Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 15

Andy was pushing a light purple, dark pink tricycle. It had pink streamers on the handle bars and a Disney princess pink basket in the front, Evangeline hopped up from the recliner and ran to her tricycle with a huge smile on her face. This was going to be her first tricycle and after Andy and Ariel spoke about it, they both agreed she was old enough to learn how to ride.
"Whoa, mommy look!" she exclaimed, pointing to the Disney princess sticker on the basket.
"That is adorable!" Lauren whispered, taking a picture with her expensive camera.
"Do you like it?" Andy asked her hopefully, Evangeline nodded then ran towards him and gave him a big hug around his neck.
"Thank you daddy."
"You're welcome babygirl, give your mom a hug too and Juliet one."
Evangeline released Andy then ran towards Ariel, hugging her tightly too until she spotted Juliet with her arms held out. She ran to Juliet then hugged her as well, Ariel was honestly relieved Evangeline didn't refuse; she feared she would.
"Don't tell me that's all my niece gets, Biersack." Kendall spoke, the living room erupted with laughter and Andy smiled.
"Oh, there's more."
"Come sit down, Evangeline." Ariel ordered firmly.
"I think he bought more than he should have." Juliet announced with a smile.
"Hey, I was making up for her first, second and third birthday party." Andy said defensively, once Evangeline sat down Andy handed her a bag and with the help from Ariel she was able to get it open. She pulled out the pink tissue paper then reached down into the bag, pulling out a black leather vest and on the back of it said "Prophet's Daughter" in pink bling.
"Oh my god." Ariel said with a laugh and a smile.
"We had to do that by hand." Juliet said.
"I want to see!" Veronica ordered, Ariel helped Evangeline pull it on then turned her around for everyone to see.
"That's sweet, Andrew." Amy said, taking a picture. Evangeline looked at Ariel with curiosity on her face.
"What is it, mommy?"
"It says Prophet's daughter, do you know why?" Ariel said, Evangeline shook her head side to side with confusion. "your daddy has a jacket that says prophet on the back and he made you one to let everyone know you're his little girl."
Evangeline smiled then turned her head towards Andy, running towards him happily. He lowered down to her level immediately and embraced her with love. Ariel watched with a proud smile and a thought, she should have told Andy long ago that she was pregnant. He missed out so much, Evangeline's first word, first step, first tooth; everything. All because she didn't tell him. Afraid he didn't want to be a part of Evangeline's life all because he was in a band. It was wrong for her to assume that, but she was frightened about it all, she was too chicken to try to contact Andy. She was glad she agreed to come to California with the encouragement from Whitney. Andy was becoming a great father and Evangeline seemed beyond happy than she's ever been before, even though she was young and didn't quite understand, Ariel hoped one day she would understand and would understand why Ariel didn't contact him.
After cake Andy snuck outside in the backyard to smoke a cigarette, he didn't want to smoke inside around Evangeline just in case Ariel's parents didn't like the scene, he didn't want them to dislike him. He sat down in a chair, placed a cigarette between his lips then searched for his skull lighter in his pocket. He lit the cigarette then inhaled the toxic smoke. He knew smoking was terrible, fatal at times but he was addicted to it. Andy exhaled the smoke into the air, leaned back against the cushion then relaxed when he suddenly heard the sliding glass door open.
"Andrew," spoke a male's voice. Andy turned his head to see Leon approaching him, he felt his heart drop to the depths of his stomach but he had to face Evangeline's grandfather sooner than later. "can we talk?"
"Sure, take a seat." Andy replied, Leon helped himself to a seat beside Andy then clapped his hands together.
"I didn't know your name was Andrew until I spoke to Chris. For years I thought it was just Andy."
Andy smiled. "Yeah, Andy is a childhood nickname that just stuck with me over the years."
"It works," Leon said with a chuckle then he instantly became serious. "Evangeline loves you."
Andy smiled proudly, you couldn't understand what it felt like to hear that unless you were a parent yourself. "I love her just as much."
"Well I am jubilant to hear that honestly, but I'm also going to be dead serious right now Andy. I love my granddaughter and my own daughter with my life. I was there for my daughter and I was there for yours."
"I appreciate that." Andy told him genuinely.
"I know you love Evangeline, I saw it today. But I know you love the band you're in and your fans, that's why Ariel didn't tell you because she didn't want to ruin your career. I know you're a hectic man, you have tours; signings, albums, the whole nine yards! It's a lot of work. But you have a little girl in your life now that you have to live with, she's going to need you more than you know and what if you're not there for her because of tour?"
Andy felt something land on his shoulders, like the world rested on them, but it was the weight of responsibility. He knew Leon was right but he couldn't choose one and not the other, he loved Evangeline. She was his DNA, his daughter, his life. She was important to him but so was Black Veil Brides and the army members, Black Veil Brides was his dream and he worked incredibly hard to get his dream and thanks to Ashley, CC, Jake, Jinxx and the fans, his dream came true. He was positive he could juggle the band, being a father and even a boyfriend. He took a long drag on his cigarette, desperate for the drug to calm himself.
"I will be there," he responded after exhaling. "I will always be there for her and I don't want her to think my career is more important than she is.. we're going on tour, it will be long but I invited Ariel to come along with us and that's how it will be whenever I go on tour with my brothers. Even if they don't stay the entire tour I will call and video chat every chance I get."
Leon smiled big. "I am proud with that answer Andy, I think this talk went well," he said then stood up. "I just wanted to talk to you about that before I left. It was nice to finally meet you, have fun on tour."
Andy shook his hand then said bye and watched Leon go back inside. He sighed, took a huge drag on his cigarette then put it out in an ashtray before heading back inside. Leon and Veronica were the first ones to leave and after they left, Amy and Chris did too, until Jinxx, CC and Lauren, Jake and Ella and Ashley remained. Evangeline was in the living room playing with her toys while everyone else was in the kitchen cleaning things up and putting away food while also giving food away.
"So, what time was Evangeline born?" Andy asked suddenly, everyone's eyes locked on Ariel as she smiled while reminiscing her labor.
"She was born at twelve thirty PM on a Friday afternoon. She weighed seven pounds and eleven ounces, she came a week earlier than we expected." Ariel told him, Ella was sitting in Jake's lap when she asked;
"How long were you in labor?"
"I was in labor for about twelve hours, my water broke at midnight and my concretions were fast in the beginning but as it went on they slowed down."
"I couldn't stand that pain for twelve hours." Ashley said, shaking his head as he imagined the pain but he couldn't possibly understand how it felt.
"I eventually asked for an epidural about three hours into labor but when I started pushing I could tell it was wearing off, I pushed for what seemed like hours but mom said I pushed for fifteen minutes. I couldn't get enough oxygen while I was pushing, Evangeline was in distress because I was dehydrated so they gave me an oxygen mask to help her breathe and to help me."
"Sounds like hell." Jinxx said.
"It was, but all worth it." Ariel replied with a smile, she glanced at Andy to see he was staring at the ground as he was in deep thought about something.
"Are you excited to go on tour with us, Ariel?" CC asked, she looked at him and smiled brightly. She was kind of excited, it was going to be something different for her and Evangeline.
"I am, but Evangeline is more excited."
"She's a sweetheart," Ella said with a smile. "I want a daughter, Jake."
Jake sighed, burying his face into her hair.
"Jake's children don't swim." Ashley joked, the dining room erupted with laughter as Jake turned red.
Ariel smiled when this reality hit her like a ton of bricks, she had Andrew Dennis Biersack's daughter and now that he knew he was a father, Black Veil Brides became her family. That night they slept together neither of them expected to conceive a daughter but Ariel would not go back in time and stop them, because even though Evangeline wasn't planned she was a wonderful surprise. But she was her daddy's little surprise, a bigger surprise for him and Ariel knew that.

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