Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 3

“Mommy, wake up.” Evangeline said that next morning, she was laying in the middle of the bed beside Ariel. Whitney was asleep in the other bed snoring her head off, which was what woke Evangeline up actually. Ariel’s eyes didn’t open and when they didn’t, Evangeline poked her cheek. “mommy!” she said louder and Ariel’s eyes slowly opened, when she saw Evangeline looking at her, she smiled.
“Good morning, sleep good?”
Evangeline nodded then lifted up, Ariel giggled at her daughter’s bed hair. Evangeline hopped off the bed and ran over to Whitney’s bed, she climbed up onto the bed with a bit of a struggle and started to wake Whitney up. It was cute that she woke everyone up, she didn’t want anyone sleeping when she woke up, everyone must be awake. Ariel lifted up and stretched her stiff arms above her head, this bed was a lot more comfortable than she thought it would be. Yesterday went well and Ariel was glad, Evangeline seemed to like Andy a lot and she was glad since it was Evangeline’s father. Ariel got up from the bed and headed towards the bathroom, she closed the door then turned on the sink to wash her face. She didn’t wash her makeup off from last night so her makeup was smeared and was glad she was washing it off, once she was done she brushed her bad breath away when there was a faint knock on the door she almost didn’t hear it. She turned off the sink and opened the door to see Evangeline standing there with her legs crossed, Ariel knew that was a sign that she had to potty. She was potty trained and she was easy to teach, but she still needed some help. After Ariel and Evangeline were done in the bathroom they went back to the beds and sat down while Whitney checked her Facebook on her phone.
“What will we do today?” Whitney asked, turning off her phone and dropping it beside her. Ariel didn’t know what to do today, she didn’t know all the things you could do in California since she’s never been in California before.
“I don’t know, what would you like to do?”
“Meet a good looking guy and have a romance.” Whitney replied, Ariel laughed then she looked at Evangeline who was sitting beside her hugging her brown teddy bear named Teddy.
“What do you want to do today, Evangeline?”
“Andy!” she squealed with a smile, looking up at Ariel with her blue eyes sparkling. Whitney giggled at her cuteness, whenever she babysat Evangeline it made her want to have a daughter.
“I’m okay with hanging out with him, it’s why we’re here anyways.”
“Okay, I’ll call him.” Ariel said, she unplugged her phone from her charger and went to her contacts and clicked on his number then held the phone to her ear while Whitney started getting ready.
“Hello?” Andy answered, his voice deep.
“Hey Andy, it’s Ariel.”
“Hey, I was wondering if you’d call.” Andy said, she looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand to see it was eleven forty-five. Either he was impatient to see his daughter again or he was an early bird.
“We overslept a bit, but Evangeline wants to see you.”
“Good, Because I want to see her too. Um, what about I pick you guys up and take you all for breakfast? My treat.” Andy said, Ariel smiled.
“That’s nice Andy, thank you. But we’ll all take a while to get ready so I’ll text you when we’re done and the hotel we’re in.”
“Least I can do, and I’ll be waiting. See you soon, bye.” Andy said then he hung up, Ariel did as well then the three girls started to get ready, but Ariel was also helping Evangeline get ready so it was taking a bit longer.

“Whit, if he’s driving Evangeline can’t ride because she doesn’t have a car seat.” Ariel told Whitney while they waited for Andy outside the hotel, Whitney looked at Ariel.

“Uh oh, what will we do then?”
“I don’t know.” Ariel replied in thought, then suddenly a black car appeared and stopped in front of the hotel. The driver side door opened and Andy appeared wearing sunglasses, Evangeline smiled big and when he got closer she let go of Ariel’s hand and ran towards Andy and he picked her up immediately.
“Did you get taller over night?” Andy asked her with a smile.
“No.” she replied with a giggle, she was always the happiest baby and toddler.
“You sure? You're almost as tall as me I think.”
“Andy, I was thinking. Evangeline can’t ride in the car without a car seat.”
“I know, I thought about it before I left the house so I handled it.” Andy told her, Ariel was actually impressed. He opened the door and pulled the seat back, Whitney climbed into the back seat and took Evangeline from Andy and sat her into the car seat Andy had bought her.
“Ariel, you’ll have to get her buckled in because I don’t know how to do this.” Whitney said, Ariel smiled and leaned into the car and buckled Evangeline up. Once she was buckled up safely Ariel hopped into the passenger seat, Andy climbed back into the car and put on his seat belt, he put the car in drive and drove off with caution since his daughter was in the back seat.
"Do you guys like Ihop?" Andy asked, Ariel nodded as a yes.
"Ihop is fine." Whitney replied, Andy looked in the rear view mirror at Evangeline with a smile.
"Evangeline, do you like Ihop?"
She looked at him and nodded.
Ihop it was, as he drove he realized Juliet would have to find out about Evangeline sooner than later. She's going to wonder why he was gone most of the day. When he explained who Ariel was and when and how Evangeline came along to the guys, they accepted Evangeline and didn't judge him. Even though Ariel was a one time deal, he didn't regret sleeping with her because now he had a beautiful daughter. He wanted to be a father, he wanted to co-parent, he didn't want to be a drop-beat dad. He wanted to help Ariel raise Evangeline since she's been raising her for three years, he had missed three years of Evangeline's life and he didn't want to miss more.
"Hey Evangeline, want to hear my band?" Andy asked, Ariel smiled because she knew Evangeline already liked Black Veil Brides because of her.
"Yeah?" Evangeline replied, Andy smiled and pressed play on the CD player. The song Wretched & Divine started playing and suddenly Evangeline started to clap, Andy smiled and looked at Ariel with curiosity.
"She's already a fan of your band."
Andy smiled proudly while Evangeline danced in her car seat, moving her body side to side and kicking her feet happily.
"This is my band Evangeline, I'm the singer."
"Oh?" Evangeline said, she didn't really know what he meant but Whitney and Ariel giggled at her calm reaction.
"At least she isn't a crazy fan girl." Andy said.
"You're right." Ariel agreed with a giggle. Once they reached Ihop Andy parked near the door, he cut off the engine and took off his seat belt and climbed out into the hot air. Once Whitney got out of the back, Ariel helped Evangeline out of the car seat then lifted her up and put her on her hip as they walked to the restaurant. Andy was wearing his sunglasses and Ariel was guessing he was trying to hide from possible fans inside, the restaurant wasn’t really busy but there were still a lot of people. They got a booth, ordered their drinks then started to look at the menu while Evangeline colored.
“So,” Andy began, eyeing Ariel. “what’s going on in your world?”
Ariel looked at Evangeline and smiled, then looked back at Andy. “Raising her.”
“You’re doing a great job, I hope you know that.” Andy told her, she smiled a bit bigger.
“Thank you, but I did have help. My parents and Whitney. I probably couldn’t have done it without them.”
“Aw, you’re welcome.” Whitney said with a smile, Ariel giggled softly.
Once the waitress returned with three sweet teas and a sprite for Evangeline, they were ready to order and she was ready to take their order. Once their order was made, they were all left alone again.
“So, Andy, do you have a girlfriend?” Whitney asked, stirring her tea with her straw. Andy nodded.
“I do actually, we’ve been together for two years, almost three.”
“Do tell me more?” Whitney pushed, Andy smirked.
“Well she’s a singer as well, for the band Automatic Loveletter. Her name is Juliet Simms.”
“Never heard of her.”
“She was on season two of The Voice.” Andy told her, Whitney shrugged her shoulders.
“I don’t watch The Voice.”
“Oh, well that makes sense you don’t know her. But she’s pretty good.” Andy said, looking at Evangeline who was still coloring.
“Does she know?”
“No, not yet. I haven’t told her yet, but I’m going to real soon. Probably tonight.”
“Good luck.” Whitney told him, he chuckled.
“I will definitely need it,” he said. “so, you guys have never been to California?”
“Nope.” they both replied simultaneously.
“Are you enjoying it so far?”
“I am.” Whitney replied, Ariel smiled.
“I am, but sadly I have to go back home tomorrow.”
“Why?” Andy asked, sounding a bit upset.
“I have a job Andy, and Evangeline has preschool, I have a house to take care of.”
Andy bit his bottom lip, he didn’t want Evangeline to leave. He just got her. He needed to think of something quick and real quick, his mind was turning with thoughts but he didn’t know if Ariel would consider any one of them. The waitress returned with the food and they all started to eat, Andy even cut up Evangeline’s pancakes.
“How’s the album going anyways?” Ariel asked after swallowing a piece of bacon, Andy smiled.
“Good actually, I’m proud of it.”
“That’s good, are you going to release a song before the album comes out?” Ariel asked him, he nodded.
“Yes we will, the date isn’t set though.”
“Well, I’m excited to hear the new album and so is Evangeline. Aren’t you Evangeline?” Ariel said, she looked at Evangeline who was sitting in the high chair chewing on her bacon. She loved bacon just like her mother.
“Yep!” she said happily, Andy smiled big.
“I’m glad you both are,” he said, then took a sip of his drink. “since neither of you have been to California before and don’t know your way around, after we’re done I could show you some places?”
“I want to see the Hollywood sign!” Whitney said with a gasp.
“Hollywood sign is it.”
“I want to see the beach too.”
Ariel giggled while Whitney told Andy where she wanted to go, Andy just chuckled and smiled.
“I can do that.” Andy told her, when they were done eating breakfast Andy took them to the beach to walk around. Since Whitney was wearing shorts she stood close to the ocean barefoot with Evangeline as the water wet their ankles. But Andy and Ariel didn’t join them, instead they stood back and watched.
“When is her birthday?” Andy asked suddenly, Ariel expected those kind of questions were coming.
“September eighteenth.”
Andy smiled, realizing Evangeline’s birthday was coming up and he would be able to celebrate her fourth birthday.
“How do we tell her I’m her father?”
“I’ll talk to her tonight, Andy.”
“I don’t want you and her to go back to North Carolina.” he said, Ariel was surprised he remembered the state she lived in.
“I have to Andy.”
“Why don’t you stay here longer? I’ll help you pay for the hotel, just let me spend more time with her. Please?” Andy said, he was begging her not to go. Ariel bit her bottom lip, Andy wanted to spend time with his daughter. She respected that, she would have to call her boss, Evangeline’s teacher, her mother. Yes she was giving in, but she couldn’t help it. She was thinking about her daughter, she looked at Andy to see him looking at her with pleading blue eyes. She sighed in defeat then nodded, a huge smile appearing on his face.
“Okay, we can stay a few days longer.”
“Thank you so much Ariel!” Andy said excitedly, he wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up and spun her around happily. She was caught off guard but she smiled, he set her down on her feet then ran towards Evangeline. He picked her up and spin her around as well and Ariel could see a huge smile on her daughter’s face, coming to California made her daughter and Andy happy. She was glad Whitney talked her into coming here to tell Andy because she knew she didn’t have the guts to come here herself, she needed to decide what was best for her daughter. Staying here in California close to her father or going back home to the rest of her family, her home and the place she was familiar with. This was a hard decision.

Andy walked into his house after spending most of the day with Evangeline, Ariel and Whitney. After they left the beach they went to the Hollywood sign and took pictures, then they went to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and took pictures of the celebrities stars they liked, then he took them out for ice cream. It was almost four now, and when he walked into the house he heard a guitar coming from the living room.
“Dragonfly?” Andy asked, entering the living room to see his girlfriend playing her guitar on the couch.

“Hey white rabbit, where have you been?” Juliet said, he pecked her lips then sat down beside her.
“Out with some close friends,” he replied, she nodded and began to softly play the guitar again. He needed to tell her and now. “hey babe?”
“Hmm?” she hummed, he bit his bottom lip.
“I have a daughter.”
Her strumming stopped and she looked at him in shock and confusion.
Andy sighed. “Four years ago I got a girl pregnant, Ariel. I didn’t know because it was kind of a one night stand, we were drunk. But anyways, she had a little girl, my daughter. I found out yesterday at the studio, Ariel and her friend came here to tell me. I have a three year old daughter who will be four in September, her name is Evangeline and I was spending the day with her.”
Juliet stared at him for the longest time until she smiled and giggled a bit in disbelief.
“Andy, I don’t think Evangeline is your daughter. Ariel could be a crazy fan who wants you to believe she had your child.”
“Juliet, I really slept with her! I remember it.” Andy exclaimed, he couldn’t believe Juliet would even say that.
“You may have slept with her babe, but Evangeline could possibly be another man’s daughter. I think you should have a DNA test done, to make sure. So if she takes you to court over child’s support you can prove she’s not your daughter.”
“Juliet, Evangeline looks just like me! My twin is out there, she is my daughter and I one hundred percent believe that.” Andy snap, Juliet sighed softly and bit her bottom lip.
“So, you have a daughter?” Juliet asked, still not fully believing it.
“Yes I do.”
“I’m here for you babe, if you want to be in her life I’ll support you.” Juliet told him, he smiled then kissed her deep.

“Okay now spit,” Ariel told Evangeline while lifting her up to spit the toothpaste into the sink, once Evangeline did she sat her down onto her feet and took the toothbrush. “now go sit on the bed so we can talk.”
Evangeline ran out of the bathroom while Ariel rinsed out the sink, it was time for Evangeline to know Andy was her father. Ariel joined Evangeline on the bed while Whitney watched with a smile, before Ariel told the truth she tucked Evangeline into the bed since it was her bedtime.
“Do you like Andy, Evangeline?” Ariel asked, handing over her teddy bear.
“Yes.” Evangeline replied with a smile, taking the teddy bear from her mother. Ariel smiled, she was glad Andy was growing on her, that was a good thing.
“Well sweetie, Andy is your daddy.”
Her jaw drop and her eyes widen, Ariel giggled at her reaction since it was cute.
“My daddy?”
“Yes Evangeline, Andy is your daddy.” Ariel told her, she tried to use Evangeline’s name quite a bit so she could learn how to say her name properly.
“Wow,” Evangeline said slowly. “cool!”
Ariel giggled then kissed her forehead.
“Now get some sleep, little one.”
Evangeline laid down then Ariel covered her up even more, she got up from the bed then joined Whitney.
“We have to go to bed early, our flight leaves at ten.”
“I’m not leaving yet Whit, but I understand that you have to since you have a job and Stacy.” Ariel told her.
“You’re crazy if you think I’ll leave you and Evangeline here alone, Stacy is with a friend so she’s taken care of perfectly and my boss is cool. But why are you wanting to stay?”
“Evangeline needs more time with her father and Andy needs more time with his daughter.”
Whitney nodded, she understood that. “We’ll stay as long as we can, now we better call people to let them now we’re alive so they don’t report us missing.”
Ariel giggled and grabbed her cell phone, calling Veronica first. Things were going well and Ariel was glad they were, but she was still making her decision about staying permanently.

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