Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 19

"I could just pick the lock." Jake told Ella as they stood on Andy's and Juliet's porch waiting for them to arrive, they've stood here for ten minutes now and Jake was already getting slightly irritated.
"I guarantee they have an alarm system babe, you're not picking the lock."
"Where did Juliet say they went?" he asked suddenly, uncrossing his arms then sitting down on one of the chairs.
"She didn't, she just said they're on their way back."
"How long ago was that?"
"Nine minutes ago." Ella replied with a soft sigh.
"I thought you didn't like Juliet?" Jake said with confusion, she looked at him and responded;
"I'm not a big fan of hers but I can handle her because of Andy, just like you can?"
"There they are!" Jake exclaimed then stood once the car pulled into the concrete driveway, he could see Juliet and Andy's silhouettes behind the windows and smiled at the thought of sitting on their couch. The passenger door opened and Juliet climbed out of the car, a huge smile on her face once she saw them standing on their porch.
"Hey guys!"
"Where in the hell were you two?!" Jake snapped, Juliet rolled her eyes playfully.
"Out." she replied and approached the steps, while Jake watched her, Ella looked over at Andy to see he was rounding the car with Evangeline following behind him, looking extremely jubilant. She gasped, a smile coming across her face.
"Awe, Jake look who he has!"
Jake sighed because he knew what he would hear once he got back into the vehicle with her, "Jake, I want a daughter". He's been hearing that a lot lately just because of Evangeline, not that he blamed her, but she was the reason why Ella suddenly wanted children.
"I see that." Jake replied once Evangeline reached the steps, Ella held out her hand and Evangeline took it.
"Hey sweetie, you are looking adorable today."
"Thank you." Evangeline replied softly, Ella giggled then allowed Evangeline to lead her into the house where Juliet was.
"Where's Ariel?" Jake asked Andy as he was shutting the door.
"She had a job interview today so Evangeline is staying with me for the night."
"Sounds like a fun play date." Jake joked then elbowed Andy lightly.
They entered the living room to see Evangeline was sitting beside Ella and they were having a small conversation while Juliet straightened up their messy living room, Jake sat the medium size box on the floor then flopped down onto the recliner, exhaling in relief.
"Sorry about the mess, I've been packing."
"It's fine." Ella told her but her concentration was on Evangeline obviously so she didn't completely hear Juliet, just something about a mess.
"Evangeline, are you excited to come on tour with us?" Jake asked, Evangeline's eyes illuminated and she nodded.
"Yes!" she exclaimed then paused. "is mommy coming too?"
"Of course she is." Andy replied and her smile only grew bigger.
"Are you going to dance to our songs, be our backup dancer?" Jake asked her, she nodded excitedly. "are you going to be our backup singer?" once again Evangeline replied with a nod. "are you going to crash our concert with your cuteness?"
Andy approached her and scooped her up into his arms, lifting her high into the air and began making airplane noises.
"My own daughter is going to crash my concert." Andy chuckled while she looked down at him with laughter escaping her lips, he lowered her down to her feet safely but she looked up at him and held up her arms.
"Again daddy!"
"I have a feeling there are going to be some hectic nights on the tour bus." Ella giggled once Andy lifted Evangeline into the air once again, Jake nodded in agreement.
"That will be fine though, we don't get much sleep on tour anyways." said Jake while he watched Andy play with Evangeline, Juliet sat down on the couch and exhaled an exhausting breath.
"What have you two been up to?"
Ella looked at her, a small smile spreading across her face before she responded.
"Cleaning the house a bit and getting him ready for tour, the poor man can't pack a suitcase to save his life," she said with a laugh while Jake smiled embarrassingly. "he just tosses clothes inside and hopes to zip it shut."
"That's exactly how Andy is when he packs!" Juliet exclaimed with laughter.
Andy sat Evangeline on her feet and looked at Juliet, shaking his head side to side in denial.
"I do not," he bickered. "but she's horrible! She has to make sure her outfits match, fold them neatly and organize them. I'm talking like pants with pants, shorts with shorts, tanks with tanks and she will pack about three bags filled with clothes and two more bags filled with makeup and hair and jewelry. That's why we never have any room on the bus."
"And you don't pack that much stuff for tour?"
"No I don't because you pack for me." Andy laughed.
"Oh shoot Jake, we're late! We were supposed to pick up my dress five minutes ago!" Ella exclaimed after checking her cell, she jumped to her feet and hurried to hug Evangeline bye then she planted a kiss on her soft cheek. She stood up tall and gave Andy a quick side hug while Jake got to his feet with an exhausted sigh.
"You're wearing me out, woman."
"You'll live." Ella replied, patting his cheek lightly as she walked passed him.
Andy followed them to the door with the intention of walking them out onto the porch to wave them goodbye. Evangeline stayed indoors with Juliet while she opened the box Ella and Jake brought, Evangeline curiously wandered over to the couch and climbed onto the couch to sit beside the mystery box.
"What is that?" Evangeline asked, Juliet opened the lids and responded.
"Some clothes," Juliet then lifted a black beach hat. She placed it on top of Evangeline's head and positioned it to where she could see since it was big on her, her giggle echoed throughout the living room. "that may look better on you than me."
"Are you dressing up my daughter?" Andy asked once he entered the living room after walking Jake and Ella to their vehicle, he looked at his daughter and saw the smile on her face.
"Yes I am," she replied. "doesn't she look adorable?"
"She can't even see!" Andy exclaimed, Evangeline laughed and lifted her head to look up at her father, the hat beginning to fall into her eyes. Evangeline lifted her hands and pushed the hat off of her head, handing it back to Juliet once she lost interest wearing it. Andy sat down beside Evangeline and exhaled a breath, looking down at her with a grin.
"What would you like to have for dinner tonight?" Juliet asked after a moment of silence, Andy looked at her and shrugged his shoulders with no clue. He felt Evangeline's weight press against his side and he looked at her to see she was curled up into a ball position and she used him for support to keep her up, her head resting against his ribs and he smiled happily.
"Whatever your up to fixing, dragonfly?" Andy told Juliet, she was taking the clothes out of the box and overlooking them before neatly folding them up.
"That doesn't help me." she laughed, Andy chuckled.
"I don't know we'll decide later, it's too early for dinner anyways."
"Andy it's almost six." she said with frustration in her voice.
Andy rested his cheek against his palm and yawned tiredly, he was very tired since he went to bed late last night and woke up early. Silence fell over them all and once Juliet finished folding up the clothes, she looked at Andy to see his eyelids were shut and he was breathing evenly. She sighed softly and glanced at Evangeline to see her eyelids were also shut and she was snuggled up very close to Andy as if she was more comfortable beside him, she huffed and put a hand on her hip as she stared at the two. Apparently she was going to be alone in a quiet house for a little while.

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