Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 12

"What?" Andy asked in shock, he couldn't believe his ears. Did she really just say she wanted to have a baby? She did. And her voice kept replaying in his head repeating those words; "I want to have a baby."
They have talked about starting a family, so it wasn't a topic that just came out of nowhere, they've talked about it before. Several times in fact. But with everything going on, tour, Juliet's new album, Evangeline and things that has just happened to Andy, was it really the time to bring a child into it all? Were they even ready, hell, he was still learning to take care of his three year old daughter and that was nothing compared to a newborn. He loved Juliet, he would love to start a family with her, to marry her. But he wanted the time to be right, when they were both ready. It would be easier if they both weren't in bands, if they both weren't in the music career, but they were and with that it came with tours, concerts, meet and greets, albums, and a whole lot of other things.
"I want to start a family," Juliet repeated in a different tone of her voice. "I want to become a mother."
"Do you really think it's the time to have a child?"

"Why wouldn't it be, baby?"

"Because of everything going on Juliet," Andy said as he sat up, he felt overwhelmed. "our careers, hell I just found out I have a daughter by a girl I barely know!"

"Andy, wouldn't you like to have a baby?"

"Of course I would, Juliet!"

"Then please think about this baby, please." Juliet begged, she sounded so serious about all of this. He swallowed hard then ran his fingers through his hair, nodding even though she couldn't see because of the pitch darkness in the room.

"I will, I promise."

"Thank you," she said then he felt her lips against his cheek. "sweet dreams, night." she rolled over onto her side and covered up comfortably as Andy laid back down slowly, he couldn't clear his mind to sleep. He tossed and turned and tossed even more, he fell asleep thinking of having a baby, and even dreamt about Juliet being pregnant/

"Daddy, wake up!" demanded a soft female voice, Andy's eyes opened slowly as the sun brightened the room and made his eyes hurt. He knew that voice anywhere, it was Evangeline's. He realized Juliet was laying beside him still asleep and he became suspicious of what time it was because Juliet was normally up around eleven thirty, but if she was still asleep he was certain it was earlier than eleven. He turned over and came face to face with Evangeline, she was sitting beside him with a smile, her black hair sticking up in all directions and it made her look even cuter. He smiled softly and tiredly, rubbing away the sand in the corners of his eyes.

"Good morning sweetheart," he said, his voice sounded deeper in the mornings and even he realized that. "sleep good?"

Evangeline nodded.

"Get up daddy."Andy smiled then lifted up, pushing himself up by his elbows. He turned his head and looked at the alarm clock on his nightstand and read the red digital numbers, 10:33 am.

"I'm up. And you're up early aren't you?"

"I am!" she said with a smile, Andy chuckled then lifted her up, he placed her on her feet then pushed the covers back and climbed out of bed. He walked out of the bedroom with Evangeline behind him, following him as quick as she could. He made his way down the stairs then turned to see she was holding onto the railing, taking careful steps with a smile. At that moment; as she concentrated on her steps, she looked like Ariel, the way her eyelids closed and opened, and the look on her face. Andy had seen that same expression on Ariel's face when she was deciding on the apartment, the concentration she held. She reached the last step and looked up at Andy with a huge smile, proud that she made it.

"You're becoming a big girl, aren't you?" he asked her as they made their way to the kitchen, Andy was going to attempt to cook breakfast. He wasn't a great cook, the last time he cooked he burnt the pizza and Juliet forbid him from the oven, but since she was asleep it may be a wonderful surprise if all goes well.

"Daddy, I am a big girl!"

"Oops, I'm sorry. But you're still my little girl." he said as he opened the refrigerator and grasped the dozen carton of eggs and the package of bacon, that was a good start he believed, plus a great breakfast.

"Daddy?" she asked as he searched for pans.

"Yes Evangeline?"

"Why ain't you and mommy together?" she asked as she turned side to side with a smile, Andy wasn't expecting that question to come so soon, but he guessed she's never asked about her father before she even knew he existed. Now that she knows who he is and she's seeing Juliet and him together, her mind is wondering why it isn't happening with her parents. She may see other kids with both of their parents and wonder why hers weren't together, it wasn't like Ariel and him used to date, it wasn't like they got a divorce or broke up and now can't stand to be around each other and whenever they were it was for Evangeline's sake. But she, of course, didn't understand any of that neither, she only knew she saw her parents apart.

"Your mommy and I are friends Evangeline, and because of that we want to keep a good friendship," he explained but wondered if she was too young to understand that. "do you have a friend?" he asked and looked at her, her face lit and she smiled big.

"Yeah!" she said then jumped, Andy smiled. "she not here, daddy."

"Well, your mommy and I are like that sweetheart. We're just good friends." he told her as he placed the frying pans on the oven's eyes then turned on the oven, he gripped a knife and cut open the bacon package.

"Don't you love mommy?"

"Of course I love your mommy," he said. "I love you both, but I love Juliet too."

"Why?" Evangeline asked, he smiled then leaned down and picked her up, placing her on a stool so they were face to face."Because Juliet makes me happy baby, and she always have."
Evangeline smiled and he chuckled then kissed her forehead, he turned away and started to cook the bacon and the sausage before he done the eggs.
Evangeline continued to sit on the stool, kicking her legs back and forth with a smile as she watched Andy cook breakfast.
"Do you like Juliet, Evangeline?" he asked her after a while of silence, Evangeline began to hum as if she was thinking about her answer and that caused him to smile and hold in a laugh. She was adorable and hilarious, and it seemed like Andy was beginning to see her entire personality.
"No daddy." she responded, shaking her head side to side. Andy wasn't sure what to say, but he knew he needed to find out why his daughter didn't like his girlfriend.
"Why not?"
"She not mommy, daddy!" Evangeline exclaimed, Andy chuckled and let out a breath.
"No she's not sweetheart, but you can still like her or even love her."
"I can?"
"Of course you can baby, your mommy will always be your mommy and nothing will ever change that." he told her, she smiled brightly. Once breakfast was finished Evangeline helped Andy set the table and the plates filled with eggs, bacon and sausage and even toast (that was a last minute decision) once the table was set and Evangeline climbed into her seat, Juliet walked into the room.
"What's this?" she asked with shock in her voice, Andy turned his head and smiled.
"Well I made breakfast, without burning it."
"So I see, looks good baby," she said then gave him a peck on the lips, she sat down beside him and began digging in and surprisingly it tasted good. Evangeline seemed to enjoy it too, she was chewing on a piece of bacon with satisfaction on her face. "what are we going to do today, white rabbit?"
"I'm not sure," Andy replied after swallowing the sausage in his mouth. "what do you want to do today Evangeline?"
"I want mommy." she replied, taking a piece of sausage. Andy smiled then got an idea.
"Do you want to call her?"
Evangeline nodded happily and he stood up to get his cell phone from the bedroom, once he returned he had his phone on speaker and it was ringing. He sat down at the table and laid the phone down between him and Evangeline, and they both waited to hear Ariel's voice on the other line.
"Mommy!" Evangeline squealed, Andy smiled.
"Hi sweetie, what are you up to?"
"Nothing," she replied, dragging the word to make it sound cuter. "I miss you!"
"I miss you too, does Andy know you have his phone?" Ariel said with a laugh.
"I'm here." Andy said, she replied with an "oh."
"Are you being good Evangeline?"
"Yes mommy, I helped daddy cook!"
"Oh you did, are you going to come home and cook me something?"
"No mommy." she replied honesty with seriousness in her voice, Andy and Ariel laughed.
"Why not?"
"Because, because you can cook mommy."
"Oh you like my cooking better, huh?"
"You need to teach daddy to cook, mommy." she told her, Andy shook his head side to side with a huge smile on his face.
"I do? he can't cook can he?"
"Yes he can mommy, but he needs to cook more better."
"Well we'll give him cooking lessons whenever we can, what do you think of that Andy?"
"Hey, I mean if it teaches me on how to not burn a pizza, I'm all for it." Andy replied with a shrug of his shoulders.
"Which was why he isn't supposed to touch the oven." Juliet said, Andy turned red a bit.
"What are you doing today?"
"I'm arranging my things to get here, some of my friends and family are packing some things up and loading it into a U-haul and it should be here in several days they said. They're doing that so I don't have to fly back there and get all of that stuff together, but I have a feeling I'm going to have to fly back there anyways, but at least it won't be too difficult like I thought it would."
"Well if you need any help with anything, let me know. I am Andy Biersack and can get shit done."
"Daddy, don't say that!" Evangeline exclaimed, he chuckled.
"Sorry sweetheart."
"I will keep that in mind, and also when you bring Evangeline back today, we should start talking about her birthday."
"That's fine with me," Andy said, and then he got an idea. "or we could talk about it at the park or something? I think we might take Evangeline to a park this afternoon or something to get some exercise and sunshine."
"That sounds fine with me, what time do you think you'll be leaving?"
"Probably close to two, I'll text you."
"Okay, well I'm going to get off of here and start getting ready. I'll see you soon, bye Andy, bye Juliet, bye Evangeline!"
"Bye mommy!" Evangeline yelled, Andy smiled then hung up the phone.
"I haven't been to the park in forever."
"Neither have I." Juliet said with a laugh. This was going to be fun.

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