Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 14

"Daddy, daddy!" Evangeline squealed as she ran into Andy's house at 11:30 AM on her fourth birthday, Juliet had opened the door for them and Andy was in the kitchen on the phone with his dad.
"Dad I have to go, Evangeline is here. Just show up when you want, bye." he said then hung up then he exited the kitchen to see Evangeline standing in the hallway looking for him.
"Daddy!" she squealed, he knelt to his knees then held out his arms for her. Her black hair was curly and she wore black tights with a black and red Hello Kitty tutu shirt and a short sleeve pink Hello Kitty shirt, Ashley will love this outfit obviously.
"Happy birthday babygirl."
"Thank you daddy!"
He gave her a big kiss on the cheek then lifted her up, wrapping his left arm around her legs to hold her to his chest, then he looked at Ariel who was carrying several birthday gifts and several plastic bags from Party City. Andy was very surprised to see that Juliet offered to take the bags of Evangeline's birthday presents to the living room, Ariel didn't dispute, instead she sighed with relief and handed her the six bags.
"Exhausted?" Andy asked with a laugh. Ariel smiled then walked past him to the kitchen and he followed while Evangeline stared at him with a bright smile, obviously she was energized.
"A little bit, but we don't have time to rest. My parents say they will be here around one to help with the last minute decorations and food, plus they're desperate to see Evangeline and my dad is dying to meet you--"
"Awesome." Andy muttered sarcastically with apprehensiveness, he sat Evangeline down then she ran out of the dining room with the intentions of finding Crow. Okay, so he wasn't excited to meet his daughter's grandfather because he knew what to expect; awkwardness.
"Only a few of my family members will show," Ariel told him as she pulled the party decorations out of the Party City bag. "most of them couldn't afford to get a plane ticket and fly here or they were busy. So, my parents are arriving with a lot of gifts from people that couldn't make it."
"That's fine, most of my family are coming and the guys and their girlfriends. So either way Evangeline is getting spoiled. Is that all of the bags you brought?"
"No the rest are here in my car, I couldn't carry them all."
"I'll get them, don't worry." Andy said with a smile then he walked out of the dining room almost immediately. He was too helpful wasn't he? Ariel continued to unload the bags, placing the decorations on the table; balloons, table cloth, napkins, cups and plates when Juliet entered the dining room.
"I like your dress." she said immediately once she reached Ariel's side, Ariel smiled. She was wearing a peach colored lace dress that reached her ankles and peach colored Stiletto short boots with laces in the front, her hair was straightened nearly and on the back of her hair attached a black bow. Her makeup was done simply; foundation, black eyeliner, mascara and light pink lip gloss.
"Thanks," she said with a confident white smile. "Evangeline picked this outfit out for me."
"Maybe she'll become a fashion designer," Juliet said jokingly. "what do you need help with?"
"Um, I guess we could start blowing up the balloons."
"Oh gosh, with our lungs?" Juliet asked then gripped the package, this small package held one hundred pink leopard printed balloons. Evangeline had her mind set on a Cinderella themed birthday party but then she came across the pink leopard printed theme and begged for it.
"Unfortunately." Ariel replied with a laugh, Juliet gripped a knife and cut open the package then began blowing the balloon up, taking her time so she didn't get light headed so quickly.
"What the hell did you buy?" Andy said while gasping for breath when he came into the dining room with more than five bags, he basically tossed them onto the table.
"Drinks, food, more decorations. The things you need for a birthday party." Ariel replied.
"Daddy, I found crow!" Evangeline shouted from somewhere upstairs.
"Tell him I said to be good!" Andy yelled back, Ariel laughed. "she loves crow, so are we blowing balloons up now?"
"Actually not for you," Ariel told him. "since you're the tallest you can hang up the decorations."
"What would need to be hung up?"
"In one of those bags there's a sign that says happy fourth birthday, find it and hang it up somewhere in the living room." Ariel said with a giggle, Andy looked at the pile of bags then began digging for it until he found it. Then he headed out of the dining room to find scotch tape.
"This is going to be fun," Juliet said. "I've never thrown a little girl's birthday party before."
"Oh I love doing it, especially her first birthday party. She doesn't remember it of course and it probably meant nothing but I love throwing her birthday parties, though I'm regretting the day she gets older and wants bigger things."
Juliet giggled. "You know, I can't believe that you raised her on your own."
"Well I wasn't on my own really, I had friends and family help me."
"Still amazing." Juliet said then continued blowing up the balloons.
As an hour passed Andy was still decorating with the help from Ariel and Juliet, Juliet had blown up thirty balloons with the help from Ariel and they both agreed that was enough. After the balloons were blown up, they tied thin pink ribbons around the balloon then tied the end to furniture. Happy 4th Birthday hung above the TV, showing off to anyone who walked into the living room. In the dining room the table was covered with pink leopard printed table cloth and on top of that sat the plates, cups, napkins and plastic forks for the cake. Ariel was having the birthday cake personally made which should be ready any time now, the cake was going to be vanilla with colorful sprinkles inside and the frosting was going to be white with pink leopard printed decoration, also on the top (written in pink icing) will say "Happy Birthday Evangeline!". It cost almost two hundred dollars to be personally made but since Andy helped pay for it, Ariel didn't lose a lot of money.
Evangeline ran around the house playing with crow, she exclaimed they were playing tag, but mostly Evangeline was trying to tag crow. He was a very fast runner and once Evangeline was out of his sight he'd stop and wait for her, then take off again.
Eventually Andy turned on a radio station and left the volume a little low so they weren't shouting. The three of them stood in the kitchen, setting out the drinks and getting the food set up when the house phone rang and it was news that Evangeline's cake was finished. Andy was the volunteer to go get it, it was only ten minutes away from the house and he promised he would be back before the grandparents arrived, but it was too late. Veronica and Leon were dropped off in front of Andy's house by a cab, Leon gladly tipped the man and thanked him for the ride then they headed up the porch steps to the door. It was hot today, even in September, but it was only seventy degrees (hot to Veronica and Leon still) the sun was shining bright and it looked like it was going to be a very nice day, which was perfect for their granddaughter's fourth birthday. Veronica rang the doorbell and waited for a response as she listened to the doorbell ring throughout the house inside. They were surprised to see that Juliet answered the door, but Juliet invited them in with a polite smile.
"Mama, papa!" Evangeline squealed then ditched crow for them, it seemed like crow was giving them an evil eye. She ran right into her grandparents arms, getting hugs and kisses when Ariel walked into the hallway.
"Don't spoil her even more," she ordered with a smile. "she's already getting spoiled enough today."
"She needs to be spoiled, it's her big day." Veronica replied, Leon gave his daughter a tight squeeze.
"You don't look any different, you know that?"
"Thanks dad?" Ariel said with an unsure smile. Was that a compliment? It was hard to know with her father. "oh, Juliet these are my parents Veronica and Leon. Mom, dad, this is Andy's girlfriend Juliet."
"Hi, nice to meet you Juliet. Sorry we didn't introduce ourselves, how rude of us." Veronica said, Juliet smiled.
"No need to apologize, I understand completely."
"Did you finish the decorating?" Veronica asked when Juliet led them into the living room, they both began looking around at the decorations.
"Leopard printing?" Leon asked with a bushy eyebrow raised.
"Yes we did and she wanted it when she saw it, Evangeline why don't you go get their gifts? Remember?"
"Yes, put me down mama!" Evangeline said while pushing Veronica away, Veronica placed her down on the feet then watched her run out of the living room.
"I think the decorations look adorable."
"So," Leon said suddenly. "where's this Andy fella?"
"Leon." Veronica grunted.
"What? I want to meet my granddaughter's father, is that a crime?"
Juliet laughed. "He went to pick up the cake but he should be home any minute now."
"Oh, as long as he didn't run away frightened."
"Oh who could be afraid of you Leon? You're not as big as you were, all of those years of eating junk food and sitting on the couch watching football came back to haunt you." Veronica said jokingly, patting his round belly. Ariel sighed in embarrassment, typical parents. They didn't care, especially when they got older.
"I got them!" Evangeline exclaimed, running to her mother. Ariel smiled down at her, taking the two leopard printed party hats.
"You two have to put them on, it's traditional and Evangeline's order."
Leon hesitated at first but since it was for his granddaughter, he pulled on the girly hat and forced a smile.
"How do I look?"
"Good," Veronica replied then looked at Ariel to speak directly to her. "your brother and his girlfriend will be here soon, they wanted to stop and look around for a bit."
"Of course they did." Ariel replied with a smile, suddenly the door slammed shut.
"Those damn cake creator dumbasses!" Andy snapped, Ariel turned. "they misspelled her name! So, I had to wait another fifteen minutes just to get the correct spelling, how stupid can someone get?" he spat then froze in front of the doorway, he began to turn red when he realized this was Ariel's parents. It wasn't a good guess, just by the look she was giving him, it told him they were. Ariel swallowed hard.
"How did they spell it?" she asked.
"E-A-V-N-G-E-L-I-N-E." Andy spelt, he held the cake in his hands. Ariel shook her head.
"Andy, this is my parents Veronica and Leon. This is Andy, Evangeline's father."
Leon nodded as he took in Andy's image, trying to decide if he liked his image or not but he couldn't decide yet.
"Is that my cake?" Evangeline replied, thank god she was going to end the awkwardness.
"Yes it is."
"Can I see?" she asked, dragging the E. Ariel shook her head side to side.
"No you can't, it's a surprise."
"Aw, I hate surprises mommy!"

"I know you do but you'll love this surprise, promise." Ariel told her, she pouted a bit then wrapped her arms around Ariel's leg.Things weren't too awkward anymore, Veronica and Leon helped finish the last minute things when Ariel's brother Kendall and his pregnant girlfriend Mikayla arrived with birthday presents. Evangeline was excited to see familiar faces and she wasn't embarrassed to take them over to Andy and tell them that he was her daddy, it brought a huge smile across his face to know his daughter loved him so much that she wanted everyone to know he was her daddy. A little while after they arrived, Amy and Chris showed up with more than ten birthday presents (obviously Amy went overboard), even after she met Ariel's brother and parents, she picked Evangeline up and hugged her for minutes straight. A few minutes later Jinxx arrived with Ashley and Ashley's 'girlfriend' Alexis, though the guys knew better than to think Ashley was in a serious relationship. Jake and Ella arrived shortly after they did, along with CC and Lauren. And last but not least Andy's cousin Joe and his aunt and uncle arrived to meet this little girl they didn't know existed until last week. The house was filled with laughter and smiles, everyone was meeting everyone and Evangeline was like a trophy after a game that the team worked hard for, Andy's family was desperate to meet her so eventually Andy just picked her up and brought her over to his cousin, aunt and uncle.

"Evangeline, this is my cousin Joe. My aunt Melissa and my uncle Julian. This is my daughter Evangeline."

"She looks so much like you, Andy!" Melissa squealed, pinching Evangeline's cheeks gently. Evangeline smiled big.

"That's what everyone says."

"How old is she?"

"Four today." Andy replied then Joe stepped forward."I always thought you'd have a child with Juliet, I was waiting for that phonecall."

"Who's the mother again?"

"Uh," Andy said then looked around to see Ariel talking to Ella and Lauren. "that's the mother."

"Well she's cute too." Joe said, Andy rolled his eyes.

"Don't even think about it."

"Alright," Ashley said beside Andy, holding out his hands. "I saw her outfit when I walked in, give her to me or I'll just take her."

"What makes you think you can just take my daughter out of my arms?"

"Evangeline, want to come with me?" Ashley asked, challenging Andy. She looked at Ashley with a smile then nodded, holding out her arms, Ashley took her almost immediately. He squeezed her then stuck his tongue out at Andy and walked away like a boss, telling Evangeline how much he loved her outfit.

"And my bassist just took my daughter from me."

"Andy, come here for a minute." Ariel called, he excused himself from his family then approached her quickly.


"Cake or presents?" she asked, he bit his bottom lip, running his teeth across his lip piercing in thought.


"Okay, go get Evangeline and I'll get the presents."

"Ash, give me back my daughter." Andy called, walking away to the kitchen.


"Yes, it's time for her to open her presents! Don't make me hurt you."

Ashley unhappily gave Evangeline to Andy so he could sit her down in the recliner, Ariel sat beside Evangeline on the floor so she could hand her the presents and Andy stood beside her just in case she needed help. Right at that moment everyone grabbed their phones to take pictures and flashes began almost immediately, it reminded Andy of paparazzi. The first bag Ariel grasped was from Jake and Ella, it was a medium size bag with pink tissue paper sticking out of the top. Ariel placed the bag beside Evangeline and she immediately began ripping the tissue paper out of the bag and once it all laid on the floor, her eyes lit and she reached down the bag to pull out a Princess crown, the next thing was a Cinderella outfit with shoes to match.

"Wow!" she exclaimed, Ella smiled happily.

"Do you like it?" Ariel asked her, she nodded then continued overlooking her gift.

"Thank uncle Jake and aunt Ella, sweetheart." Andy told her, she jumped up from her seat and ran towards Ella and Jake, giving them a big hug.

"Oh my gosh, I love this little girl so much!" Ella exclaimed, hugging her tight. She pulled away from both of their embraces then ran back to the recliner to get her next present, which was from Veronica and Leon. The first gift was a medium size wrapped present and she didn't hesitate to start ripping the wrapper to find it was a Barbie doll, she had hundreds of Barbie dolls but she was a girl. The next presents were simple; clothes, barbies, Littlest Pet Shop and barbie movies. Though Andy's presents haven't been opened yet and he forbid Ariel to allow her to open them yet, before she even reached the presents, he wanted to give her the big present.

"Okay, Evangeline you have to close your eyes."

"Why?" she asked Andy.

"Because I have a surprise, so cover your eyes."

She smiled big then covered her eyes with her small hands, Andy rushed out of the living room quickly and returned just as quick.

"Open your eyes." Ariel told her, she lowered her hands then she gasped loudly.

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