Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 4

“Good morning babe.” Juliet greeted walking into the kitchen that next morning at eleven thirty three. Andy sat at the island eating a bowl of Coco Puffs, his hair a mess since he hadn’t brushed yet.
“Morning, sleep well?”
Juliet nodded and ruffled her short blonde hair, she opened the refrigerator door and grabbed the jug of milk.
“Yes I did,” she replied, opening one of the cabinets above the counter and grabbed a short glass. “what are you doing today?” she asked, pouring her a glass of milk. Andy got up from the stool and grabbed his empty bowl, he sat it in the sink then looked at her.
“I think I’m going to call mom and dad to tell them about Evangeline, that’s all the plans I have right now.”
“Well, I want to meet Evangeline.” Juliet told him, sitting her glass down after taking a long chug. Andy looked at her in shock but happiness, this may all work out perfectly.
“Yes, she seems important to you so she’s important to me. I’m sorry about saying she may not be your daughter, but I was shocked and I didn’t want to believe it because I always thought we’d have our first children with each other when we’re ready.” Juliet said, Andy respected her honesty more than anything.
“I know dragonfly, but some things happen unexpectedly. I didn’t know I had got that girl pregnant, it was just one night.” he said, her took her hand and pulled her into a hug. He rested his chin on her head while her head laid against his chest, she was rubbing his lower back slowly with both hands.
“Besides,” she said. “I want to meet the mother and her friend also.”
“Well I’m sure mom and dad will want to meet them all to, so why don’t we invite them over to dinner? I don’t want the media to find out about Evangeline yet, it’s too early.”
“That sounds good to me, but we’ll have to clean up.”
“Yes we will, but I’m going to call mom and dad first and then Ariel. I’ll help you when I’m done, okay?” Andy said, she nodded and pulled back. He kissed her softly before she walked away to clean the living room, he grabbed his iPhone 5 and dialed his parents house number.
“Hello?” Chris Biersack answered.
“Hey dad, where’s mom?”
“She’s beside me, why?” Chris said suspiciously, he always knew Andy had big news if he wanted to know where Amy was.
“Put me on speaker.”
“Okay,” Chris said then paused for a second. “you’re on speaker.”
“Hi honey!” Amy Biersack greeted happily.
“Hi mom, I have some news for you both.”
“Okay, go ahead son.” Chris encouraged, he figured it was something about the band.
“Well, I have a daughter.” Andy told them, they were both quiet for a few seconds.
“Juliet is pregnant?!” Amy asked, almost shouting.
“No, not that I know of anyways. But I have a daughter with someone else.”
“Excuse me? You better start explaining Andrew.” Amy said, Andy swallowed hard.
“Four years ago I met a girl after a concert named Ariel, we got drunk and well, you know. And she got pregnant and I never knew, I found out the other day. I have a three year old daughter that will be four in September, her name is Evangeline.”
“Oh my gosh Andrew, does Juliet know?” Amy said, Chris was too shocked to speak.
“Yes she does, I told her last night. But we were going to invite Ariel over for dinner, and I was wondering if you wanted to come over and meet your granddaughter?”
“Of course I want to meet my granddaughter!” Amy said excitedly, Andy chuckled.
“What time do we come over?” Chris asked, Andy looked at the clock on the oven to see it was now eleven forty-nine.
“Somewhere around five.”
“Sounds good, we’ll see you then.”
“Okay, well I have to call Ariel now so I’ll see you later. Bye mom, bye dad.”
Once they hung up Andy found Ariel’s number on his phone and dialed it, he really hoped his parents accepted Evangeline. Amy loved Juliet and he just hoped she will love Evangeline even though she isn’t Juliet’s daughter.
“Hello?” Ariel answered, he heard Evangeline laughing in the background and he smiled.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Hanging out in the hotel room and watching Whitney crawl after Evangeline.” Ariel replied with a giggle, he smiled bigger.
“Is that why she’s laughing?”
“Yes that is why,” she replied, then her motherly instincts kicked in. “Evangeline be careful!”
Andy chuckled. “Well, I told Juliet and my parents about Evangeline.”
“Oh really, how did that go?”
“Better than I expected honestly, but they want to meet her. So I was wondering if you want to come over for dinner? I’ll pick you up.” Andy told her, Ariel couldn’t turn that down even if she wanted to.
‘Sure, what time?”
“I’ll pick you up a few minutes before five.” Andy replied.
“We’ll be ready, see you then.”
“Awesome, tell Evangeline I’ll see her soon. Bye.”
Once they hung up he let out a breath, now he needed to help clean then get ready. Hopefully it won’t take forever to clean, they didn’t live like animals.

Andy was on his way back to his house after picking up the girls, when Andy hugged Evangeline she called him “daddy” for the first time ever and it brought tears to his eyes. When the house came into view Andy found himself getting apprehensive, would they all get along and like each other? He really hoped so.
“And this is my house, it’s no three million dollar mansion with thirty bedrooms, twenty nine bathrooms, six living rooms, a indoor and outdoor pool, a bowling alley. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, one living room, a kitchen and a outdoor pool and a garage. I may be rich but I’m not wasteful and stupid.” Andy said, parking in front of the closed garage. Whitney laughed and so did Ariel, he did have a great sense of humor.
“So you don’t have twenty different cars?” Ariel asked while they unbuckled and opened the doors.
“No, I just have this one.”
“That’s a good thing.” Ariel told him once she pulled her seat back to get into the back to get Evangeline, she grabbed Evangeline and picked her up after unfastening her from her car seat. They closed the doors then walked towards the front door, Evangeline was on Ariel’s right hip looking around suspiciously. She liked this house already. Andy opened the door and stepped into the house, letting them all inside. Ariel and Whitney could smell something delicious but they couldn’t figure out what it was. Evangeline struggled in her mother’s arms to get down so she can explore, Ariel understood what it meant and sat her down on her feet but held her hand.
“Come on, Juliet is in the kitchen I think.” Andy said, the three of them followed Andy to the kitchen to meet Juliet. She was cooking something on the oven but whatever it was smelled really good. Juliet looked up at the women with a warming smile, she didn’t know which one was Ariel though. Maybe the girl with long dark brunette hair and tan skin or the pale with long red hair and pale skin?
“Juliet this is Ariel, Whitney and Evangeline is hiding behind Ariel.” Andy said with a smile, Evangeline was shy about meeting new people and she intended to hide behind her mother’s legs.
“It’s nice to meet you both.”
The air was awkward and Andy felt it, maybe because Juliet knew he had slept with Ariel once before. That would be awkward.
“Mom and dad should be on their way,” Andy said to break the silence, he approached the refrigerator and opened the door. “do you girls want something to drink?”
“Sure.” Ariel replied, he grabbed two orange sodas and a Monster energy can for him.
“Can she drink soda?” he asked, handing Ariel one of the cans.
“She can have a few sips.”
“We have apple juice too.” Juliet said, Andy looked at Evangeline.
“Do you want apple juice?”
She nodded and Andy smiled, Ariel reached down her bag and grabbed her sippy cup and handed it to Andy. He took it and walked over to the refrigerator again to get Evangeline some apple juice, once he tightened the lid he brought the sippy cup back to Evangeline and she took it with a smile.
“Evangeline, what do you say?”
“Thank you!” she said, Andy smiled and chuckled.
“You’re welcome, sweetheart.”
“Kitty!” she said, Andy saw Crow entering the kitchen to see what was going on. Ariel was a bit concerned since she didn’t know if he or she did good around children and she didn’t know if Evangeline would be gentle.
‘Don’t bother the kitty Evangeline, the kitty might not be in the mood to play.” Ariel told her, Evangeline frowned a bit but watched the black cat walk.
Do you honestly think Andy would leave Crow out if he was a danger to Evangeline? Juliet thought, that bothered her a bit because she knew Andy was smarter than that.
“Oh don’t worry Crow is really friendly,” Andy told Ariel, he picked Crow up and carried him over to Evangeline. “you can pet him if you want, sweetheart.”
Evangeline smiled and stepped out from Ariel’s legs and Juliet saw her for the first time, it was very obvious she was Andy’s daughter and it kind of upset Juliet.
“Is it a boy or girl?” Whitney asked as Evangeline petted Crow and he purred happily.
“Boy,” Andy replied, he sat him down and picked Evangeline up and approached Juliet so they could meet. “Evangeline, this is Juliet.”
Evangeline smiled shyly.
“Hi.” she mumbled, her voice barely audible. Juliet giggled and smiled.
“Hi Evangeline.”
Evangeline buried her face into her father’s neck shyly, a huge smile on her face. Suddenly the doorbell rang and Andy smiled, he walked off to answer the door with Evangeline still in his arms. Whitney looked at Ariel and smiled, Ariel returned a smile but she was very apprehensive. She heard voices coming from the front door and she felt her heart rate pick up, she was so worried no one would accept Evangeline. Ariel didn’t mind if she wasn’t accepted, she just wanted her daughter to be.
“So, what are you making Juliet?” Whitney asked, she was curious since it smelled so good.
“And this is Evangeline’s mother Ariel and her friend Whitney.”
“Correction, I’m Evangeline’s aunt and Ariel’s best friend in the entire world.”
Ariel shook her head side to side. “She likes to think of herself as Evangeline’s aunt since I don’t have a sister.”
“And we’re like sisters.”
Andy chuckled. “Anyways, these are my parents Chris and Amy.”
Amy was holding Evangeline like she would never let her go and Chris was standing beside his wife with a smile, they both seemed friendly.
“Nice to meet you both.” Ariel said with a smile, Amy smiled in return as she looked at Ariel. Ariel seemed like a sweetheart in Amy’s opinion, her smile was warm and friendly. It was very obvious to Amy that Evangeline was Andy’s daughter, the eyes and a little bit of her face gave it away. Even though Evangeline wasn’t Juliet’s daughter, Amy was already in love with her.
“What smells good, Juliet?” Chris asked curiously, Juliet smiled.
“Chicken tortillas and salad.” she replied, Chris’ expression was obviously hunger.
“Sounds delicious.”
“It will be done in five minutes.”
The silence filled the kitchen and Andy could not stand it, it was already awkward enough and the last thing that needed to happen was an awkward silence.
“So dad, what do you want Evangeline to call you?” Andy asked with a smile, Chris chuckled.
“Anything that makes me not sound old.” Chris replied, everyone laughed.
“What about grandpa?” Amy asked, slightly bouncing Evangeline as she giggled.
“No, that sounds like I’m old. What about papaw?”
“Still makes you sound old.” Andy joked, Amy giggled.
“Andrew, shush. You’ll be my age one day!” Chris told him, Andy nodded.
“Yes one day, not any time soon.”
“Close, because you’re pushing thirty.” Ariel said, Andy’s jaw slightly dropped open in shock.
“Burn.” Whitney mumbled, he didn’t know what to say.
“So are you!”
“You’re older than me, doesn’t count.”
“By one year!”
“Shut up, Andrew.” Ariel said, she knew she was getting older but she didn’t want to admit it. No one did.
“Okay guys, it’s time to eat!” Juliet announced happily, they all took seats at the kitchen table. Everyone received two chicken tortillas and a decent size bowl of salad, but Evangeline got one chicken tortilla and a small bowl of salad. Even though Andy didn’t have a high chair, Evangeline made do with a big chair but Ariel did have to help her get her sippy cup and cut up her chicken tortilla.
“I remember those days where you couldn’t eat in peace.” Amy said, Ariel giggled and nodded.
“The mother life.”
“Sorry mom.” Andy mumbled, making everyone laugh.
“So, when did you find out you were pregnant?” Juliet asked, now here came the questions Ariel prepared herself for it.
“Two months after it happened, I wasn’t completely sure I was pregnant but I knew something was up.”
“Did you want Andy to know?” Chris asked then stuck some salad into his mouth, Whitney was listening carefully to what Juliet was going to ask because Whitney honestly thought she would attack Ariel. Whitney knew Juliet might be a little upset that Andy is a father to another woman’s daughter, but Andy wasn’t with Juliet then so she didn’t really have the right to be mad.
“I did, but I was afraid since he was just starting out his band he wouldn’t want to be a father. Since me and him was just a one night thing, I had no way of contacting him either.” Ariel said, Andy sat down his Monster and looked at Ariel.
“Tell me you weren’t alone through all of that?”
Ariel looked at Andy and shook her head. "No, I had my family and Whitney by my side.”
“Do you have a boyfriend?” Juliet asked out of the blue, Whitney shook her head slightly so no one would notice. She was listening to Juliet carefully, even if Andy was dating her, Ariel was like a sister and Evangeline was like her niece. They’re family to her and she protects her family.
“No I do not, I don’t have time to date between taking care of Evangeline and working a full time job.”
“Do you live around here, Ariel?” Amy asked her, she was curious of how much Andy would see his daughter and how much she would see her granddaughter.
“No I don’t, I live in North Carolina but I’m trying to decide what’s best for Evangeline at the moment.”
Andy looked at her suspiciously yet hopefully. “Do you mean you’re deciding on moving here?” Andy asked, Whitney looked at Ariel for the answer.
“Yes I am.”
A huge smile came across his face and Juliet noticed it and even though she was glad Andy would see his daughter even more, she was worried Ariel liked Andy. But she trusted Andy so she knew he wouldn’t let her do anything, Chris and Amy adored Ariel and Evangeline and when dinner was over they got to know Ariel and Whitney a bit more. It was ten thirty when Andy drove them to the hotel, he parked and got out of the car to help Ariel get Evangeline inside since she was passed out. He happily carried her to the hotel room and tucked her into the bed, he leaned down and kissed her forehead then he whispered.
“I love you so much baby girl.”
After that he told Ariel and Whitney bye and left, tonight went better than expected. He thought it went good and his parents accepted Evangeline quickly, he still wasn’t sure if Juliet fully accepted her yet but he hoped she will eventually because his daughter was now his life and he was not going to leave her side. Not for anyone nor anything.

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