Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 16

Andy's alarm began screaming at him at exactly seven thirty AM on a Monday morning. He rolled over onto his back and desperately searched for the "off" button in pitch darkness, his fingers slid over the alarm clock until he finally found a button to press. Thankfully, it did silence the alarm but he wondered if it was the snooze button. Andy's eyelids remained shut, he turned over onto his side then wrapped his arm around Juliet who remained in her slumber.
Just a few more minutes of sleep, Andy thought.
But Juliet's cell phone had other plans, it began buzzing loudly, which woke Juliet up almost immediately. She sat up, causing Andy to groan with frustration since he was in a cuddling mood. She grasped her iPhone from the nightstand then turned off the alarm, silencing the bedroom once again.
"Are you awake, babe?" Juliet asked while rubbing her eyes.
"Barely." Andy replied. His morning voice was extremely attractive, a lot more attractive than his deep fully awake voice.
"Well you better get ready, you have to be there at eight thirty." Juliet told him, she threw the blankets aside then got to her feet, feeling the carpet on her bare feet. She flicked on the lamp, causing Andy to bury his face into the white fluffy pillow to shield his face from the light. This morning Andy and Ariel had a meeting with a preschool principal, he was kind of apprehensive. Ariel had done this before already, but this was a first for him and he wasn't sure what to expect. He got up from the bed and made his way to the bathroom where Juliet stood, she wasn't coming along with Andy as she had errands to run. He pushed back the glass door of the shower and turned on the shower, making sure it was warm before he hopped in. He didn't want to show up looking dirty and smelling like trash.
"How do you think the meeting will go?" Juliet asked, Andy was currently shampooing.
"I'm not sure, I hope well."
"What is this meeting for anyways?" she asked, rubbing on some matching skin tone liquid foundation.
"They're going to decide if Evangeline should attend, they also want to meet her beforehand and get some information about her."
"I'm sure she'll do fantastic, I'm positive she has your charm and she has some kind of power to make people love her no matter what."
Andy chuckled, his laughter echoing. Juliet smiled big, his laughter always made her smile no matter what kind of mood she was in, he knew how to cheer someone up no matter what was going on in their life.
"You're right about that, babe."
"I'm always right, baby." Juliet teased with a smile as she continued with her black smoky eye.
Andy finished his shower in five minutes tops, he wrapped the towel around his waist then stood in front of the bathroom mirror and shaved his facial hair then he brushed his morning breath away. He didn't think he could eat breakfast because of how apprehensive he was about this preschool meeting. Juliet was now getting dressed and with her input, Andy got dressed in three minutes and he looked very handsome wearing; black jeans, black and white converses and a short sleeve button up white shirt with a chest pocket. He grabbed his cell phone and wallet after spraying cologne, then he skipped downstairs to grab his keys. It was now eight nineteen and he needed to leave now, just so he wasn't late.
"I'll see you later." Andy told Juliet, he gave her a very long passionate kiss then headed out the front door to his car. He could tell it was going to be a warm day, which was going to be fantastic since he enjoyed warm weather. He hopped into the car, put on his seat belt then started the engine. He put in the location of the preschool into his expensive GPS, put the car in reverse then went on his way while listening to Avenged Sevenfold. He was kind of concerned he wouldn't make it in time but luckily he arrived two minutes before eight thirty. He pulled into an empty parking space, cut off the engine then climbed out of the car to see Ariel and Evangeline standing on the sidewalk, waiting patiently (or Evangeline wasn't) for him. Evangeline held onto Ariel's hand tightly and a teddy bear and she was bouncing excitedly for Andy to reach them, her eyes were illuminated and her smile was huge. She looked adorable today in a summer dress and pink converses and her hair pulled into pig tails held by flower hair bows, Ariel looked good as well in a black tank top, white leggings, black heels and a very bright red long thin sweater.
"Daddy!" Evangeline squealed once Andy reached the sidewalk, he leaned down and picked her up, giving her a very tight hug and a kiss on the forehead as she held onto him tightly.
"Evangeline!" Andy squealed, Evangeline burst into laughter and while she laughed Andy looked at Ariel with a friendly smile. "you ready to do this?"
"I am, are you?" Ariel replied, leading Andy to the two glass doors that led into the building.
"Not really." he replied with an awkward laugh, she smiled but she knew how he felt. The first time Evangeline went to school she started crying for Ariel to stay and it broke Ariel's heart, even made her cry as well.
They walked side by side like a family, which they were family even if they didn't want to be. The school was nice and hectic since it was Monday, the walls were covered with drawings and there was a long corridor. Ariel led him to the main office where a woman politely pointed them to the principal's office, Andy felt himself enter father mode as soon as they entered the medium size spotless office to see the principal was female who looked like she was in her late thirties. She stood up from her chair then stretched her arm out, shaking Ariel's and Andy's hands.
"My name is Joanne, you must be Ariel and Andy? Take a seat."
Ariel smiled then sat down in a brown leather chair in front of Joanne's desk, Andy did the same but Evangeline sat on his knee, looking extremely shy right about now.
"We are." Ariel replied.
"And that must be Evangeline, she's a cutie," Joanne said then she grabbed a black ink pen and opened her book. "okay let's get down to business, I'm going to start with questions and it will help me determine which teacher's she would work well with and also see what her skills are and just gather as much information about her so she's well taken care of while she's in our hands."
Ariel nodded, she knew how this all worked, but since Andy didn't he needed to know and he took all of this extremely seriously.
"Perfectly fine with me." Ariel said.
Andy was carefully listening to every word Joanne was saying, he was gathering questions of his own.
"How old is Evangeline?"
"She's four, her birthday was three weeks ago."
Andy watched Joanne's left hand scramble across the paper as fast as possible, he seriously doubted her handwriting was readable.
"Is she potty-trained?"
"Definitely!" Ariel replied with a giggle, Joanne certainly knew how that felt since she was a mother of four.
"Does she still take naps?"
"Sometimes, other times she refuses and naps on her own terms."
"Has she been to school before?"
"She has, we just moved here not too long ago." Ariel replied truthfully.
"That's great, does she have any allergies?"
"So far, no she doesn't."
"How does she react to other children?"
"Oh, she's shy at first but once she warms up to them she's a social butterfly."
"And are you two together? I have to ask this just in case one picks her up one day and then the other picks her up another day, it's for safety reasons." Joanne said to them.
"We're separated-" Ariel began but then Andy interrupted almost immediately after the sentence left her mouth.
"I can pick her up whenever you want me to?"
Ariel looked at him then smiled brightly, nodding with thoughts forming in her mind.
"We'll work something out."
"Well, whenever you do just let us know. I think Evangeline will love it here and we'd love to have her, she can begin next week on Monday before eight o'clock."
"That's great, thank you so much!"
"Hold on," Andy spoke, the office went silent and even Evangeline looked up at him with curiosity on her face. "do you have male teachers here?"
"Andy, come on.." Ariel mumbled, rubbing her forehead. Joanne smiled, laid her pen down, folded her hands then replied.
"We do, teachers, cooks and a janitor and before you ask we did do background checks Mr. Biersack."
"You know my last name?" Andy asked, Joanne smiled with a nod.
"Of course I do, I have three daughters who love your band. I knew who you were when you walked into my office."
Andy smiled lightly then said. "Well, your daughters sound like they have great taste in music. I think Evangeline is excited and I trust you."
Joanne stood up and so did Ariel.
"Fantastic, see you Monday morning bright and early!"
Andy and Ariel walked outside side by side, holding both of Evangeline's hands and every once in a while lifting her up and giving her a light swing while she laughed jubilantly. Once they reached Ariel's Toyota Camry, Ariel secured Evangeline into her car seat while Andy stood by the trunk and watched.
"So I was thinking," Ariel said then turned to face him. "I don't think Evangeline and I will come on tour with you the first week or two. I have to get Evangeline settled into school and I need to start looking for a job, at least get some applications out there before I go off on tour with Black Veil Brides."
Andy nodded understandingly, he was leaving in a week on Wednesday to Niagara Falls where Black Veil Brides and Falling In Reverse will kick off The Black Mass tour.
"That's alright, I'll fly you out whenever you're ready and settled?"
Ariel smiled. "Thanks," she said then shut the back seat door with a thump. She stepped forward then gave him a slight hug but he knew what for. "see you later Andy."
"See you, be careful." Andy said then stepped away from the Camry. He listened to the Camry roar to life once Ariel started the ignition, then he watched it drive off before he got into his own car. He'll miss Evangeline while on tour but he knew Ariel was just settling into her new life in California, she was being a fantastic mother. trying to be at least.

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