Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 6

“Driving through this life unknown, I’ve built my life on broken bones. Not living for this anymore, you want a fight, I’ll bring a war. I feel alive inside, I won’t be terrorized, I’ll take all the blame! This Heart Of Fire is burning proud, I am every dream you lost and never found! This Heart Of Fire is stronger now, build your walls but you can’t keep me out. I’ll burn them down!” Andy sang into the microphone, he paused for a few seconds to let Jake have his spotlight. “I am every vow you broke, they left for dead and turned to smoke. Arm yourself with words of hate, I’m ripping through the souls you take. I feel alive inside, I won’t be terrorized. I’ll stand up to the pain! This Heart Of Fire is burning proud, I am every dream you lost and never found. This Heart Of Fire is stronger now, build your walls but you can’t keep me out. Let’s burn them down!” Andy sang with passion, he took his singing very seriously as well as every singer. “whoa oh, whoa oh!” the members sang as Jake began his solo. “whoa oh, whoa oh.” they continued as Jake’s solo got a little heavier, once the solo stopped, Andy began singing. “this Heart Of Fire is burning proud, I am every dream you lost and never found. This Heart Of Fire is stronger now, build your walls but you can’t keep me out. This Heart Of Fire! Fire! Fire! This Heart Of Fire! Fire! Fire! This Heart Of Fire!” the instrumental stopped and Andy smiled, his breathing heavy from singing.
“That was awesome!” CC exclaimed hopping up from his stool that sat behind his drums, Jinxx laughed.
“Did we get it?” Andy asked through the microphone, the recorder producers nodded and gave thumbs up. They exited the booth and the recorder producers looked happy and impressed, which was a very good thing.
“Good job guys, I’m sure your army will enjoy it.” said one of the males, Keith.
“Thanks Keith.” Ashley said, grabbing his water bottle.
“We sure hope so.” Jinxx said, of course he wanted the army to enjoy the new album. It would suck if they didn’t.
“Take a ten and we’ll do the second song, which song will be next Andy?” John asked, Andy knew exactly what song he wanted to sing next.
“I like the name, Faithless will be next then!” Keith said, getting up from his chair. “now I’m going to go get me some lunch, I’ll bring something back for all of you. McDonalds sound good?”
“Yeah, it does.” Jake said, Ashley rolled his eyes and smiled.
“Hamburgers for everyone, I’ll be back, John come with me.” Keith said, he opened the door and left the studio with John behind him. Andy grabbed his iPhone to see if he had any text messages from Juliet, Chris, or even Ariel. But he had nothing, no texts, no missed calls. He hadn’t heard from Ariel today, and he thought about calling her thousands of times just to see how things were but he decided he’d wait and see if she calls first. Surely she would. He hasn’t told anyone Ariel was moving here, he didn’t want to yet, he wanted to make sure Ariel didn’t change her mind.
“Something on your mind, Biersack?” Jinxx asked, Andy looked at him. He always knew if Andy was thinking about something, or worried, or pissed off. It was a little weird, but Andy got used to it.
“Yeah, Ariel hasn’t called today.”
“Is it a bad thing that she hasn’t?” CC asked after chugging his water like he hasn’t had anything to drink in days.
“Well,” Andy began, he didn’t know. Maybe it wasn’t a bad thing, maybe he was just paranoid because now he has a three year old daughter. “no, I guess not.”
“Then why worry about it?” Ashley asked, Jinxx glanced at him and sighed.
“Dude really?” Jake asked, smacking Ashley’s arm as hard as he could.
“What did I say?” Ashley snapped, rubbing his arm.
“Andy is a father, Ariel has his daughter, do we really have to explain it further?” Jake snap, Ashley sighed.
“Sorry, I forgot.”
“If she doesn’t call by this evening, call her and just check up. Shouldn’t hurt.” Jinxx told him, Andy nodded in agreement. He’d do that, Jinxx was right, it shouldn’t hurt should it?
“How is Juliet handling the news with Evangeline?” Jake asked, Andy shrugged his shoulders. He wasn’t completely sure, Juliet didn’t talk about it much.
“I guess she’s okay with it.”
“You guess?” CC asked with a chuckle.
“I mean at first she didn’t believe Evangeline was my daughter, but she said that she was willing to accept Evangeline for me.”
“Why didn’t she believe it? Evangeline looks just like you!” Ashley said, Andy nodded.
“Well that was before she met Evangeline.”
“Still, why would you walk into the house and claim you have a daughter?” Ashley asked, he wasn’t a big fan of Juliet.
“She thought Ariel was a crazy fan claiming her daughter was mine.”
“Now I can understand that, some fans go a little crazy.” Jinxx pointed out, the members nodded in agreement.
“Does she like Ariel?” CC asked him, Andy shrugged his shoulders.
“She doesn’t talk about her.”
The conversation stopped when the door opened, Keith and John walked into the room holding two bags from McDonalds and two cup holders with drinks.
“That was fast.” Jake said, getting up from his chair.
“Well when you say the food is for Black Veil Brides, they get busy.” Keith said with a laugh, John smiled and shook his head.
“I’ve never seen a girl rush so quickly with food and made sure it was perfect before putting it into a bag.”
The boys laughed and started to eat, once they were finished they got back into the studio and started recording Faithless. The instrumental started and Andy nodded, liking the beginning of it, it was exactly how they all wanted it. Now all Andy had to do, was like the way he sang it.
“Behold, the new hate, with all the same lost values, forsake, what lives deeper, in death we’re all believers. Raise up your sirens. Break through the silence. We are united in the search for something more! Cross your heart, open your mind! Hide your face in their disguise! Even when I fall down to my knees, I never say a prayer I don’t believe, and I don’t wanna look up to the son, but I will never be the Faithless one!” Andy sang, then the members joined in. “whoa oh, whoa oh, whoa oh!” Andy smirked, his passion building. “no I will never be the Faithless one! Refuse, to destroy, the altars we are serving. The truth, in living, is that our souls are searching. Live with the defiance, it’s time to fight, don’t ever let them keep your words from being heard! Cross your heart, open your mind, hide your face in their disguise! Even when I fall down to my knees, I never say a prayer I don’t believe, and I don’t wanna look up to the son, but I will never be the Faithless one!” Andy sang. “whoa oh, whoa oh, whoa oh! No I’ll never be the Faithless one!” Andy stopped singing and the instrumental began, the members getting into the song as well as Andy. Jake’s solo was heavier, but it sounded great. “even when I fall down to my knees, I never say a prayer I don’t believe, and I don’t wanna look up to the son, but I will never be the Faithless one! Even when I fall down to my knees, I never say a prayer I don’t believe and I don’t wanna look up to the son, but I will never be the Faithless one!” Andy sang. “no I will never be the Faithless one! I’ll never be the Faithless one!” The song ended with the instrumental, and once the song stopped Andy knew that was a hit.
“Good job BVB!” Keith said into the microphone so they can hear them in the studio, Andy couldn’t wait until this album came out.

Juliet was sitting on the couch waiting for Andy to return from the studio, he’s been there for a few hours but she knew it was because he was working on the new album; Black Veil Brides IV. Crow was laying behind her asleep, and she knew better than to move and wake him up, he’d give you the evil eyes if you woke him from his nap. She grabbed her laptop from the table beside the couch, she decided to check on her Twitter to see what was going on in the world. After scrolling through her Twitter page, and tweeting something pointless and boring about her boredom, she decided to see if she could find Ariel’s Twitter. Surely she had one, or at least Juliet hopped. She searched her name and looked at the profile pictures until she saw Ariel with Evangeline, she clicked on the account and Ariel’s account came up in seconds. She only had a few followers, and she rarely posts tweets it looks like. But there was a new tweet, that she had tweeted five hours ago.

Ariel_Montgomery: I have decided to move to Hollywood California, let’s hope it’s a great decision!
Juliet was shocked, jealous and most importantly angry. Surely Andy knew, and it angered her that he hasn’t told her if he did know. Why wouldn’t he tell her? Juliet shook her head side to side then clicked out of the tab, putting away the laptop. She thought about calling Andy or even texting him, but she knew he would be home in a few. She sat there for ten minutes in anger when she heard the front door open, Crow’s eyes opened and he knew Andy was home. He got up and stretched before jumping off the couch and running to greet Andy.
“Hey boy, what are you up to?” Andy’s deep voice said behind Juliet, she waited until he appeared in front of the couch. “hey dragonfly, what’s up?”
“Don’t dragonfly me, did you know Ariel was moving here for good?” Juliet asked, her arms crossed over her chest. Andy sighed softly then sat Crow down on the floor.
“Yes I did know that.”
“Were you going to tell me at all?”
“Yes I was, but I wasn’t going to run around and tell everyone she was moving here when she could possibly change her mind!” Andy hissed, Juliet rolled her eyes and shook her head.
“And where exactly is she expecting to stay?”
“I don’t know, she’ll get a place to stay I guess and I’m sure she’ll stay in the hotel until she finds a place.” Andy replied, Juliet stood up and grabbed her glass to get her something to drink from the kitchen.
“She better not expect to stay here.” Juliet snapped, Andy looked at her.
“Now that’s a little harsh, if she has to stay here I’ll let her, I’m not going to have my daughter stay on the streets!”
“We don’t have enough room for her, her daughter and her friend!” Juliet said a little loud as she entered the kitchen, Andy followed after her, he wasn’t done talking about this yet.
“When have we not have enough room in this house and why are you being this way?”
“What way am I being, Andy?” Juliet asked, opening the refrigerator door and grabbing the bottle of Coke.
“Well honestly you’re being a bitch about it all.”
“I don’t want her all over you!” Juliet snapped, Andy looked at her.
“Do you really think I’ll let that happen Juliet, honestly?!”
“I don’t know Andy.”
“Oh my god,” Andy mumbled, shaking his head. “how did you find out anyways?”
“Twitter.” Juliet replied, not giving anymore details.
“You’re stalking her Twitter?”
“I just looked and I’m glad I did or I wouldn’t have known that she was moving here!”
“I told you why I didn’t tell you!” Andy yelled, his anger building. “and what if she is moving here, do you think she’s moving here because she wants to be with me or some crap? Or have you thought, maybe she’s moving here because she and I have a daughter together and our daughter needs both of her parents in her life!”
“She went three years without knowing you Andy, do you really think it’s going to bother her if she only sees you a few times a month or something? She’s three, she doesn’t know anything.” Juliet said, Andy froze in shock. Did she really say that? He felt his blood pressure building, and he knew he was about to explode.
“You know what Juliet, don’t worry about my daughter. I’m not going to be forced to choose Evangeline or you, because I know that’s exactly where you’re going with this!” Andy spat, Juliet was quiet. “I’m going for a drive.” he hissed, then he stormed out of the kitchen without another word. He approached the front door and grabbed his keys, wallet, then his jacket. He opened the door and stepped out of the house, slamming the door shut behind him. He didn’t want to be around her right now.

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