Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 20

Juliet stood in the kitchen in front of the very hot oven cooking pasta while Andy remained asleep with Evangeline on the couch in the living room, they've been asleep for an hour now and all that has happened between then was; Andy woke up for a moment and picked Evangeline up to lay down on his back and she laid on top of him. It was kind of adorable, Juliet had to take a picture. But now, here she was making dinner alone and it wasn't nowhere near finished, the water hadn't began boiling yet and the sauce was still cold. She sat at the island with her cell phone in her grasp, scrolling through Twitter.
@JulietSimmsALL: Cooking dinner while babe naps on the couch!

Already had almost a thousand favorites and retweets. She was always amazed when her tweets became popular so quickly, it was almost unreal. While she sat there scrolling downwards with her thumb, the doorbell echoed throughout the house and she laid her phone face down onto the island to answer the door. Her bare feet brushed across the hard floor as she walked across the kitchen to the exit, she glanced into the living room to see Andy and Evangeline was still asleep then wandered off to the front door. She unlocked it once she reached the door, grasped the door knob and turned, pulling it inward. Her eyes illuminated with happiness and she almost jumped ten feet into the air once she saw who was standing on her porch.
"Shelli!" she exclaimed once a 5'6" female hurried into the house and threw her arms around Juliet. Juliet hugged her back tightly as if she was holding onto dear life but instead she was holding onto her best friend since 2nd grade, Shelli Ross.
Shelli Ross is twenty eight years old, originally from San Francisco. She was a very wild female with history of a criminal record but nothing real serious or so that she considers not so serious. At age twenty, she was charged with possession of marijuana and spent fifteen days in jail, at twenty one she was arrested for driving under the influence, at twenty two she was charged with theft and at twenty four she was charged with assault. She is currently engaged to a thirty year old bouncer at a club in Las Vegas and this was the third time she has been engaged, the other men didn't work out so well.
Despite her criminal record, she was a very attractive woman with new dyed jet black hair that reached the middle of her back, dark grey eyes and very clear pale skin. She also had tattoos, a sleeve on her right arm and a thigh tattoo on her right and also on her left.
Juliet hadn't seen Shelli in a year, the last time she saw her was a day before she ran off with her fiance to Seattle without a warning. Juliet wasn't sure if she was alive or not, she couldn't get a hold of her although she tried multiple times and now that she was back Juliet felt nothing but joy as lately she did feel kind of stressed out, she needed her best friend with her that she spoke to about everything happening in her life.
"Hey babe!" Shelli exclaimed then pulled back to look at Juliet. "you're looking hot!"
"So are you, how have you been?"
"I've been better." Shelli responded then pulled away, her eyes wandered around the house and she smiled with fascination as she's never been in an expensive house like this one before. Juliet shut the door with a loud thump then turned towards Shelli, a huge smile spread across her face.
"Where have you been?"
"In Seattle with Blade," Shelli told her. "we just got back five weeks ago."
"Wow," Juliet breathed. "I haven't seen you in forever."
"I know, we definitely need to catch up babe!"
"Well follow me, I'm cooking dinner and we can talk." Juliet told her, she walked passed Shelli and wandered down the hallway towards the kitchen and Shelli followed her rapidly.
"Are you and Brady still together?" Shelli asked once they entered the kitchen.
"Andy," Juliet corrected with a laugh. "and yes we are."
Shelli hated Andy with a passion because of certain reasons that she wouldn't share, not even with Juliet. Even Andy disliked her, they didn't get along very well in a room together, they couldn't go five minutes without insulting each other. Shelli gagged then sat down at the island while Juliet opened the box of pasta and poured it into the boiling pot of water.
"So, tell me, what's been happening in your life?"
"Well," Juliet began. "my band, Andy's band, our relationship and his daughter."
"Whoa," Shelli exclaimed. "did you just say daughter?!"
Juliet nodded then turned around to face Shelli.
"I did say daughter," she said. "several weeks ago, I'm not exactly sure when. He came to me one day and told me that four years ago he met this girl on tour before we met and he had a one night stand with her. Well, apparently she got pregnant and never told him and he never knew until one day she just showed up with a three year old girl, saying that she's Andy's daughter."
Shelli's eyes widened and her jaw dropped and she tried to find words but she was speechless, she was silent for a moment before she spoke.
"How is he so sure it's his?"
"She looks exactly like him!" Juliet exclaimed. "I'm not even kidding. I thought it was just some psycho fangirl but when I met the little girl I could just see that it was his daughter, she looks just like him!"
"What's her name?"
"Evangeline." Juliet said, speaking her name in a slow yet sarcastic voice.
"So Brady, oops I mean Andy, is playing daddy?"
"Yeah, she's with him now."
"Where's he?"
"In the living room on the couch asleep." Juliet replied then turned towards the oven to stir her sauce with a wooden spoon.
"What do you think of it?"
Juliet sighed, biting her bottom lip before she responded.
"I don't know," she breathed. "I always thought Andy's first child would be with me, that was our plan. We've talked about a family some day and the thought was special since neither of us had children, but now that Evangeline is in his life it's like he doesn't want to start a family with me because I asked and he said that it wasn't a good time because of the band and Evangeline."
"Wow," Shelli spoke. "what an asshole."
"He's not an asshole Shelli," Juliet breathed. "he's just, I guess stressed out."
"Oh please Juliet, don't tell me that you believe he's stressed out. He's just fine, living the life!" Shelli exclaimed a little too loud.
Andy's eyelids opened almost too immediately to the sound of voices, he rubbed his eyes with his hand then looked down at Evangeline to see she was curled up on his chest, her cheek pressed against his shirt while she snored almost silently. He heard a familiar voice speaking but he couldn't put a name to the voice. His curiosity got the best of him and he needed to find out what was happening. He carefully took Evangeline off his chest and laid her down on the couch by herself as he climbed slowly to his feet, he looked at her to see she was still asleep and smiled at how adorable she looked. He made his way to the kitchen, his fingers now buried in his thick hair as he combed it slightly just in case he had a bad case of bed hair. Andy wandered into the kitchen and came to a stop once he saw Shelli sitting at the island, her eyes turned towards him and Juliet followed her gaze.
"Babe, you're awake," Juliet said awkwardly with a shy smile. "you remember Shelli, don't you?"
"Unfortunately," Andy snapped. "what is it doing here?"
"I missed you too, mutt." Shelli insulted as Andy approached the refrigerator, he rolled his eyes and chuckled under his breath.
"Will you two get along for once in your lives?"
"No." Shelli replied then flashed Juliet a very fake smile, Juliet shook her head then turned towards the pot. She turned off the oven's eye and picked the pot up by it's handles and brought it to the sink where she dumped the pasta and water into a drainer.
"What did you make?" Andy asked while he poured himself a glass of milk, for some reason he was craving a big glass of milk.
"Spaghetti." Juliet replied.
Shelli sat there watching the couple talk to each other and she couldn't bite her tongue any longer, Juliet was her best friend and she cared about Juliet like she was her sister. They were like sisters, they looked out for each other no matter what.
"So, you have a daughter that's not your girlfriend's?"
Andy felt his blood pressure begin to rise through the roof and heard his heart begin to pound through his ears, he turned his head towards Shelli and gave her a look of hatred and Shelli didn't care if he was offended or not.
"That's none of your business." he spat through his teeth, Shelli leaned forward and rested her elbows on the island.
"Ever heard of a condom?"
"You know what," Andy snapped suddenly, he turned completely towards Shelli and approached the island. "don't you dare bring up my daughter, ever! It's none of your fucking business what happened and I'm definitely not going to give you the damn details, if you have a problem with it you can kiss my ass and get out of my house or you can sit there and get over it!"
"Andy!" Juliet snapped, she grabbed his arm to calm him down but it was already too late as he was already pissed off.
"Getting a little defensive, huh?"
"Shelli, please just drop it."
"I'm just looking out for you, babe." Shelli told her, holding her hands up to signal she was surrendering.
"She doesn't need you to look out for her, she's fine!"
Shelli rolled her eyes. "Yeah and how long will it be until you run off to be with your daughter's mommy?"
"Fuck you!" Andy shouted.
"I'm just speaking the truth!" Shelli shouted then jumped to her feet. "because you know it's the truth and Juliet should hear it too, I don't believe this one night stand story that you gave Juliet. I guarantee there was something between you and that girl and that's why that little girl exists now, obviously there is a bond between you and her mother, it's just common!"
"You have no idea what the situation is between my daughter's mother and I, once again it's none of your business!"
"Andy, Shelli, stop screaming!" Juliet yelled as the kitchen was erupted with chaos, she couldn't get the situation under control, they were already in a shouting argument with each other all because Shelli opened her mouth.
"Daddy?" Evangeline asked aloud, Andy became completely silent and turned his head towards the kitchen doorway to see Evangeline standing there with confusion and tiredness on her face. Andy swallowed hard, feeling that his throat was dry because he was yelling. He felt horrible for waking her up and that she had to hear the things that were being said but he couldn't control his temper, when Shelli brought up the things she did, he just lost it. Andy coughed awkwardly, scratching his cheek gently.
"Hey sweetheart, how was your nap?" he said, Shelli sighed at his sentence and Andy tried so desperately to not let that bother him but it did severely.
"Why are you screaming?" Evangeline asked then rubbed her eyelid, Andy smiled softly.
"Everything is fine Evangeline," Andy reassured her then he looked at Juliet and seriousness fell over his face. "I want her out."
"I'm not leaving." Shelli bickered, folding her arms across her chest.
"Would you like to leave on your own or would you like to be taken out in handcuffs?" Andy asked through his teeth. "don't think for one damn second I won't get you escorted out of my house if you refuse to leave."
"Andy, please stop this. Why are you acting this way?" Juliet said unhappily, Andy looked at her with disbelief but he held his tongue and allowed his eyes to wander towards his daughter who continued to stare at them.
"Evangeline, will you please go into the living room for me?"
"Yes daddy." she replied then turned around to walk out of the kitchen.
"Are you kidding me right now?" Andy snapped in a hushed voice. "after the shit she just said not even five minutes ago about me, you still want her here?"
Juliet opened her mouth to respond but she closed it before speaking, she loved Andy a lot and would always love him, but Shelli was her best friend and has been longer than she's known Andy, she couldn't just kick Shelli out. She couldn't choose between them, they both meant a lot to her.
"Andy," Juliet mumbled. "I just can't kick her out. She's my best friend and I haven't seen her in years, I don't agree with what she's said but I'll handle it."
Andy smirked and shook his head, rubbing the back of his neck with frustration. He chuckled once.
"Yeah okay, I get it. You guys have fun with dinner." Andy said then walked passed Juliet.
"Andy, wait a minute, don't go!"
But Andy had already walked out of the kitchen and was in the living room with Evangeline, he scooped her up into his arms and headed towards the front door.
"Where are we going, daddy?"
"We're going out for a little bit," Andy replied with anger in his voice but he tried so desperately to hide it from his daughter, he gathered his phone, his wallet and keys and walked out of the house. "sounds like fun?"
"Yeah!" Evangeline exclaimed.
He secured her in her car seat before hopping into the driver seat and starting the ignition, he turned the volume on the radio completely down then put the vehicle in reverse and pulled out of the driveway. He wasn't too positive of where he was going to go but he wanted to get away from Shelli and if leaving was getting him away, he was going to do that.
"Shelli, did you really have to say all of those things?" Juliet sighed as she fixed herself a plate of spaghetti and a plate for Shelli.
Shelli shrugged her shoulders, picking up her silver fork when Juliet placed the plate in front of her face.
"I'm just looking out for you, babe."
"I know but you were a little too harsh about all of that."
"Well, you're not going to ask him questions about any of that so it comes down to me. Come on Juliet, you can't tell me that you haven't thought that something was going on between him and his baby's momma when she got pregnant?" Shelli said with an angry tone in her voice, Juliet shrugged her shoulders.
"I guess I did but I trust him Shelli, he said it was just a one night stand and I believe him."
"Have you even spoke to the momma about it?" Shelli asked suddenly.
"Not really, her and I don't talk much. It's weird!"
"I would talk to her about it and see what she says, obviously she's after your man and his money. That little girl is obviously four and five and she just randomly shows up with his daughter, something about all of that is fishy."
"I know, I thought that too." Juliet mumbled, she was beginning to doubt everything that Andy has told her.
"And he got really defensive real quick didn't he?"
"She is his daughter and you were attacking her too." Juliet pointed out.
"Yes I was, that's how you get the truth Juliet. Don't worry, I'll help you figure this all out. Okay?"
Juliet smiled, she couldn't help but to feel like Shelli had her back no matter what the situation was. She felt cared for, loved and protected. She knew Shelli was a great best friend, she always had been and always will be. No matter what Andy thinks nor says about her.

Andy pulled into McDonald's parking lot and cut the ignition. He unsecured his seat belt then climbed out of the vehicle to get Evangeline from her car seat, she took his hand once she was on her feet and they walked hand in hand, side by side, to the building.
"Let's just hope daddy isn't recognized, huh?" Andy asked her once he pulled open the door, she giggled even though she wasn't one hundred percent sure what he meant. But at four years old. a child wouldn't completely understand that their parent was famous and had a lot of fans in the world but as Evangeline gets older she will understand how truly loved her father is and the difference he left on his fans lives.
While they stood in line Andy decided to lift her up so they could discuss what she wanted but her concentration was on the play set in the other room and Andy had a feeling she would want to play in there before they leave, he bounced her slightly and her eyes locked his eyes and he chuckled.
"Are you hungry?" he asked her and she nodded. "what do you want, chicken nuggets, hamburger, cheeseburger?"
"Chicken nuggets!" she exclaimed with a smile, Andy chuckled then kissed her cheek.
"Chicken nuggets it is then, princess."
Once the man in front of them walked away from the counter, Andy stepped forward and the lady behind the counter jaw dropped open with shock and Andy knew right then he just ran into a fan.
"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Your Andy Biersack from that band, uh," the lady stuttered and as she became starstruck she forgot his band's name. Even though she was a huge fan. "I love your band!"
Andy chuckled. "Thank you, I'm glad you do."
The lady took a deep breath to calm her nerves but her hands continued to shake.
"What can I do you tonight? I mean, what can I get you for tonight?"
Andy wanted to laugh but he decided not to do that, instead he responded.
"For the little lady here she'll have the chicken nuggets happy meal and I'll have the Mcdouble."
"Is that for here?" the lady interrogated nervously, Andy replied with a yes then paid with his card.
He gathered their plastic cups and filled one with Sprite and another with Mountain Dew, then he found an empty booth at the end of the restaurant. She sat against the wall beside him while looking around her surroundings, her lips pressed together in a line while Andy sat patiently waiting for their order to be ready. As the wait continued on, Andy pulled his cell phone out his pocket and went to his contacts to find Ariel's number. Once he did, his thumb pressed the screen and began dialing. He held the phone to his ear, eyeing the counter to watch the employees and to wait for their food. He was hungry, he could've been at home eating dinner with his girlfriend, but you know what happened with that.
"Hey," Andy greeted in his deep, low voice. "what are you doing?"
"Finding places for all of my junk," Ariel replied with a laugh. "how's Evangeline?"
"She's good, she hasn't been up long from a nap." Andy replied, Ariel awed.
"She's always the sweetest when she wakes up from a nap, best time of the day," Ariel laughed and Andy chuckled lightly. "something wrong?" she interrogated randomly, Andy blew out a small breath and rubbed his forehead.
"Not really, you don't need to worry about it. It's my problem."
"Is it about tour or the band?" she asked.
"No, something personal. I don't want to talk about it in front of Evangeline, although she may have already heard most of it."
"Did something bad happen?" Ariel asked, the tone of concern consuming her voice.
"Kind of."
"Andy, do you need me to come pick her up?"
"No no, she's fine. Everything is fine Ariel, trust me. Besides, I want to spend some time with her before I leave for tour."
"I want to know what happened when I come pick her up tomorrow, even if it is personal Andy. Our daughter was there when whatever it was happened and if she has questions about it I want to know what to tell her." Ariel told him, he nodded understandingly and saw their food on the counter.
"I'll be right back Evangeline, stay right here and if someone walks up to you, scream. Okay?"
"Okay daddy."
"Where are you at?" Ariel interrogated after he finished his sentence, of course she was going to ask, especially since he just told their daughter to scream if someone walks up to her. He stood from the booth and headed towards the counter.
"McDonald's, do you want to talk to her when I get back to the table?"
"Yes I would." Ariel replied.
Once Andy returned to the booth with the tray filled with food, he handed Evangeline his cell phone and allowed her to talk with Ariel while he opened up the box of chicken nuggets and the plastic cup of sweet and sour sauce for her. He placed it in front of Evangeline then sat down beside her and began grabbing his food while she told Ariel about her adventure in a ball pit. She gossiped to Ariel for a good six minutes while chewing on chicken nuggets, she was smiling from ear to ear and giggling because of whatever Ariel was telling her on the other line.
"Bye mommy!" Evangeline exclaimed then handed Andy his cell phone, the call had ended on Ariel's side so he ended his line as well and slid it back into his pocket.
"Did you have fun talking to mommy?"
"Yeah, mommy is funny!" Evangeline laughed then she unexpectedly hugged Andy around his arm, catching him off guard. He looked down at her, seeing she had a smile on her face. "I love you daddy."
Andy smiled, feeling his heart fill with warmth. He leaned down and kissed the top of his daughter's head. "I love you too, sweetheart."
Andy's smile only grew bigger when he reached for his plastic McDonald cup to sip his drink but he couldn't help but to think of what Shelli had said about him and Ariel back at the house, of course none of that was true though. Ariel was a one night stand, that was what she was at that time and all she was supposed to be. It angered him a lot and he wanted to go home but he definitely wasn't going to if Shelli was still there, filling Juliet's ear with a bunch of bullshit like she usually did whenever she came over and Andy didn't want his daughter around Shelli, he considered that child abuse honestly. When they finished eating, Andy decided to let Evangeline play on the play set before they left and he listened to her giggles that echoed throughout the tunnel that led to the slide. He leaned against the hard wall, his arms folded over his chest and he held onto his plastic cup with his right hand.
He was trying to think of somewhere else they could go until Shelli leaves the house but he couldn't think of anywhere, not with his mind clouded with thoughts.
"Evangeline, let's go honey." Andy called, Evangeline appeared in seconds below him and looked up at him with a smile.
"That was fun, daddy!"
"I'm glad you had fun." Andy told her then pulled open the glass door inward and allowed her to walk in front of him, he followed beside her, holding her hand and took her outside to the vehicle and secured her into the car seat. He climbed into the driver seat and exhaled a breath of frustration, he needed to call Juliet, he couldn't just drive around for hours end with nothing to do with a toddler in the back seat. He pulled his cell phone out and dialed Juliet's number, listening to it ring several times before she finally answered.
"Is Shelli gone?" he asked immediately, attitude in his voice. Juliet paused for five seconds before exhaling a breath and answering.
"No, no she isn't."
"Juliet, seriously. Get her to leave," he spat. "I'm not driving around all night with my daughter in the backseat while she fills your ear with a bunch of bullshit!" he slightly yelled then he looked at the rear view mirror to see Evangeline staring at him with confusion and wide eyes, he took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He couldn't yell in front of Evangeline, she didn't deserve to hear that. "look, I'm not bringing Evangeline back to that house while she's there Juliet. No way."
"Okay Andy, I'll get her to leave."
"Thank you." Andy replied then he hung up immediately, laying his phone between his legs.
"Daddy, are you okay?"
"I'm fine baby, we're going home now." Andy told her then started the ignition, he put the vehicle in reverse then pressed on the gas.

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