Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 17

"What do you mean she's not coming on tour with us when we leave?" Juliet asked Andy on a Saturday afternoon while she packed for the Black Mass tour that was in four days. Andy was lying on the bed on his side stroking Crow's soft fur while simultaneously watching Juliet decide on what outfit to bring.

"She's just not coming Wednesday."

"And when will she be arriving?" Juliet asked with an attitude in her voice, she wouldn't even look at him. "I don't know, when she's ready I guess."

"How is she expecting to get to the location we're at?"

"I told her I will fly her and Evangeline out." Andy replied softly."I don't even believe she wants to go, why else would you not leave on the day we're all leaving?!"

"She did move across the country with our daughter not long ago, got a new place, put Evangeline into a new school and now she's looking for a job. I respect her for that decision to stay behind for a little while."

"Why is she looking for a school before going on tour anyways?"

"She's not staying through the whole tour, darling." Andy told her, she sighed loudly with irritation then slid her fingers through her dirty messy curled hair and mumbled;

"I don't know about her."

Andy bit his bottom lip, tasting his lip ring. Now he wasn't too sure how she would take the second news he was going to give her but he had to tell her right now before two o'clock.

"Dragonfly? I told Ariel I would watch Evangeline while she went to a job interview at two thirty and then I decided Evangeline should sleepover so I can spend as much time with her as I can before Wednesday."

Juliet looked at him in silence, she was thinking of something to say to that but she was mostly speechless.

"Why didn't you discuss that with me?" she asked but before he could reply to that question he was interrupted.

"I know she's your daughter and you want to spend time with her but I live here too and what if I made plans for us, like a date night or something?"

Andy felt kind of trapped against a wall since she was so moody but he knew why and knew that she couldn't help it, she went through this every month and he dealt with it out of love.

"I'm sorry honey but since you left your phone, I couldn't call you. It happened kind of fast, she will be here any minute now too."

Juliet didn't speak, instead she kept quiet and continued to pack her suitcase. Andy continued on petting Crow, listening to him purr with his eyes shut with happiness. He wasn't sure how long he had been laying there when the doorbell echoed throughout the whole house. Andy jumped up and hurried out of the bedroom, down the hallway and down the steps to the front door. He opened the door with a huge smile upon his face to see Ariel stood in front of him with a smile of her own while holding a light pink bag over her shoulder and Evangeline on her hip with her little arms wrapped around her mother's neck. Ariel looked stressed out and exhausted, which she was unfortunately and Andy understood why.

"Daddy!" Evangeline squealed, Andy stepped aside and motioned Ariel inside his house. She lowered Evangeline to her feet where she ran towards Andy, wanting to be lifted again but this time by her father and obviously with Andy already wrapped around her little finger, he lifted her up and squeezed her with love."Thank you for this," Ariel said. She laid Evangeline's bag on the floor beside the staircase."Oh no problem, I'm happy to watch and keep our daughter for hours straight." Andy told her with a wink, Ariel giggled."Well I better go if I don't want to be late for this interview," she stepped forward and kissed Evangeline's cheek while Andy held her. "bye sweetheart, be good and I'll come get you tomorrow, okay?""Okay mommy." she replied with a soft, unfazed voice. Ariel smiled then pecked her daughter's cheek once more before hurrying out the door."Are you ready to have fun?" Andy asked, Evangeline's eyes illuminated brightly and a huge smile spread across her face."Yeah!"Andy kissed her forehead before setting her on her feet, he leaned down and grabbed her bag then headed up the stairs with her following behind him, gripping the railing with her tiny hands for support with the fear of falling."Juliet, Evangeline is here!" Andy called to her from the hallway as he neared the open bedroom door, Evangeline followed him silently like a baby duck keeping up with it's mother (in this case, it's father.). Juliet looked up from the suitcase and smiled once Evangeline came into view behind her tall father. He looked extremely jubilant right now, a lot more than he has looked all day with her and she had to admit to herself that she was kind of upset because of that. Mostly because Evangeline was not her daughter and never will be, was she his new number one priority?"Hey Evangeline," Juliet greeted. "how are you today?"Andy looked down at the adorable little girl with a loving smile, she was looking around the room with curiosity, observing every single detail. You may think she was in her own world, blocking out reality but she wasn't."Good." she replied.Andy smiled then looked at Juliet with an idea forming inside his creative brain."Get dressed baby, we're going out. Besides you need a break from packing."

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