Daddy's Little Surprise

Chapter 8

“For how long?” Ariel asked after a moment of silence, Andy bit into a fry and Jinxx replied for him.
“Probably a few months or something like that.”
Ariel didn’t know what to say, though she wondered how Evangeline would handle being away from her father that long. Andy had wondered that too, shortly after he found out they were going on tour. He loved going on tour to meet his fans of course, it gave him a feeling he couldn’t explain that he got when he was on stage with his fans in front of him with so much excitement they’re jumping up and down with their hands in the air. When they sang along to the songs, when they cheered “Black Veil Brides” repeatedly, he got that feeling. But now he has a daughter to worry about, he couldn’t say no to the tour and disappoint his fans, but he didn’t want to be away from Evangeline in those months of touring. Sure he could Skype them, but it’s not the same. Plus Ariel was beginning to move here, what if she needed him for help and he’s not there? Who would be there if something happened? Before Andy could stop himself, the words came out of his mouth so quick he didn’t even know what he said.
“You could come on tour with us.”
Everyone’s eyes were locked on him and he wasn’t sure if he made a mistake or not, but by the smirk on Ashley’s lips, it was probably a mistake.
“Oh no we couldn’t Andy, it’s your guys thing.” Ariel said, Ashley sighed.
“Not really because Juliet is coming too.”
Jake smacked Ashley’s arm and he knew he shouldn’t have said it, but he couldn’t help that he wasn’t a Juliet fan. Andy felt like an idiot, he forgot Juliet was coming along on tour with them and he just invited Ariel to come along when there’s a possibility Juliet would hate every second of the tour because she was there with his daughter.
“I insist though, I mean for Evangeline’s sake. I don’t want to be away from her.”
Ariel looked at Evangeline who was working on eating her chicken nuggets, she had no idea what either of them were talking about.
“Are you sure?” Ariel asked unsure, Andy nodded.
“I’m sure, we have enough room.”
“We do.” CC agreed, he wanted Ariel to come on tour with them.
“Besides, you’re family now.” Jake told her, Ariel smiled.
“Whitney, you can come too?” Andy said, she smiled.
“I’m honored to be invited, but I’ll have to go home soon.”
“Well, you’ll be missed.” Andy said, taking another bite of his hamburger.
“Are you sure Juliet would be okay with us on tour with you guys?”
“Who cares what she thinks?” Ashley said, Jinxx and Jake smacked both of his arms at the same time that made him gasp in pain. “I’m sorry!”
Andy shook his head, then Jinxx replied.
“We’re sure Juliet will understand, right Andy?”
Andy nodded as he chewed his hamburger, then he swallowed to reply. “I’ll talk to her about it.”
“So what do you say Ariel?” CC asked her with a hopeful tone in his voice, she hesitated for a few seconds but her eyes were locked on Evangeline. Right then Andy knew she was deciding on what was best for Evangeline and it made him smile, she suddenly lifted her head and looked at her mother with a smile on her face.
“Hi mommy.”
Ariel smiled then kissed her head. “Hi baby,” then she looked at Andy and nodded. “okay, we’ll go if Juliet is okay with it.”
“Yes!” CC cheered, the guys laughed and Andy smiled. He had a feeling Ariel knew Juliet wasn’t a big fan of her, but at least she was being thoughtful. Once they were all done eating Evangeline earned her toy, then jumped off the bed and started to run around the room playing. In the process Andy got up and hid between the beds, he waited patiently until she ran by the beds to grab her, and when she did he grabbed her and lifted her up, she squealed but ended up laughing.
“Daddy?” she said, looking at his ice blue eyes. He smiled.
“I love you.” she told him, the guys awed.
“I love you too, sweetheart.”
She wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled big as he hugged her, they stayed like this for a few minutes then he let her down to continue playing.
“So, I found a place I believe. Well I want to look at what they didn’t add to the pictures.” Ariel said, Andy sat down on the bed beside her.
“Let me see.”
She pulled it back onto her phone and handed it to him, he scrolled through the pictures, looked at the price then nodded.
“Not bad, when are you going to look at it?”
“I’ll call later today and see when I can.” Ariel replied, taking back her phone.
“Let me know and I’ll drive you.”
“Biersack, Keith wants us back to the studio.” Jinxx announced, pushing his phone back down his pocket. The guys stood up and once they all said bye, and gave hugs, they left to finish recording the album.
“How do you think Juliet will react?” Whitney asked, Ariel shrugged her shoulders.
“I’m not sure, but I have a feeling she doesn’t like me.”
“I have that feeling too, but she’ll have to get over it because you’re the mother of Andy’s daughter. So you’re going to be in his life, well, forever.” Whitney said then she laughed, Ariel smiled.
“I know but I don’t want to cause Andy trouble with her, I didn’t come here to do that.”
“You’re not doing anything bad, unless you sleep with him again. Which I wouldn’t blame you because he is good looking.” Whitney said with a smile, Ariel gripped a pillow then smacked her with it.
“Oh hush Whit!”
“Okay, okay. I’m sorry, that was uncalled for. I agree with you, but he is cute.” Whitney said, Ariel shook her head then looked at Evangeline who was sitting on the floor with her teddy bear and toy from McDonalds.
“Evangeline, do you want to go on tour with daddy?”
Evangeline lifted her head and looked at her mother as her blue eyes sparkled and a smile curled on her face.
“What’s tour, mommy?”
“Well it’s when he’s on a bus, and he’s going to sing for all of these people.” Ariel explained, Evangeline thought for a few seconds then nodded.
"Cool! I want to go.”
Ariel smiled, she was glad Evangeline was so easy to handle. Though she hoped Juliet wouldn’t flip, and she hoped the tour went well for everyone. She may not even stay all the way through the tour, there was no telling what she’ll do because it’s not like she’s going on tour with Black Veil Brides alone, she’s going with a three year old. And she was sure the guys would like to have fun, so maybe she’ll stay for a few weeks or something, that sounds fine.

Andy walked into the house around five o’clock to find Juliet attempting to write a new song, he needed to tell her right now, before she found out another way and flipped out.

“Dragonfly,” he began, her guitar playing stopped and she looked at him. “the guys and I dropped by the hotel Ariel is staying to see Evangeline, and we told her about the tour coming up. Then I offered that Evangeline and her could come on tour, because I have no idea when I’ll be able to see Evangeline. And she agreed to it.”
Juliet frowned slightly. “Couldn’t we had discussed this before you asked her, Andy?”
“It came out in a rush.” Andy explained, which was the truth.
Juliet didn’t like the idea of Ariel going on tour with them all, but at least she would be there and would be able to keep Ariel’s hands off of Andy.
“Okay, she can come.”
Andy looked a little surprised. “Really?”
Juliet nodded and he smiled then kissed her temple, her cheeks heated up and he wrapped his arms around her.
“Yes really.”
“Thanks babe, what song are you writing?”
“Something about you.” she replied mysteriously, he smiled.
“Can I hear it?”
“No! Not until it’s finished.”
“Okay I can wait until then,” Andy replied. “and tour will be beginning in a few weeks, the album is pretty much done.”
“Already?” Juliet asked in disbelief, Andy smirked.
“We’ve been in the studio every day for a while now babe, things can happen fast.”
“True, so I guess I should start packing?”
Andy nodded then smiled. “Will you pack for me too?”
Juliet sighed then kissed his cheek. “If I have to.”
“Thanks, you’re awesome.”
Juliet was a little angry and jealous that Ariel would be coming on tour too, but hopefully she won’t stay for the entire tour. Besides she is a mother, so it’s not like she can ditch her responsibilities right? Juliet was just preparing herself for this long, jealous filled, tour.

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