watched Finding Nemo. It was eight when the movie ended and since Evangeline napped for a while, Andy decided to let her stay up and help them clean up the house before they all went to bed. She was a big helper in fact, she was doing a better job than Andy and Juliet. And when Andy decided at ten it was bed time, she didn't protest. He helped her brush her teeth, helped her into pajamas then tucked her into the bed. He kissed her forehead goodnight, then walked out of the bedroom. He made sure all the windows and doors were locked and headed back upstairs to his bedroom, where Juliet was. She was pulling back the blankets, already in her pajamas and ready to sleep.
"Is she in bed?" she asked him, he nodded as he walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth.
"Yep." he replied, grabbing his blue toothbrush and toothpaste. He brushed, then rinsed with mouthwash, then changed into his black pajama pants. He climbed into bed beside her, and she flicked off the lamp. They were quiet for a while, when Juliet spoke.
"I want to have a baby."

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