Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 13

"Andy, look at how cute she looks!" Juliet's voice squealed in a fangirl voice, Andy was fixing his hair in front of the bathroom mirror, they were getting ready to leave to head to the park. Evangeline wouldn't let Andy help her get dressed since he was a boy, so Juliet had to do it. He turned around and looked at his daughter standing in the doorway looking up at him with a smile, her face turning red for some reason he probably wouldn't get an honest answer from. She was wearing a light purple summer dress, and white sneakers. Her hair was tied in pig-tails with purple ribbons for a hair band, and she did look extremely adorable. Andy smiled and lowered himself down and her face became bigger, showing off her white baby teeth.
"You look gorgeous, sweetheart."
"Thank you daddy."
"Are you ready to go see mommy?" he asked her then reached out and poked her stomach, she squealed then backed up into Juliet's legs.
"Good, because I'm ready." he said then stood up straight, Juliet smiled at him.
"Let's get you a sweater Evangeline, just in case it gets chilly." she said then led his daughter out of the bedroom, he smiled then shook his head side to side. Maybe they're finally bonding? He flicked off the bathroom light and walked into his bedroom, grabbing his wallet, cell phone and car keys. He turned off the lights, walked out of the bedroom and stepped into the hallway to see Juliet walking out of the guest bedroom with a white sweater folded over her arm. Evangeline ran towards Andy and he picked her up easily since she barely weighed anything to him, they walked downstairs, out of the house then climbed into the car. They left the driveway, then headed towards the hotel to pick Ariel up.
"Daddy?" Evangeline said from the back seat, it seemed like she could catch Andy's attention faster than anyone else could.
"I want Black Brides Veil!" she squealed, Andy chuckled, but it was a very good attempt to say his band name. At least she knew the name, just not in order.
"Coming right up." he replied, he gripped one of his CD's and pushed it into the CD player and pressed play, and right then the car was filled with Black Veil Brides. Once they had reached the hotel, they sat in the parking lot waiting for Ariel to appear and by then Smoke & Mirrors was playing.
"Lost in love you are out of touch so far, an illusion, it's all just smoke and mirrors! Always chasing scars, never get too far, an illusion, it's all just smoke and mirrors!" Andy sang along, Evangeline was in the back seat rocking out, kicking her feet and moving side to side with a smile on her face and as she did this Juliet was recording it with her phone. Once the song had ended Evangeline began clapping, making Andy smile big. "who's your favorite band Evangeline?" he asked her while Juliet continued recording.
"You, daddy!"
"I thought you would say that." he said with a smile, it was a good feeling to know your daughter enjoyed your music as much as your fans did.
"Are you going to tell the army?" Juliet asked, stopping the recording then turning back into her seat.
"Eventually, I don't want Ariel nor Evangeline crowded by fans nor paparazzi yet. I'll tell them all on tour, at least then the band and I will be able to keep them off of them," he said then he spotted Ariel approaching the car with a smile. "Evangeline, mommy's coming."
"Mommy?" she asked, looking straight ahead then at the windows to try to see her. Andy waved to the back seat and Ariel opened the door on Evangeline's right, and climbed into the seat. "mommy!"
"Hi baby," Ariel said happily, hugging her daughter the best she could while she was still strapped into the car seat. "did you have fun?"
"We played hide and zeke, and saw Finding Nemo!" Evangeline told her, Ariel giggled then buckled her seat belt as Andy drove out of the parking lot.
"Did you win hide and seek?"
"No, daddy find me."
"I wouldn't have if it wasn't for Crow." Andy said with a laugh, Ariel laughed.
"Oh so your cat had to help you find our daughter?" Ariel teased.
"Hey, our daughter hides like a professional. What have you been teaching her?"
"How to beat boys at games." Ariel told him, Juliet laughed.
"He came into the bedroom asking if I've seen her, I think shortly after that he finally found her. Where was she hiding?"
"In the kitchen cabinet!" Andy exclaimed while shaking his head, Juliet laughed and Ariel smiled, messing with Evangeline's pig-tails.
"Did you do her hair, Andy?"
"No Juliet did."
"I was about to say because it looks too perfect to be done by a father who's never done a little girl's hair."
"Is that an insult?" Andy asked while looking in the rear view mirror.
"No, just a fact."

When they arrived at the park Evangeline immediately wanted to swing and she wanted Andy to push her, he didn't refuse, but he started off slow and light but after a while she was ordering him to push her higher. Ariel enjoyed this sight, because the smile on Andy's face told her he was happy, and even though he had no idea Evangeline existed almost a month ago, it was nice to see how fast they bonded. Andy obviously had a strong fatherly instinct because he picked up this father thing a lot quicker than Ariel expected, she wasn't sure what she expected from him, maybe a demand for a DNA test but Ariel would agree to it confidently because she knew Evangeline was Andy's daughter. She was stunned that he remembered her, since that night she's changed, she became a responsible mother and dyed her hair. She was in her twenties and trying to find her place in life, but she knew the placed she belonged was in motherhood, but she still wanted to get married. Eventually. To the one of her dreams. Wherever he was. She had goals in her life even though she became a mother before she reached any of those goals, she wasn't going to let them slip away from her hands, because her life was not over because she had a child, it was just beginning and she realized that after she felt Evangeline move inside her stomach for the very first time. It was a unique feeling that only a mother could understand.
"Higher!" Evangeline demanded, Andy laughed but didn't protest. He pushed harder and she went higher but not as high as she could go, that's when Andy would draw the line because he wasn't going to be the reason she gets hurt. After a while of swinging Evangeline ran to the slides, and as she slid down the big red slide repeatedly, Ariel found this to be the time to talk to Andy about her birthday party. They walked away a few feet to sit on a bench while Juliet stayed with Evangeline, taking pictures and encouraging her to slide again.
"So, what are you thinking of doing?" Andy asked her, he turned his head and looked at her through his sunglasses.
"Well, I'm hoping before then I'll be fully moved into the new house then we'll have a birthday party there. But if I'm not, we may have to find a place to do it at."
"My house." Andy said quickly without thought.
"Really?" she asked him, he nodded. "are you sure? Because my family will want to be here for her birthday of course."
"Well honestly Ariel, we're family even if we don't want to be." Andy said with a laugh, Ariel smiled.
"I didn't think of it like that, but you're right."
"Do we do a theme or no?"
"Yes probably a theme, I'll talk to her about that, she's picky with decorations when it comes to her." Ariel said, Andy laughed.
"What do you think she'll say?"
"Probably princesses, or something in that category."
"I'm going to miss it, the day she gets out of the princess stage." Andy mumbled as he watched her slide, Ariel nodded in agreement.
"Me too."
"She asked me why you and I weren't together yesterday." Andy said suddenly, Ariel was stunned, her mouth was in a perfect O as she tried to say something quickly. She swallowed hard then looked at him to see he was looking at her.
"Andy I am sorry for that, but I promise I never got her to ask you that."
"No it's fine, and I know you didn't. I guess she is curious about it, but I'm glad she can ask things instead of holding it inside."
"What else did she say?"
"Well, she asked if I loved you and I explained that I love you as a friend. And I explained Juliet is the one for me, she also told me she didn't like Juliet because she wasn't you."
"Wow Andy, I'm sorry. I wished she talked to me about all of that, it would've probably been easier." Ariel told him, she wasn't sure what to say exactly. Three year old's, they're funny.
"No don't worry about it, really. I think she understands now, besides, she looks like she's getting along with Juliet."
Ariel lifted her head and saw Evangeline laughing as she ran from Juliet, back up some stairs to the slide. Ariel smiled happily, she wasn't jealous, nor felt like she was being replaced, because she was glad Juliet was getting along with Evangeline for Andy's sake. Once Evangeline had slid again she ran over to the bench and gripped Andy's big hand and Ariel's hand and started pulling them.
"Where are we going?" Ariel asked once they had stood up and followed their daughter, people were beginning to arrive.
"To slide! Slide mommy!"
"Oh I get to slide with you now?"
"Yes, and daddy!"
"I doubt daddy would be able to fit." Ariel said a giggle, Andy made a hurtful expression.
"We'll see about that!"
Ariel was the first one to slide with Evangeline, she sat down in front of the slide then sat Evangeline into her lap then pushed forward. Evangeline threw her hands into the air and squealed and once they reached the bottom, Andy was ready to go next. He took Evangeline's hand and walked up the small steps to a different slide with a tunnel, Evangeline slid down first and Andy laid down on his back and pushed himself. Once he reached the bottom his boots slid him to a stop and only his legs were out and he heard laughter coming from Evangeline, Ariel and Juliet.
"Shit," he mumbled, he began pushing himself out until he was able to sit up. "I did it!"
"Yes but you stopped before you came out completely, that didn't happen to me so I win."
"Nah uh, because you went down that boring slide without a tunnel. Mine was fantastic and unique!"
"Alright fine," Ariel said then crossed her arms over her chest, Evangeline immediately hugged her legs. "you win."
"Told you I was awesome, you can't compete with me."
Ariel shook her head side to side, the day ended with fun, Evangeline seemed happy the entire time and Ariel was glad to see her smiling constantly. Andy took them for ice cream after the park, and Evangeline sat beside Ariel while eating chocolate ice cream in a small bowl with colorful sprinkles on top. She was a mess in the end, but that didn't stop Andy from taking a selfie while kissing her cheek and making her smile even more. The second picture was with her chocolate covered lips against his cheek, but he didn't seem to mind at all. For right now those pictures would stay off social media, but maybe eventually, he would be able to upload them to Twitter and Instagram to show his daughter to the world who he loves very much.

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