Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 23

It's been two weeks since Andy and the boys left for The Black Mass tour and although he was hectic he still found time to call or face time Evangeline, he missed her and she missed him too. She would ask random interrogations about what tour was, where Andy was and why they weren't with him and Ariel had to explain quite often but it didn't bother her because it seemed to make Evangeline jubilant when they talked about Andy and when Ariel reminded her that they will go on tour with him very soon, she broke into a big excited fit.
Ariel was struggling to find a job but she wasn't getting any luck and she was stressing out because bills that needed to be paid was coming up and she was concerned that she wouldn't be able to pay it, which led to a very long conversation with Andy over the phone one night while Evangeline was asleep. Andy listened to her explain the situation while he smoked a Marlboro, he could hear the stress that consumed her voice and he was certain that she was crying but he didn't ask. When she had finally paused, he told her to take a deep breath and come on tour. He said that he would pay for a plane ticket to get them out there and he would give Ariel the money she needed to pay the bills so when she returned home she didn't have to worry anymore and she agreed.

It was October 31 and Ariel was helping Evangeline into her costume that she picked out herself, she decided to be a rainbow unicorn and she was very jubilant with it. Usually when Halloween came around Ariel's family got together and went trick or treating but this year they were in California and Ariel didn't know if she wanted to take Evangeline out to a neighborhood they were very unfamiliar with, besides Ariel didn't know where to go. But four days ago Amy Biersack called, asking if they wanted company while they were out and Ariel didn't hesitate to say yes.

It was five minutes to seven and Evangeline was ready to go, as was Ariel but they were waiting for Chris and Amy to go up. Ariel sat on the couch watching Evangeline twirl in circles with a when her phone started going off with a notification that Ariel has came familiar with. She picked it up and accepted it and right away Andy appeared with the guys standing behind him.
"Happy Halloween!" the guys shouted at once and Andy rolled his eyes.
"Happy Halloween, Ariel."
"You party pooper!" Ashley spat at him.
"Happy Halloween guys," she said. "Evangeline come here, daddy is on."
Evangeline immediately came to a halt with her twirling and ran towards the couch where she sat down and Ariel handed her the phone.
"Hey sweetheart, are you ready to get some candy?"
"Yeah, I'm going to get a lot daddy!" Evangeline exclaimed and suddenly Ashley appeared, blocking Andy's view.
"You tell those people to give you all of their candy or your uncle Ashley will kick their butts!"
Evangeline burst into laughter and once Andy pushed him out of the way, he spoke to her in a very fatherly stern voice.
"Don't listen to him, Evangeline. You be nice to them and you will get a lot of candy."
"Evangeline nodded once her laughter died down but a smile remained on her face.
"I'll be nice, daddy."
"That's my girl," he said proudly. "let me see your costume. I haven't seen it."
"Okay daddy." Evangeline replied then handed Ariel the cell phone.
Of course Ariel took it without interrogation as she did hear Andy ask to see her costume so she positioned the phone so Andy could see it, Evangeline stood in front of the camera and she twirled happily and received an applause from the boys.
"Did you pick that out yourself?" Andy asked and Evangeline stopped twirling, although she was dizzy now.
"Yes I did, I'm a big girl now."
"Unfortunately you are." Andy said with sadness in his voice.
He didn't want Evangeline to grow up to become a big girl because he hasn't known her long already, she was still a baby to him. Did he hold this against Ariel? absolutely not, he held it against life itself. He was caught up in thoughts that he became silent but he did hear the knock on the door on Ariel's front door which snapped him back to reality. "that must be mamaw and papaw."
"Mommy, can I get it?" Evangeline asked enthusiastically.
"Yes, you can," Ariel replied then watched her run towards the door. She turned the phone towards herself and gave Andy a friendly smile. "I'll call you when we're done trick or treating."
"Alright, take some pictures!"
"I want pictures of my niece!" CC shouted from somewhere in the background, Andy sighed and rolled his eyes simultaneously.
"We all want pictures."
"I will take some pictures," Ariel told him then looked over at Andy's parents to see they were admiring their granddaughters Halloween costume. "have a good show boys. Bye Andy."
The call ended and Ariel got off the couch and Amy acknowledge her almost immediately.
"Ariel, how are you doing?"
She hugged Ariel instantly, but she didn't mind because she knew that Amy was just one of those loving people in the world and they were hard to find.
"Are you ready to get some candy?" Chris interrogated Evangeline, she was in his arms and the extremely jubilant smile on her face illuminated the room.
"So am I," Chris replied then looked at Ariel. "there's a big neighborhood not far from here that we'll take her to. Andy suggested it, he said almost every house gives out candy, so she should get a lot tonight."
"Sounds good to us!" Ariel replied then gathered certain items that was necessary. Purse, a light jackets for her and Evangeline just in case and Evangeline's pink jack o'lantern candy bucket. They exited the apartment and crowded into Chris and Amy's white Ford explorer, the inside was neatly kept and smelt wonderful too, vanilla.
Chris made sure everyone was secured with seat belts before driving off with caution.
"Andy loved trick or treating when he was little," Amy told Ariel with a reminiscing smile. "it was his favorite thing about October and he would wear the usual costumes. One year he was a fireman, then a police officer and he was batman more than once."
Ariel laughed. "How did his obsession for batman begin?"
"Christopher," Amy blamed and Chris chuckled. "every weekend they would watch the batman television show together. Then Chris took him to see the movies, bought him action figures, the comic books. So, I blame Chris for his obsession.
"Andrew Biersack read comic books?"
"Believe it or not, little Andy was a little dork." Chris laughed.
"Oh, he was not!"
"Amy, dear. He was before he entered middle school."

"Oh shush, Christopher." she exclaimed with a laugh then reached over and slapped his arm slightly.Ariel smiled softly while she watched the two. They arrived at the neighborhood not long afterwards and families were already arriving with their children. Chris parked beside a sidewalk and helped Ariel grab her things while she grabbed Evangeline and held her hand as they approached the first house together.

"Remember to say trick or treat and thank you, Evangeline."

"Okay mommy." she replied enthusiastically, almost jumping up and down excitedly.

"We'll be right here," Ariel told her. "go on."Evangeline released Ariel's hand and broke into a slight run up a concrete pathway towards a big house, Ariel smiled while she watched her daughter stomp up the three porch steps with other children in order to receive candy.

"You've done a good job with her, Ariel." Chris said suddenly as he stood beside her.

"I tried my hardest, thank you."

"We notice, Amy and I. We're glad that you decided to introduce her to Andy, we're not even mad that you kept her a secret for three years. We're just glad she's here with us."

Ariel looked up at Chris and she smiled, speechless because of Chris' words. She didn't expect him to say those things to her and she certainly didn't expect him and Amy to think that way but she felt relieved to know that, to know that even they didn't hold that against her.

"Ariel, is that you?"

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