Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 7

Andy was angry of course, but why wouldn’t he be? He felt like he had the right to be, it’s not like he didn’t have a reason to be, he did. What Juliet had said was uncalled for. He was driving around, not sure where to go, but he didn’t want to go back home just yet. He loved Juliet, but sometimes she drove him insane at times. He couldn’t believe she thought Ariel was moving here to be all over Andy, for crying out loud they have a daughter together and they should be able to co-parent since Andy wants to be in his daughter’s life. He wasn’t going to choose between Evangeline and Juliet, because he wanted them both in his life. But he didn’t want an argument nor a fight, he wanted everyone to get along. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but he didn’t think it would cause jealousy. Andy sort of remembered meeting Ariel after the concert, she wanted an autograph and he was going to sign her We Stitch These Wounds CD. They ended up talking about stupid simple things, her name, her age, where she’s from, the bands she liked, the songs she liked on the album. He remembered her hair wasn’t red then, it was dark, possibly brown or black - he couldn’t remember now. He liked talking to her and offered to take her to the tour bus while the other guys enjoyed the fans, they also wanted to go to a club not too far but Andy didn’t want to go. He showed her around the tour bus and somehow they ended up with a bottle of whiskey, sitting on the couch and talking. He made his move when they were drunk, he leaned forward and kissed her. Andy couldn’t remember exactly what happened next, but it was obvious or Evangeline wouldn’t be here today. Then the next morning he woke up and Ariel was gone, and that was the last time he saw her. That was different then, he was single, young and stupid. Now he’s older, taken, and a father. Things happens, he can’t change what happened that night, not that he would want to anyways because now he has a precious daughter that feels like his whole life now. He knew Juliet wanted kids one day, they talked about marriage and having a few kids eventually. But how would he have known Ariel would get pregnant that night, how would he have known eventually he would have a daughter with a girl he barely even knew? He shook his head side to side and pulled into a gas station’s parking lot, he needed something to drink, his throat was dry and maybe getting some fresh air would do him good. He didn’t bother to put on sunglasses or anything to hide his identity, he was just going to walk in, get a drink, pay for it and then leave. He opened the glass door and stepped inside the gas station, there were a few people inside but not a lot. He headed towards the coolers and grabbed a can of Monster Energy, one of his favorite drinks. He walked down the candy aisle to the register, where a girl stood behind the counter chewing on some gum. He sat the drink on the counter and she took it and rang it up while Andy grabbed his wallet from his back pocket.
“Anything else?” she asked, Andy sighed softly and decided to buy a pack of cigarettes. Might as well since he’s here.
“Yeah, give me two packs of the Marlboro reds.”
The girl turned around and grabbed two packs then rang them up as well, Andy paid with his card then took his drink and cigarettes and walked out of the gas station. Easy as a slice of cake. When he got into his mustang and started the engine, he grabbed his phone and dialed his parents house phone number. He needed to talk to his dad, or mom, one of them to help him figure out how to fix all of this. The phone rang a few times, when they finally answered.
“Hello?” Amy said on the other line.
“Hey mom.”
“Hey Andrew, how are you?” she said, she always had a friendly tone to her voice. The motherly voice he knew.
“I’m good, mom I need your help on something.”
“Okay, what’s wrong?” she asked, sounding concerned.
“Ariel told me the other day she decided to move here for good, I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want everyone to be excited and then she changes her mind. Well Juliet found out by her Twitter page, Ariel’s page. And she’s pissed at me because I didn’t tell her, Juliet thinks she’s moving here to be all over me and I tried to explain we need to be parents together to raise Evangeline and she says that Evangeline went three years without me and do we really think going a few times a month seeing me will bother her. So I stormed out and now I’m driving around.”
“Did she really say that?” Amy asked, sounding as if she was speechless.
“Yes she did.”
“Oh wow, honey. She sounds fired up, all you can do is make sure she understands. She’s probably having a hard time accepting everything, but I understand where Ariel and you are coming from. That little girl does need both of her parents in her life, and children can understand a lot more than we think.” Amy told him, Andy ran his fingers through his hair.
“I know she probably is, but mom still.”
“I know Andrew, but I’ll tell you what you should do. Drive back home and talk to her about it, try to explain.”
Andy knew his mom was right, so after he told her bye and hung up. He pulled out of the gas station’s parking lot and headed home, this was either going to go alright or bad. When he arrived back home he parked in the driveway then grabbed his phone and keys, her car was still here so that was a good thing in his opinion. He stepped inside the house and entered the living room, seeing Juliet sitting on the couch with her arms wrapped around a pillow as she rested her chin on it. He laid the phone and keys on the coffee table and sat down beside her, they were quiet for a little while but that was fine.
“I’m sorry.” she said suddenly, Andy looked at her, he didn’t expect her to say sorry first.
“I’m sorry too, I should’ve told you.”
“Why didn’t you?” she mumbled, Andy let out a breath.
“I didn’t want anyone to know until I knew for sure she was moving here.”
“Can you at least tell me next time if she decides anything?” Juliet asked, Andy nodded then she released the pillow and reached over to hug him. He hugged her back, closing his eyes, enjoying their embrace. “I love you.” she whispered, Andy smiled a bit. Those words not getting old.
“I love you too.”
At least they were good now, no longer arguing. He didn’t want Juliet to hate Ariel nor Ariel to hate Juliet, because if Juliet is going to be in Andy’s life then she’s going to have to get used to Ariel as does Ariel with her, because they’re going to be a part of his life forever.

“See anything you like?” Whitney asked Ariel, falling down beside her as Ariel scrolled through apartments here in Hollywood on her phone.

“They’re all beautiful, but a little too expensive. I want a place cheap, so I can afford rent.” Ariel said, scrolling slowly as she looked at the prices of rent below the pictures of the apartment.
“Well it is Hollywood.” Whitney said with a laugh, Ariel smiled and stopped at an apartment. The rent a little bit over two hundred dollars, but she knew she could afford that. There were a few pictures that showed the inside of the apartment, the view it had, and it also gave some more details about it below the pictures. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, a small laundry room and a balcony.
“I think I found one.” Ariel said, Whitney grabbed the phone from Ariel’s hands quickly and started to look.
“Hey I like that one.” she said, she had decided that she wouldn’t live in California. She told Ariel that shortly after she moves here she would fly back to Charlotte, but said she would fly out every chance she got to see her and Evangeline. Ariel was fine with that, she knew Whitney had a life back home and Ariel wasn’t expecting her to drop it. Ariel was glad she finally found an apartment, she was looking for one ever since eight this morning, and she finally struck luck around twelve thirty.
“I would want to see it in reality though, not pictures. So I can see what they didn’t take pictures of, if there’s any damage.” Ariel said, kidnapping her phone back.
“Good thinking,” Whitney said then Evangeline climbed up onto the bed with a huge smile on her face. “hey little monkey.”
Evangeline laughed and jumped into her mother’s arms, wrapping her arms around Ariel’s neck and hugging her tightly with warmth. As they embraced each other, there was a loud knock at the door and the girls exchanged a look of confusion.
“Room service!” a male shouted, they didn’t order room service, but the voice sounded familiar but Ariel couldn’t give it a name. Whitney got up from the bed and approached the door, unlocking it then pulling it open when five males entered their room holding several bags from McDonalds along with several drinks. Black Veil Brides.
“Daddy!” Evangeline squealed when she saw her father, she ran towards the end of the mattress and Andy held out his arms when she took a leap into his arms and he caught her securely, giving her several kisses on the face. Ariel smiled then laid her phone down in her lap, she watched the guys pile up on the other bed with smiles on their faces.
“What are you guys doing here?” she asked, Jinxx responded.
“Well we just left the studio for a break to get something to eat, then we wondered what you guys are up to. So we brought you lunch or breakfast.” he said, holding up a bag while the others did too. Whitney smiled then approached the guys, she was hungry, she wanted her bag.
“Who has my bag?” she asked, Ashley held it up and winked.
“Come get it baby.” he said with a smirk, the smirk that was way too familiar with the guys. CC smacked Ashley on the back of his head, causing Ashley to hiss in pain and look at him.
“Kid in the room.” CC said, Ashley pouted then handed Whitney her bag of food.
“Thank you.”
“And I got a happy meal for a very adorable girl here, can anyone guess who that could be?” Jake said, Evangeline knew what a happy meal was. She squirmed in Andy’s arms until he sat her down, she ran over to Jake with a smile, a smile that reminded him of Ariel’s.
“Me, me!” she said excitedly, everyone chuckled and Jake smiled.
“Right you are, here you go.” Jake said, handing her the happy meal. She took it with a smile, and turned towards her mother.
“What do you say Evangeline?”
She turned back around and looked at Jake. “Thank you Pake!”
Jake laughed when she attempted to say Jake, it was close. “You’re welcome.”
Evangeline turned towards her mother and held out the happy meal, of course Ariel knew what that meant. She leaned over a bit and picked Evangeline up, placing her on the bed as she open the happy meal to give her the food.
“And here you go, Ariel.” Andy said, placing a bag beside her as Ariel handed Evangeline chicken nuggets and some fries.
“Thanks Andy.”
“Is there a toy mommy?” Evangeline asked, Andy thought that little girl sitting on the center of the bed was the cutest toddler he’s ever seen and met.
“Yes there is, but you have to eat all of your food to get it. Can you do that?”
“Yes I can mommy.” she said, grabbing a fry and chewing on it. Andy sat down on the bed and opened his bag, grabbing his Big Mac hamburger that he’s been craving to eat since he ordered it.
“Have you told them Andy?” Ariel asked him, Andy looked up after swallowing some of his hamburger and locked eyes with her. He knew what she was talking about, he looked at the guys to see they were stuffing their faces already like they haven’t eaten all day.
“No I haven’t, want me to?” he said, looking back at her. She shrugged her shoulders as she opened her bag, seeing she had a hamburger.
“If you want to.” she said, he chuckled at her response then looked at the guys.
“Guys, Ariel is moving here.”
Their heads lifted and they looked at Ariel, looking a bit confused yet happy.
“Permanently?” CC asked, Ariel nodded as a yes.
“Hell yes!” Ashley cheered, Jinxx looked at Andy.
“Now Andy, are you going to tell her?”
Andy sighed then looked at her, Ariel wasn’t too sure about the look on his face. She couldn’t figure out if it was good or bad, or really bad. But whatever it was Jinxx wanted him to tell her, but if it was bad why wouldn’t he tell her without Jinxx reminding him? Unless he didn’t want her to know yet.
“Shortly before our new album is released, we’re going on tour.”

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