Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 5

Ariel was up before Whitney and Evangeline in thought, did she really want to move across the country? She would have to move out of her place, quit her job and take Evangeline out of preschool, move here, find a new place to live, find a new job and a new preschool. It was a lot of work but it was for her daughter, and Ariel wanted Evangeline to be happy. She decided to call Veronica, she needed some advice and her mother was the one to get it from. She dialed Veronica’s number and waited for her to answer.
“Hey mom.” Ariel said, pulling her knees up to her chest.
“Oh hey Ariel, how’s California?”
“Hot, really hot. I wanted to talk to you about something.”
“Okay, is everything alright?” Veronica said, Ariel was really hoping she wouldn’t get upset and feel like Ariel is taking her grandbaby away.
“I started thinking about moving here, permanently.”
Veronica was quiet for a few seconds and Ariel became worried. “Her father isn’t the reason why you want to move there for good, is he?” she asked, Ariel knew exactly what she meant by that.
“No mom, I just think it would be best for Evangeline to have her father in her life.”
“Well, I agree. But he travels doesn’t he?” Veronica said.
“Yes mom he does, but he lives here and he’s mostly here with the band.”
“What will you do when he’s touring?” Veronica asked, Ariel thought for a few seconds then smiled.
“I could fly back there for a few days.”
“And what about Holidays and birthdays?”
Ariel frowned a bit, this was a harder decision than she thought.
“I don’t know, mom.”
“I’m not helping am I?” Veronica asked, giggling and making Ariel smile.
“No, you’re not.”
“I’m sorry honey, but whatever you decide your father and I will support you in any way we can. We want what’s best for Evangeline and if it’s best for her there, then we want her there.”
Ariel smiled. “Thanks mom.”
“Mommy,” Evangeline’s tired voice said, Ariel looked up to see her daughter climbing out of bed. “I need to go potty.”
“Hold on mom.” Ariel said, she laid the phone down on the table then walked away to help Evangeline. Once she was done she went back to the table and grabbed her phone while Evangeline climbed onto the other chair with a small smile on her face.
“Still there mom?”
“Yes I didn’t leave.” Veronica replied, she was a very friendly woman and always had been.
“Sorry, Evangeline needed me.”
“That’s okay, well Ariel what are you going to do about this situation?”
“I don’t know yet, I think I need more time,” Ariel told her mom. Beep beep. Ariel pulled her phone away from her ear and saw Andy was calling her. “mom I’ll call you back later, Andy is calling.”
“Okay be careful, bye Ariel.”
“Bye mom,” she said then switched the call. “hello?”
“Hey, what’s up?” Andy said on the other line, his voice always sounded deeper on the phone.
“Nothing, just sitting here with Evangeline.”
“Oh? Let me talk to her.”
“Evangeline, daddy wants to talk to you.”
“Daddy?” she asked, her eyes lighting up with a smile. Ariel held out her phone and she gripped it with two small hands and held it to her ear. “daddy?”
“Yes darling?” Andy replied, she smiled big.
“Hi daddy!”
“Hi Evangeline, what are you doing?” Andy always sounded happy when he talked to his daughter, and he was very happy to know he was a father. He wouldn’t trade it for the world.
“Sitting on a chair, daddy.”
Andy chuckled. “A little chair?”
“No daddy, I’m a big girl!” Evangeline exclaimed.
“Oh sorry ma’am,” Andy said with a chuckle. “do you want to come spend the day with me?”
“I was hoping for that answer, let me talk to mommy.” Andy said with a smile.
“Okay, bye daddy.” she said then she made kissing noises into the phone then handed it to Ariel who was giggling.
“Hey,” Andy greeted with a chuckle. “um, do you and Whitney and Evangeline want to come hangout with me and the band, we were going to the bowling alley this afternoon?”
“Sure, sounds like fun. What time will you be here?”
“Probably around two thirty, almost three. I’ll call you when I leave the house.”
“Okay well I’m going to get off of here and start getting ready, I’ll see you soon, thanks for inviting us, bye Andy.” Ariel said, then the phone call ended and she looked at Whitney and shook her head. She knew it wouldn’t be easy waking her up, she slept like she was in a coma.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy!” Evangeline squealed, running out of the elevator and into the lobby towards Andy. Andy looked good today wearing; black jeans, black combat boots and a white tee, black jacket and sunglasses. Ariel didn’t know if sunglasses helped him hide his identity, but she wasn’t a celebrity so she wouldn’t know. He picked Evangeline up and kissed her cheek as she wrapped her tiny arms around his neck, he was wearing his lip piercing and nose piercing today and Evangeline was curious of what they were since she’s never seen a lip nor nose piercing. Not up close anyways.

“What’s that?” she asked, touching his nose. Whitney and Ariel giggled.
“My nose ring, do you like it?”
She smiled and nodded then Andy’s focus went to Whitney and Ariel, he smiled big, showing off his white pearls.
“You guys ready?”
“Yep.” Ariel replied.
“Good, let’s go before someone realizes who I am.” he said, they followed him outside and to the parking lot.
“Hey Andy, is there any single guys in your band?” Whitney asked, Ariel shook her head side to side and Andy chuckled.
“Um, oh! Ashley is single.”
“You don’t want to date him.” Ariel told Whitney, as she took Evangeline to put in her car seat.
“Why not?” Whitney questioned, Ariel fastened Evangeline up in the car seat then handed her the teddy bear she wanted to bring. Teddy.
“He’s um, Andy what word am I looking for?” Ariel asked as Whitney climbed into the back seat then Ariel got into the passenger sat then closed the door then she put on her seat belt.
“Well, he prefers the term ladies man but to the others he’s a manwhore.” Andy replied, starting the engine.
“Oh, I understand now.”
Andy chuckled. “Yeah, we always told him he’ll end up alone if he doesn’t settle down soon.” Andy told them, he pulled out of the parking space then drove off with caution.
“So, who's bowling with us?” Whitney asked.
“Jake and his fiancée Ella, CC and his girlfriend Lauren, Jinxx and Ashley and then Juliet will be on her way shortly.”
“I thought Jinxx was married?” Ariel asked, Andy frowned slightly.
“Well he was but they’re going through a divorce now, Sammi cheated on him when we were on tour.”
Ariel couldn’t believe it, she didn’t know what to say, she was dumbfounded.
“Wow, I can’t believe that.”
“Neither could we, but she did.” Andy said, shaking his head side to side. They arrived at Lucky Strike Hollywood, Andy parked right beside Ashley’s black SUV. He cut off the ignition and opened the door after taking off his seat belt. This was going to be fun.
“Have any of you been bowling?”
“I have, when I was thirteen.” Ariel replied, Andy chuckled then climbed out of the car while Ariel did the same. When Ariel got Evangeline out of the car seat and to her feet, she took Ariel’s and Andy’s hand and they walked across the parking lot to the bowling alley.
“Won’t you deal with fans, Andy?” Whitney asked, Andy smiled.
“Probably not as much, most teens are in school and this bowling alley is usually busy late in the evening and on weekends. Which is why we’re bowling today.”
Andy opened one of the glass doors and let the girls inside first, there was faint music playing throughout the bowling alley and there wasn’t a lot of people. There was a couple who looked in their twenties playing, and then the Black Veil Brides army members. They looked nice and older, they were laughing and pushing each other. They weren’t wearing their makeup, they were just normal friends having fun. Their dates looked good, Ariel knew what Ella Cole looked like, mostly because she sat in Jake’s lap with her arms around his neck. They followed Andy to the group, where they looked up and smiled at him.
“Did you finally decide to join us?” Jake joked, Andy shook his head and smirked.
“I was busy, alright?” Andy said, then he moved aside and pointed at the girls. “this is Evangeline, my daughter. Ariel, Evangeline’s mother and Whitney, Ariel’s best friend.”
“Oh my gosh,” Lauren mumbled. “she looks so much like Andy.”
Evangeline was shy, slightly hiding behind Ariel’s leg. She remembered the guys, but not the girls.
“Aw, she’s shy.” Ella said, Ariel smiled, looking down at Evangeline who was hiding her face into Ariel’s jeans.
“She usually is around new people.” Ariel told them, she wanted them to know it wasn’t because Evangeline didn’t like them.
“Well maybe we can get her to open up to us soon,” Lauren said with a smile. “shall we start playing?”
“I say girls against boys.” Ella said, Jake snorted.
“You always want to beat me at something.”
“Hey, it’s fun and cute when you get mad.” Ella said, kissing his cheek.
“I don’t get mad, I get frustrated, there’s a difference.”
Andy shook his head. “Are we going to play or are we going to listen to you two flirt?”
Whitney laughed and Jake turned red slightly, then the battle began. The girls were winning by two points and the boys were desperate to score higher than they were, it was funny to hear the boys yell at each other to get a strike but Jinxx was the only one getting strikes. When it was Andy’s turn, he picked up a blue bowling ball then beckoned his finger to Evangeline.
“Come here sweetheart, and you can score for me.”
“Hey, no she’s a girl, you can’t do that!” Lauren pointed out as Evangeline ran towards Andy, he lowered down to Evangeline’s level then looked at Lauren.
“She’s fifty percent me, so I can do that.”
Ariel smiled and shook her head, she watched as Andy helped Evangeline push the bowl down the bowling aisle to the pins. He really was a great father and Ariel felt terrible for keeping Evangeline a secret for three years, how could she take Evangeline away from him back to North Carolina when he’s already that close to her? It would probably break Evangeline’s little heart, Ariel couldn’t do that, Evangeline needed her father. Was she making her decision here right now? She wasn’t sure, but it felt like it. Her thoughts were interrupted when the boys jumped up, yelling in excitement. Ariel jumped slightly, she looked at Andy to see him lifting Evangeline up and hugging her tightly as she hugged him back, Ariel looked at the pins to see they were all knocked down, Evangeline had scored a strike on her first try.
“In your faces!” Jake said, pointing at the girls.
“You needed a three year old to help you get ahead of us? Losers.” Whitney snickered, crossing her arms over her chest and shaking her head.
“Hey, watch it!” Ashley snapped, looking at Whitney. She knew that picked a sore. Andy sat Evangeline down on her feet and she ran towards Ariel with a huge smile on her face.
“Mommy I got a spike!” Evangeline exclaimed, Ariel giggled at her attempt to say "strike".
“Did you? I’m so proud of you, high five!” Ariel said, holding up her hand as her daughter’s small hand connected with it.
“I didn’t know she was coming.” Ella mumbled beside Ariel, she lifted her head and saw Juliet approaching Andy; looking for a kiss and hug.
“Yeah, Andy said she was.”
“I’m not a big fan of her.” Ella said, keeping her voice low so no one could hear her.
“Why not?”
“She has an attitude that gets on my nerves.” Ella relied, shaking her head. Evangeline ran away from her mother and Ariel watched closely, she was running towards Andy when Ashley suddenly grabbed her, making her giggle.
“Who are you running to?” Ashley asked her, holding her to his chest as she looked into his dark colored eyes.
“I think daddy has held you enough, let uncle Ashley hold you.”
“No!” Evangeline said, giggling with a smile, she began squirming in Ashley’s arms.
“No? I say yes.”
“No, daddy!” Evangeline said then calling for Andy, Ariel laughed.
“She wants her father, Ashley.”
“She needs to spend time with her uncles too!” Ashley told Ariel, not accepting to put her down. Andy pulled away from Juliet and walked towards Ashley, and when he reached him Evangeline held out her arms.
“She doesn’t like you Ash.”
“Impossible, everyone likes me.”
“Give me my daughter.” Andy demanded, he reached his arms out and gently grabbed Evangeline under the armpits. He lifted her up and Ashley finally let go, and Andy pulled her closer to him as she smiled happily. Ashley put on a fake frown, then bowed his head and walked away from them, heading towards the chairs with the others.
“Aw, don’t feel bad Ashley. She’s a daddy’s girl.” Ariel said when he sat down beside her, he put his head in his hands and pouted. Ariel shook her head and rubbed his back, she knew he was putting on a scene for Evangeline and she noticed it.
“Daddy, put me down.” Evangeline ordered, Andy obeyed his daughter’s command and sat her down on her feet. She fixed her shirt, then ran towards Ashley, grabbing his hair in her tiny hand.
“Ashley!” she said, Ashley lifted his head up and looked at her.
She leaned up on her toes and kissed his cheek, and he smiled.“Don't cry!”

"I'm not crying Evangeline, you cutie.” Ashley said with a voice the boys never heard before, he lifted her up and hugged her.
“Whose winning?” Juliet asked, sitting down beside Ashley.
“We are, finally!” CC said with excitement, Lauren shook her head.
“Ella, you’re up next.” Jinxx said, Ella smiled then stood up and grabbed a red bowling ball.
“Mommy,” Evangeline said, Ariel turned her head and smiled at her daughter.
“I’m hungry.”
“We’ll eat soon, I promise.”
“She really is a sweetheart, Ariel.” Lauren said, Ariel smiled.
“I know, she’s always been like that.”
“That’s a good thing though, I guess it’s a girl personality.” Lauren said, it was cute to see everyone love Evangeline. Ariel could tell it made Evangeline happy, she’s been all smiles since she met her father. Which was another thing, how could Ariel take Evangeline away from happiness? A little while later the girls beat the boys by twenty points, it was pretty bad and the boys pouted about it for a while but they got over it. Then they played again and the girls won again, that’s when the boys gave up and decided they should all go out to eat. They left the bowling alley before five, and arrived at the restaurant before five twenty. It was a Chinese restaurant, which didn’t bother Ariel since she liked Chinese as well. Evangeline was on Ashley’s shoulders when they walked into the restaurant, she had a handful of Ashley’s now brunette hair and every now and then you would hear Ashley say “ow” and Evangeline would laugh.
“How many?” the female worker asked, Andy turned around and counted everyone.
“Twelve and can we possibly get a table in the back?”
The female nodded and grabbed plate mats and silverware then walked off as they all followed her, Ariel was walking behind Ashley when he almost yelled out and Evangeline giggled loudly.
“Evangeline May Montgomery, don’t hurt people!” Ariel demanded in her mother voice.
“Sorry mommy.”
“No, don’t apologize to me. Apologize to Ashley.”
“Sorry Ashley.”
“It’s okay, just don’t pull so hard.” Ashley said, when they reached the table Ashley lowered himself down so Ariel could get Evangeline off his shoulders.
“Can I get a high chair for her, please?” Ariel asked the female, she nodded and laid the plate mats and silverware down on the table then walked away. When the female returned and they ordered their drinks, they all walked off to the bar to get their food. Ariel was fixing her plate and Evangeline’s at the same time as Evangeline held onto her leg, she didn’t like big crowds of people. Being a mother was difficult, you weren’t doing things for yourself anymore but Ariel was used to it and it didn’t bother her.
“Need any help?” Andy said beside her, he wasn’t holding his plate so she figured he already took it back to the table.
“Yes please.”
Andy smiled and took Evangeline’s plate and in no time they were heading back to the table where everyone else was beginning to eat. Ariel placed Evangeline in her high chair beside Ariel’s chair, then handed her the plate. There was some macaroni & cheese, fries, some Chinese noodles and some chicken.
“So Ariel, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself? Because all I know is your name and that you're Evangeline’s mother.” Lauren said, Ariel smiled and continued to chew her food.
“Yeah, Andy is terrible at introducing people.” Jinxx said, Andy swallowed his chicken.
“Hey, I’m sorry, next time I’ll write down an introduction.”
“At least we’ll know a little bit more about the person besides their name.” CC mumbled sarcastically, Andy rolled his eyes.
“Well, I’m twenty two years old now. I have an apartment in North Carolina Charlotte, I live by myself and I am single. And I work at Bath & Body Works full time.” Ariel told them, her life was boring, she was boring, she wasn’t interesting so she figured if they wanted to know more they would ask.
“How old were you when you got pregnant?” Jake asked with his mouth full, Ella elbowed his arm and he frowned when he realized he didn’t use any of his manners.
“I just turned nineteen when I got pregnant.”
“Now not to be nosey or anything, but I don’t ever remember you meeting a girl and taking her back to the bus and getting freaky.” Ashley said, Andy turned red in embarrassment and shook his head side to side.
“Because you guys weren’t there.”
The expression on Juliet’s face said she wasn’t happy with that question and Whitney saw that expression, but things were going to be asked whether she liked it or not.
“Oh, well that explains it.”
“Didn’t you use protection?” Jinxx asked him, Andy felt like grabbing a paper bag and pulling it over his head.
“I don’t remember.”
“If you didn’t you’re an idiot.” CC mumbled.
“Wait if you live in North Carolina, does that mean you’re going to be leaving soon?” Lauren asked, everyone looked at Ariel and she didn’t know how to answer.
“I don’t know what I’m going to do honestly..”
“I hope you stay.” Andy said, Juliet looked at him as if that pissed her off. Ariel didn’t say anything, because she still wasn’t completely sure but she knew she had to decide really soon. She looked at her daughter to see she was feeding herself well, she was getting better at doing things on her own, the big girl things she says. Once they were done eating and received their fortune cookies, Ariel opened hers and read her fortune.
Making the right decision is better than making no decision.
Did that mean something?

When Andy brought them back to the hotel he walked up to their room with them because Evangeline wanted him to, he couldn’t say no to her so he went along with her. They played for a few minutes then Andy said he had to go, Evangeline was sad but he kissed her forehead and told her she would see him sooner than she thinks and that made her smile. He stood up and approached the door and that’s when Ariel spoke up.

“Andy, can we talk in private?”
“Yeah, come on we’ll talk in the hall,” Andy said, opening the door and stepping out of the room. Ariel followed and closed the door behind her, then she crossed her arms and leaned up against the wall next to the door. Andy stuck his hands in his jeans pockets and looked at her. “what’s up?”
“I can’t take Evangeline away from California, her father lives here and she’s very happy with you and I see it. I can’t take her back to North Carolina where she won’t be happy, she needs both of her parents and I kept her away from her father for three years of her life and I can’t take her away again. I think I’m going to move here, it’s the only way my baby will be happy.”
Andy wanted to jump up and down and hug Ariel while repeating “thank you”, but he had to act mature in this situation because Ariel was leaving a lot for her daughter. Her job, her family, her apartment, everything.
“I’ll help you with anything I can Ariel. I’ll help look for a place for you to stay, I’ll help move you here, you name it and I’ll do it,” he said, then he added. “I’ll help you move now if you want to.”
Ariel giggled. “I’m really going to need your help on this Andrew.”
“Name it and I’ll help you, you know I will. Especially if it helps me see my daughter.”
“I think she’s going to be excited to know she’s not leaving.” Ariel said with a giggle, Andy smirked.
“Ariel, I want to thank you.”
“For what?”
“For flying here just so I can meet her, and leaving North Carolina. Just everything you’ve done. You didn’t have to tell me I had a daughter, I would’ve never known, but you decided. I shouldn’t have left you so quick like I did, I should have at least made sure everything was okay before just taking off like I did. You really are a great mother Ariel, really. You’ve done good with her, and I promise you I will always be here.” Andy said, Ariel smiled.
“Thanks Andy, and don’t feel bad about leaving. You wouldn’t have known, we were both pretty stupid that night. Things happened, but we got a great daughter out of it.”
“I wouldn’t trade her for the world.”
“Neither would I.” Ariel agreed, Andy reached down his jeans pocket and pulled out his cell phone to see he had a text from Juliet.
Juliet: I’m home, where are you?
Andy sighed then looked up at Ariel.
“I should get going, just let me know what you need help with okay?”
Ariel nodded. “Thanks Andy.”
“No problem, goodnight.” he said, then he walked off. Ariel watched and when he disappeared, she let out a breath then headed back inside to see Whitney playing patty-cake with Evangeline. Ariel knew she was making the right decision.

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